Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The hunt is finally over

This year I will be spending Thanksgiving dinner in the chow hall with Eric...he has 24hr duty (and all the other instructors are working their 30hr shift, or just coming off one). I originally thought about driving to TX to see my sisters...but then I would be leaving Eric alone for a whole week. So, I am going to suck it up and make the best of it. I will probably hit up Vanessa's house (and bring a pie) then go out to the Ranger camp (and bring 2 pies)...his company commander lives out at the camp, and people will be meandering in & out most of the day.

I found a recipe for Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie (Pampered Chef) about 6 years ago, and it was love at first bite. (go ahead and laugh...I did!) We make only make it for Christmas & Thanksgiving b/c it is about 1000cal a piece...so we like to save it for special occasions. I also made it for a dessert auction in HI, and it was the highest bid @ $50!! (then I made the winner another one b/c I felt guilty about how much they paid for 1 pie!)

One of the main ingredients for this pie is instant vanilla pudding (I love not actually having to bake anything).

While remembering the last time I tried to make this, I recalled how empty the shelves were the closer it came to Thanksgiving. So, I asked Eric to pick up the pudding on Saturday on his way home. He came home empty handed and said they were out, but not to worry b/c he remembered we had some in the pantry. I groaned b/c I knew that there was, in fact, pudding in the pantry...but it was banana cream pudding (grabbed by mistake last time while looking for vanilla). So, we tried again yesterday on our way out of town, and was able to snag 3 small boxes...but that wasn't enough. We headed to Fort Walton Beach for the movies, and after seeing Twilight (I know...but Eric hadn't seen it yet, and we brought 2 girls from church), we hit up the Wal-Mart there, and finally got enough.

Who knew that vanilla pudding was a staple for Thanksgiving? I can see turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing...but vanilla pudding? Does anyone else but me make their holiday desserts with vanilla pudding?

I also want to thank a great fellow Army wife, Jeannie, for this blog award!!!


Live.Love.Eat said...

Yikes, I hope that's not an indication of the hard time I will have once I get to the store today. I am only making 3 desserts to bring to my parents but hey.....

And thank you - your comment was awesome about screwing Food Network. Hah.

Jillene said...

I don't like pie or pudding so you wouldn't have to worry about me buying it all up!!

Kristina P. said...

This sounds delicious.

And who are all you women that your husband will go to Twilight willingly?!?!?

Mary said...

Kristina- like OMG, my sweetie pie is like totes the seriously bestest husband in the world...that's how!! Sorry, I was channeling TAMN.

He actually likes chick flicks. And we take turn chosing movies...so it normally goes: war flick, action movie, comic book remake, chick flick...and so on b/c I really like the action flicks too. "Iron Man" was my favorite movie so far this year!

Jen said...

Kristina- My husband actually read and liked the books. (!!!) So of course he wanted to see the movie! He's just fabulous like that.

Mary- what, no recipe? That doesn't seem fair. I want to try an 8,000 calorie pie! I think you should rename it to "Fat Bottom Pie," though. :)

Mary said...

There you go Jen! If I can make it...anyone can!

And the title is just for you!!!