Friday, December 28, 2012

The past few months

I'm seriously slacking on blogging, and after my last post about my cruise (in October) the rest of the year has flown by way too fast!!

I had been looking forward to Halloween since I decided on our costumes this summer.  A tribute to Toy Story. 

 The best part was when Cooper found a little girl dressed up at Jessie & held hands with her for the rest of the neighborhood.  When he first spotted her, he yelled out "Jessie, wait for me!"  

November flew by and we made a major change.  After having the most amazing nanny, Erica, with us for a year, the boys made the change to daycare.  They cried for the first 4 days, and now only occasionally.

In December we experienced a great Christmas program where Cooper danced, sang and had the time of his life...and Carter stood in the front, maintained a disgusted look on his face, and refused to move for all 4 songs.  It was great.

We are enjoying our Christmas break, doing little excursions and Eric is working on his Capstone Exam.  I was most excited that Santa brought me 12 gauge Mossberg 500 for Christmas.  We went to the range yesterday so I could get comfortable with it, and I was very impressed with the result.

I told Eric I should post this target on the front door as a warning :o)  It was a SO much fun, and I told Eric that I need a gun bag and to learn to clean everything so shooting can be my next hobby!

It has been a relaxing week with the hubby & the kids and we look forward to what the next year brings!