Monday, November 22, 2010

So many things to be thankful for!

Staying positive isn't always easy for me, but over the last few weeks I've tried very hard to see the blessings in situations that would normally bring me down.

Last week I cried at work, for the first time in a year and a half. There were too many frustrated people, and I seemed to be in the middle without a way to please anyone. I've bumped up my status at work, and am working a lot more, with a lot less help at home. But, at the end of the day, I was told by a co-worker that I had done all I could do, "and you just can't fix stupid!" This not only made me smile, but having an outsiders perspective helped me realize that I had done my job.

Also, later in the week, a new nurse (who is new to the hospital, but has years of experience) told me that she enjoyed working with me, and that I should be a preceptor. It was just what I needed to hear at the end of a long work week!

I am thankful for a career that allows me to work with the public in a way to better their lives, along with meeting amazing people that I learn from on a daily basis! I also love seeing people I've taken care of at Wal-Mart (I live in a small town) and getting hugs from them!

I am thankful for a babysitter that keeps my mind at ease, and sends me cute photos of the boys during my shifts. And, I'm especially thankful for those fill-in sitters that step up at the last minute, and lighten my load!

I am thankful for my Sexy Beast, Best Friend, and love of my life! He works, and sacrifices, for not only his family but also his fellow man.

I am thankful for my beautiful boys whose smiles, laughter, and experiences make me smile when I think I have nothing left.

I am thankful for ALL my family! This includes immediate, extended, in-laws, and my many adopted families that I've met through my travels!

And, of course, my friends. My travels have allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people that have changed my life forever! There is something so comforting about knowing that wherever we get stationed, there is a friend nearby!

Right now, I am so thankful that Eric has been granted a pass to come home for Thanksgiving. The boys are growing so fast, and seeing the pain in his eyes was almost too much the last time we were in Georgia, and he was recognizing all the new things they were doing, that he had missed out on.

Thanks to all of my readers, and to all the blogs I subscribe too! There is something very comforting in knowing that I'm not the only crazy one out there!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The BIG 250!

Seeing as this is my 250th post (on Blogger) it should be extra awesome, right?! Well, I'll give it my best shot.

I'll start by letting you be privy to the most adorable babies on Halloween. Seriously, I think some of the trick-or-treaters were so intimidated by Kelly dressed up and jumping out at them the awesomeness of the boys costumes, they wouldn't even walk through the yard to get candy!
We also had the opportunity to attend Eric's SOCR (Senior Officer Candidate Review) and Branching Ceremony. SOCR was earlier in the afternoon and consisted of the OC's (Officer Candidate's) getting to not only ditch their black ascotsfor new spiffy white ones, BUT, and the most important but, (hahaha...that's what she said!), they no longer have to run everywhere they go.

The Branching ceremony took place a few hours later, and the OC's were able to select what branch (i.e. Armor, Infantry, Ordinance) based on an OML (Order of Merit List). This was comprised of test & PT (Physical Training) scores, and my baby was 7th! He stood up and yelled "I'm Senior Officer Candidate Salmond, and I select MI!" (Military Intelligence). This is exactly what he wanted, and it means that he'll finish up his schooling by spending 4 months at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

I was going to post a picture of my new and improved Sexy Beast, but I figured it would ruin everyone else's marriage. But seriously...Eric got friggin CUT! He's lost an additional 11lbs (in the past 6 weeks), has a completely flat tummy, and sweet biceps and lats that he couldn't wait to show me!

He has made it halfway through OCS and is on track to graduate on December 16th. We all know that this date will be super important for the soldiers, but it is also vitally important for us wives. I mean, come on! I just know that they SECOND Eric gets commissioned as an OFFICER, a beam of knowledge, prestige, classiness, and the most important power will be bestowed upon me. I honestly don't know how I've survived this long as an enlisted wife (which I'm pretty sure will become my latest swear)! I just can't wait!!

But, in all seriousness, I was able to meet some other amazing women on my weekend visit, and I look forward to rubbing in their faces how much more I know , mentoring these lost souls, sharing my experience with these ladies, and getting to know them better.

*Photos of Eric were taken by the class photographer and swiped from their Facebook page*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What happened to the service part of customer service?

So, I've been trying to get a room on Ft. Benning for over a month. Eric will only have an on post pass on Friday & Saturday. I went ahead and made reservations at a ghetto motel downtown to make sure I'd have somewhere to stay, that was still in my price range.

Eric keeps bugging me to call EVERYDAY to see if something is available...which I've been doing. Yesterday I finally turn on the tears and they hand me over to a manager that says they are only making same day reservations, and to call or come in the day of. I told him I had two infants, and I didn't want to just show up and not have somewhere to stay. He said that they have family accomodations and to just call the same day.

So, I went ahead and called today (even though I won't be there til tomorrow) and was told that they have absolutely NO availability if you are traveling with babies, and I can't get a regular room for security reasons. I also could barely understand the person on the phone, and she was getting increasingly irritated when I kept asking her to repeat herself.

I wish everyone would be on the same page, because I'm so frustrated with the military's "customer service," or in reality, the lack thereof!

So, I have to decide whether to try to get my original reservation back, or wait and see. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!