Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One thing I have NEVER been is graceful. I frequently trip over my own two feet, and am personally surprised I made it through the pregnancy without serious injury!

To add to my clumsiness, I usually see it coming. I'll go to pour something, and a split second before I make a huge mess, I literally see how I'm going to spill...but there's no stopping me by that point.

So, in an attempt to prevent more accidents, I always try to keep my main walking area in the house clear of clutter.

In preparing for the move we are a little more cluttered than normal and our vacuum, which happens to be a metal Kirby, was in my way. Now, when I say in my way, I mean within 3 ft radius of me, because I'm just that clumsy.

I catch my feet on things all the time, but this time was different. The pain didn't go away, and it bruised right away and got very swollen. I buddy-taped it with two other toes and took some Motrin.

Two days later it's still sporting a nice bruise:

But, it isn't nearly as painful!

What irritated me the most is about two seconds after I grabbed my foot in pain and screamed obscenities grimaced in pain, my husband said, "be careful!" I gave him the look of death and said, "REALLY?"

I've never understood the point of saying "be careful" "watch your step" or "did that hurt", other than to point out to the clumsy person that they are a moron & klutz. What do you think??

**PS: I may or may not have painted my toenail after taking the initial picture and realizing I might scare young children if I left my disgusting feet as is.

Friday, April 15, 2011

One last plug! **UPDATED**

The Relay for Life event is in 3 days, and I'm 81% to my goal, $65 away!! You can make an online donation as small as $10!!

I want to do some HUGE thank you's to those that have already donated!

Carolyn, you were the first one to donate, then you joined the team, competed in a 5K with me, and have never stopped supporting me!! Love ya girlie!!

Desiree, I have seen you grow leaps & bounds in the past two years, and am SO proud of the beautiful young lady you have become!

Annette, I'm eternally grateful to you for raising such an amazing son, that has been a wonderful husband and stellar father! Thanks for always believing in me!

Mary Cullen, my co-worker who knows my passion and never hesitated to show her support!

Nicole, I'm so grateful to have you in my life!! I love our conversations & take joy in seeing your life grow with Peter & my adorable nephew Malachi!

Vanessa, my wife/nursing school buddy, your continued support in every endeavor I taken on is not unnoticed. You are my ROCK!

Michelle, my ROCKIN' SIL who endures talking to me, even though she hates talking on the phone, and has been generous enough to allow me to move within 3 miles of her!

Jeannie, my fellow Kick-A Army wife, I can always look to you for a smile, sympathetic ear, or even a great laugh! Hoooah sista!

I made my goal!!!

I big thanks to Yohanna G., Jacqueline L., Carolyn (for your donation in Nik's name), David C., & Vanessa C.

I was literally brought to tears when I saw the generosity of so many of my family & friends. You all knew how important it was to me...and you supported me! Thank you really can't express my gratitude. You ALL rock!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WARNING: Mad Skilz Ahead

So we've been working A LOT on getting the outside of the house looking good so we can post a picture for the listing. We have 3, yes THREE, full grown oak trees on our property, which makes for a lot of leaves.

We invested in a leaf blower awhile ago, which made Eric's job easy...but somehow I ended up having to pick up all the leaves (he's having pretty bad sciatic pain...which I can totally relate to...so I wanted to do my part). He also pressure washed the outside of the house & it looks ten times better!

Here's the pile of bags that I had the pleasure of bagging...at least what I could get done during nap time & when Eric got home from work!

I also trimmed the bushes by the front door, pulled weeds, laid the edging & planted flowers. For those that have been to my house in the last six months, you know what an undertaking this was! The pile of limbs that I took off the bushes was bigger than what was left! These bushes were literally touching our rain gutters before I began!

Then it was off to the backyard where decided to plan azaleas along the back fence line because there was NOTHING there...and it only gets indirect sunlight.

And, with the help of Miss Molly, who I ran into while shopping at Lowe's, I picked these hanging baskets to put in this corner.

So, my lack of blogging hasn't been because I didn't want to!! We've got a lot still left to do before I leave in less than two weeks.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I think everyone needs a good laugh!

With all the crap going on right now, I felt it was my responsibility to share something that made me laugh so hard I almost cried.


It's all pretty good, but the if you want to get to the good stuff, start watching at 5:14.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's all happening so fast!

Last month the boys celebrated their 1st birthday!! I only invited a few friends over, that have truly become more like family, and we ate & watched the boys devour their cupcakes! Here is the practice cake I made...I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for the actual day...it pretty much looks the same!



The boys with their cupcakes



The fam


Sorry about being so MIA lately, but the move is progressing a lot faster than we originally planned! We made a trip to NC this past week to do a little house hunting, and of course we fell in love with the second to last house we looked it. It's the right price, and only 3 miles away from my brother & his family!!

We got back Sunday night and have spent almost every waking moment preparing our current house to get on the rental market. Has anyone ever heard of AHRN.com?? It is a great, FREE, website for military families to list their rentals!!

Because of availability, I'll be leaving FL on the 24th (the day after my last day of work), and waiting there for Eric to finish all his schooling in Arizona. Please keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to find a good job & childcare! I have a phone interview tomorrow!!!

Although I'm super excited to be moving back to NC & being near family...I think I'm going to put the cold weather on notice. I'll definitely miss the warm weather here, but I think my allergies will thank me for the move!