Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little of this and that...

If you've noticed that I've been a little MIA from the wonderful world of blogging, this photo might explain why:
Cooper is teething...and none of us are happy campers. For the most part, it isn't as bad as I expected (knock on wood), but I'm not naive enough to think the worst is over.

My little sister also surprised me last week with a request to come visit before she starts school next month...ummm heck yeah! She has been a monumental help with the boys, and made it possible for me to pick up a few extra shifts before Eric leaves for OCS. And speaking of OCS......it has taken over my dining room table (granted, it used to be covered with my misc crap). Since we are stationed at an Air Force Base, Eric has had to make trips to Ft. Benning, GA (4 hrs away & where OCS is located) to commandeer all the necessary items on his packing list. And after copious amounts of money, and one more trip tomorrow, he should have everything he needs. Have I mentioned how much I'm NOT looking forward to being alone for 3 months, BUT the outcome will be well worth it when he graduates on Dec 16th!

And, on a very happy note, I stumbled onto the Halloween costumes for the boys while looking for bottles online.

So, the question is:
Great costumes, or the greatest?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adventures in military lodging

Eric's brother was graduating from AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Gordon, GA and since we are only seven hours away, we wanted to be there for it. I called Ft. Gordon lodging (b/c I'm cheap) and all they had available was a "suite," which in Army lodging terms means the cockroaches where top hats and little white gloves. I asked if they had pack-n-plays available, and she said they had cribs. I informed her that I had two infants, so I would be needing two. She said to just ask for them at check in. I also asked if they did late check out, or 1/2 days and I was told no and check out was promptly at 1000.

We headed out early since we discovered that a normal seven hour drive takes about nine with the boys. They boys did great, but got a little fussy towards the end of the drive, so Eric hopped in the back seat and entertained them for the last two hrs of the drive.

We pulled in and I went inside to check us in. The girl checking me in needed a few lessons on how NOT to be a rude whore. When I told her that I would be needing two cribs she said, "I don't even know where they would be or if we even have any." I was none too thrilled. When she made the room key card and handed it to me, I asked if I could have two (which I didn't think was an uncommon request), she scoffed, rolled her eyes then made another. Then, after I signed all my paper work I see a sign for 1/2 day prices. So I asked how that worked, which I'm assuming was too much for her to deal with because she just continued to repeat that I had paid for two full nights. I finally cut my losses and started to walk back to the car....in the monsoon that started as soon as I was out of the building.

When we walked in our room I was surprised at how nice the decorating was, but was brought back to reality when I found food in the sink of the kitchenette, the sink drained crazy slow, and the curly black hair on our 'clean' towels. A few hours later I noticed a guestbook on the dresser in the bedroom. Everyone raved about how great their stay was, how clean it was, and how they couldn't wait to come back again. All I could think about was leaving a REAL message about how things really were.

I continued to ponder about what I wanted to write, so others could be warned. But then when we brought the boys in the check in staff turned soft and one of them went to the attic and found a little ghetto crib that would at least fit one of the boys. We pulled the mattress off the hide-a-bed and blocked off the edges with pillows...but Cooper still ended up rolling off and crying at 0100.

Ben is the tall one on the stage (the theater was really dark and I don't have a professional camera)

It was great to spend some time with Ben and be there for his graduation. We ate good food and put the diet on hold for those two days.

As we were packing up I came up with the perfect thing to write in the guestbook: "Satanic forces are at work here" (from The Gilmore Girls when they stayed at a crazy B&B)...but I chickened out because you were supposed to write your name and where you were from. I guess I could have signed it LG and said I was from Stars Hollow, CT...well, maybe next time.

I sat in the back seat with the boys on the way home for a short time, and in the beginning Cooper gave me this look
But he later warmed up and was as smiley as Carter...and they boys enjoyed having someone to interact with on the long ride home.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Carter vs. Carrots

Not sure which one won...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Were they really the good ole days???

My 10 yr High School reunion was last weekend. When I first got the invitation months ago, I honestly laughed. Maybe you remember those wonderful years of partying with friends, football games, and dances....me, not so much.

I do have to say that it wasn't all bad, but somehow most of my friends were either older or younger than me. I did have a hand full of friends that I talked to on a regular basis in my grade, but I mainly hung out with a group of kids from church and I was one, of maybe, two in my grade.

I moved to WA state the summer before I started HS, which made for a very awkward freshman year. My older brother was a senior, and I was the only girl my age in my ward (congregation). This made for a very sucky freshman year, and pretty much my whole 4 yrs there.

So, you can imagine my delight when friends posted pictures of the reunion on Facebook. Is it bad that I felt good that so many of the popular guys (aka douche bags) were balding, fat, or just looked weird...and that I wished a few of the girls were fat?

I am not bitter...I am just a different person now, and really have no desire to relive those days when one girl spread rumors that I got a boob job (b/c her's were saggy, and she was just jealous) or when one of the unnamed guys above decided to peel the tin foil off gum wrappers and throw all the little pieces in my hair.

I have to say that there were a few people that I would have liked to catch up with, but the majority of the people there probably wouldn't remember me or I'd have nothing to say to them.

And, I think that even if I still lived in WA, I probably wouldn't have attended anyway. I'm so much more happy with how my life has turned out, that I have no desire to see the people that made me feel like poo!

Did anyone actually enjoy High School??

