Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too cute!

As you all know, I don't get freebies from companies, or give in to the many emails asking me to review products in exchange for free stuff. That's just not how I roll. But, I do love to share things that I LOVE. So, here's another!

Leann, from Lulu's Little Shop, makes these adorable owl hats. I'd seen them on a military wife auction & wanted them so bad, but I'm on a budget & had to wait til the time was right. As you can see, the boys adore them...

...or at least Carter does :o) (he's the one that ALWAYS has some kind of hat on)

Her prices are VERY reasonable, and she can do whatever color and/or combos you want. She is super friendly & they arrived within a week!

So, go show her some love! HERE is her FB page, and HERE is her Etsy page.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pay It Forward

This morning I received a text from my sister asking if I still had my breast pump because she had a girl at work that was in desperate need of baby items. Since my mother bought me the pump I thought it was only fair to call and ask her permission. What she said has sparked an idea..."of course, pay it forward!"

I have been so blessed with friends and family that recognized the needs I had, in preparing for the twins, and stepped in to help me get the items I so desperately needed. AND, who have continued to send me clothes and other items when times were especially tough.


I've been going through all the baby stuff & I have BINS of clothes (since it was for 2) that I want to give to someone YOU know that could really benefit from it. But remember, I only have BOY items from ages 0-18mo and shoes up to size 6.

So, email me at: way2cool2bcocky (at) gmail (dot) com
Tell me about the person you have in mind & why.

Also, email me if you have something you would like to donate such as: gift card, items you make (I will be sure to link to your etsy/business page), or items you are trying to get rid of that are still in excellent condition.

I only have a small network of people, but I know you guys probably have someone in mind.

Once I get all the nominations, I'll post a voting poll on the Right column for everyone to vote on.
As of now I don't know how many winners they'll be (it depends on if anyone else donates & the ages of the babies), but I plan on a few. I'm going to go with the flat rate boxes, since it'll be cheapest for me, so I'm guessing at least 5 people.

I'll post the nominees on August 30th, and leave one week for voting.

Also, as people donate other items (come on, you know you want to) I'll update this post if anyone wants to donate girl things.

Help me get the word out to find some nominees & donors!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So...I think my neighbors are making Meth

(**this is NOT the actual neighbor. Retreived from Google Image**)

If they aren't making meth, they are doing something illegal! There house is the same layout as mine, yet there are always at least 4 different vehicles (all VERY nice) parked there. They have black plastic blocking out all their windows & at least 10 LARGE dogs.

I first got suspicious when we originally looked at this house. Seeing that they parked cars in their driveway & their yard I could tell they were classy. Also in their front yard they had a BBQ grill, riding lawn mower, a bijillion kids toys (to include power wheels) and trash all over their patio. (Yet I get hate mail about weeds in my flower beds??)

Another one of my favorite antics are how they use their backyard to drive laps in their 4-wheelers. Sorry, is this something that everyone does?

In the past I've found her dogs running the neighborhood, in the 100+ degree heat, which I knock & ring the doorbell for over 5 minutes (which there are at least 3 cars there).

Today, Koa started going crazy in the kitchen. I walk over to see what he's barking at find one of their dogs on the other side of my sliding glass door. I'd encountered this dog before, on one of his many outings in the neighborhood, so I knew he was friendly, but it was the principle! I walked next door and knocked & rang the door bell every 30 seconds until someone finally came to the front door. I informed her that her dog was in my backyard to which she says, "wow, I'm so sorry." But that was it. I said, "can you come get him?" She says "oh yeah." I start walking back to my house (while avoiding the landminds her dogs leave in BOTH our front yards) and wait, and wait, and wait, until finally she sends her daughter over to get the dog.

Also, it's never the same cars parked there. Or the same men that sit on the front porch & smoke (and make out with one of the regulars). Also, the other day I went outside to put the trash out at 0530 and see people getting into cars and also people just arriving and leaving their cars.

I'm I super paranoid because I'm not a fan of theirs, or should I really be worried that my bedroom is the closet room to their case of explosion?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pulling my head out of the sand

Living in an Army community is unlike any other experience you could imagine. For the first 5 years of our marriage we were immersed in all things Army. But, the last 5 years we spent 30 miles outside of an Air Force base. Eric drove 20 miles of dirt road to work each day, and unless you lived on Camp Rudder, the Army was just something in the back of your mind. Eric was non-deployable at that location because it was TRADOC (Military Training), so I didn't focus or worry about his safety as much...except for jumping out of airplanes & helicopters.

Over the past 2 years, I've once again had to face the reality of being an Army wife.

It was all too real when I was contacted by an old friend to let me know one of our fellow Gimlet wives lost her husband just 3 weeks after their third child was born.

And then again when a new Army wife called, with a quiver in her voice, asking if there was any OTHER reason why two uniformed soldiers were approaching her neighbors house.

And when I had a patient's mother ask about my bracelet, which honors John D. Amos II, and then shows me hers in honor of her brother who was killed last year.

And now, as I read about the 31 soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan, my heart breaks once again. It breaks every time I read about a soldier paying the ultimate sacrifice, and I cry for the family they leave behind.

Although I'll never personally know most of these brave men & women, I love them for their courage and selfless sacrifice.

The Military, as a whole, is a family. And we truly do mourn the loss of every Soldier, Airman, Marine & Sailor. You are never forgotten!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tip of the Hat & Wag of the Finger

Okay, I totally stole this concept from the Great Stephen T. Colbert, but it's for a great cause! Since starting my new job I've come in contact with more people than I could have ever imagined. And in doing that, there are a few things I'd like to point out.

A Tip of the Hat to...

parents that know what medications (and dosages) their children are taking...and what times they take them.

parents that understand that we have their child's best interest at heart. I've yet to meet a nurse that won't question an order if they truly feel there's a better way for the child.

parents that care about their kids & show compassion when needed.

parents that truly attempted to make a doctor's appointment or get a referral to urgent care before coming straight to the ER.

parents that allow the staff to bribe their children with popsicles.

parents that know their limits & will either step out or stay talk with their child or help distract them during a procedure.

A Wag of the Finger to...

parents that bring their child to the ER for a fever, but don't own a thermometer or fail to try to medicate their child for said "fever."

parents who's children have SEVERE life-threatening allergies to medicine or food, yet don't have an allergy alert bracelet on their child. This is a pet peeve of mine!! Do you really want to run the risk of someone accidently giving your child a medicine or food that could kill them! There are a million different options for bracelets, anklets or even necklaces so ANYONE can clearly see your child has an allergy.

people who state their allergy to morphine is "it makes me tired." Really...really??

people who come to the ER to get a prescription for tylenol or motrin (b/c medicare/medicaid pays for it), yet they are carrying a Coach diaper bag.

parents who bring their kid to the ER for an ear ache, but complain about the wait time. If anyone is unaware, the patients in the ER are not seen in order of arrival, they are seen in order of who is the most sick/unstable/needs the most procedures.

All that being said, I really do love my job!! I'm learning so much & getting exposed to so many different people, which is always great.

What do you love & what would you change about your job?