The "DIE" in diet

To say I was in a bad mood last week, would be a vast understatement. I snapped at Eric, I had no patience, and everything seemed to frustrate me. It was the first week of my diet.

Eric and I decided to do the Biggest Loser Club online again, because we both had great results when we did it a few years back. It took me 10 months, but I was able to lose the last 55 lbs (as you can tell, I don't lose weight quickly at all).

I was hungry all the time, and all I could think about was chocolate, ice cream, cookies, and all the other wonderfully fattening treats that I couldn't have. Being hungry is right up there with being nauseous...it just sucks!

I don't mind the food at all, it's the portions (or lack thereof) that can be discouraging. Our fridge now looks like this (about 90% fresh fruits & veges)

All that being said, I feel better now that the first week is over. I'm using a lot of seasonings I've never used before (b/c when your snack is a cucumber you have to spice it up somehow), and I feel better.

Now, I just need the weather to cool off a bit so I can start walking again with the boys. (when it's over 90 degrees, I refuse to subject the boys to it for an extended length of time, no matter how fat my butt is!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh boy, Oh boy

The following takes place between 3 Aug 1800 and 4 Aug 0500 (in the voice of Jack Bauer)

Cooper: Hey Carter, I'm fading fast! Who's gonna wake up first tonight?
Carter: I don't know. I really appreciate you letting me sleep through most of the night though.
Cooper: It's the least I can do bro! Plus, I love getting back at mom for making us watch Gilmore Girls all day.
Carter: I know, right! But, you have to admit, some of those chicks are hotties.
Cooper: "Oy with the poodles, already!"

Cooper: What did you think of those bananas?
Carter: They are so much better than that white stuff we've been getting!
Cooper: True that, but Koa seems to be in attack mode the second the spoon leaves my mouth!

Carter: I am Carter the 1st I am, Carter the 1st I am I am...
Cooper: zzzz zzzz zzzz
(mom enters room)
Carter: Yo wassup momma? I had a great nap and I'm ready to play...why are you stuffing my pacifier back in my mouth?? I WANT TO PLAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Cooper: I am Cooper the 1st I am, Cooper the 1st I am I am...
Carter: zzzz zzzz zzzz
(mom enters room)
Cooper: Yo momma wassup? I just figured that since Carter finally fell asleep, it was my turn to wake up and play. Don't mind me, I'm just gonna chill in crib and sing to Pooh and the gang. But honestly, that Tigger is kinda freakin me out!

...and the cycle continued until I fed them at 0500, then they both fell asleep til 0630. It was a fun night...

When I took the boys to their 4 month check up (2 weeks late), Cooper weighed in at 15lbs 14oz and Carter at 15lbs 4oz. They are also above the 95th percentile in height at a whopping 27"! I wonder who they get that from :o)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The great debate

...to cut, or not to cut...

Ever since we found out we were having boys, Eric keeps talking about how cute they would be with a high & tight (see pic to left or look at our wedding pic on the right). I agreed, but stated that they would need to have some hair first.

Well, they both came out with full heads of hair (and although Carter's fell out @ 1 mo. it grew back). Cooper's hair has been touching his ears since birth, and it's driving Eric crazy. He also has random hairs, on the top of his head, that are up to 3" long. He is now insisting that he needs a haircut.

I think it's a little early. I held him off initially by saying, "wait til their 3 mo." and now saying, "wait til their 6 mo."

I don't know if I can hold him off any longer because he is making comments about it on a daily basis. I have a feeling that one of these mornings when I come home from work, Cooper will have a high & tight. We both agreed that Carter's head isn't the right shape to pull off the same style :o)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting dirty with the girls

0600: wake up
0625: really wake...put on Eric's old BDU pants, one of his under armor shirts, and pull on my old work boots
0645: do a mental check, did I forget anything??
0655: meet Terri & Kayla outside
0700: load in the truck and head out to Camp Rudder...the Florida phase of Army Ranger School
0730: awesome breakfast in the DFAC...all for the low low price of $2.70!
0830: the start of an HOOOOOAH day!!

This year I once again braved the swamps in NW Florida, and brought along my neighbors, Terri & Kayla, for the experience. I knew that this would be my 4th, and final, appearance so I wanted to make it count!

We had a blast, and I have to say that Terri was probably the most excited person there! She was always at the head of the crowd when moving from place to place, and touched every snake and alligator she could get her hands on.

We shot guns...

crossed the water on a rope bridge...

attached to our safety lines...

ate MRE's...

paddled down the Yellow River in Zodiacs...

and brought a little of the swamp back with us...

We then headed to the showers to get ready for the BBQ. And...I jinxed myself. I kept telling the girls that every year I forget something (bra, underwear, shoes). I was so proud of myself at the beginning of the morning because I packed my bag the night before. So, all clean I take my bag to the bathroom to change...which is when I discovered I shouldn't have been so confident. I always say "go big, or go home," and I did just that. I forgot my jeans. I was mortified, and laughing hysterically. One girl suggested I just wrap a towel around my waist and people will just think I have a swimsuit on. So, I did that, but headed to the little shopette to hopefully buy some shorts or pants...and they were closed. I then did the walk of shame back to the truck, opened my filthy trash bag with my swamp clothes, and put my nasty pants back on.

We hung around for about 30 min but they were running behind on getting the food ready, so we decided to just grab our t-shirts and head home.

I had a great time, and look forward to this event every year. Thanks ladies for going with me!!

View all the pictures of our adventure here: