Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sisterhood and Service

No matter how many times I get frustrated with the Army, I have to remind myself that it has been a blessing in my life.  Being separated from a husband is not something most women would ask for, but it has helped me gain a self-reliance and situational awareness that I didn't think possible.

In the absence of our soldiers, time after time, I see Army Wives band together in joy, frustration, service, and sometimes sorrow.  This sisterhood lasts long beyond the end of deployments and carries with them as they PCS to the next duty station.

It can be witnessed on a large scale in fundraisers, support groups, or on TV.  That being said, it is the small acts of service that mean the most and set an example to those around you.

Someone showing up unannounced with dinner.

Late night phone calls to vent, cry, or talk about your day.

A smile from a stranger when it's your first FRG meeting.

Mowing a lawn.

Going shopping for a new Ball gown or homecoming outfit.

Giving a ride to a doctors appointment.

Sending a card just because.

Watching a sick child because they can't miss one more day of work.

Volunteering a spouse as a shuttle to/from the airport.

Sharing the number of your favorite babysitter.

I am EXTREMELY lucky that I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing women that I never feel lost, and know I can pick up the phone and talk to someone that knows exactly what I'm going through.  No matter how many months have passed since the last conversation, it's easy to pick up right where you left off.  They never turn down a plea for help and always look for ways to aid those in need.

I love my fellow Army Wives & all the women I've met in my travels.  These ladies never cease to inspire me and give me hope even in the darkest of hours.

This all was inspired due to some nagging thoughts of failure about how many Army Wife friends I've made since moving here.  I quickly realized that a number is just a number, but the quality of friends is what has helped me survive!

I have also felt immense support and teamwork in the Nursing field, and specifically where I'm currently employed.  We sink or swim together, and if one person is swamped it is because we all are. People care if someone has a sick child/spouse, or having trouble outside of work.  They are willing to switch shifts or cover for another for doctor appointments, school functions, or special occasions.

I am doing my best to recognize how rich my life is and enjoy the blessings I have!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Training starts now

Today my twinkies are turning 3!  Cooper is talking non-stop and there doesn't seem to be a puzzle or gate that can stump Carter.

Since they are getting older, we decided it was time to introduce one of the most important lessons they will ever learn.  How to be part of a team.  So, with the Zombie Apocalypse forever looming, training must start now.

What kind of team would we be without T-shirts?

For the hubby, our Sniper:

For me, the Medic:

 and the boys, because it made me crack up!

We hope that once the hubby retires, we will be able to live in an area that we will have enough room for more hands on training.  For now, they'll just have to wear these AWESOME shirts from this Etsy shop!  The owner was super patient and generous with her time while we finalized exactly what I wanted.

Happy Birthday boys!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Those of you that are familiar with the military are well versed in the term "mandatory fun."  This can be used for unit events that force the soldier to be present, and by guilt, the spouse as well.

The Brigade Ball is in 22 days and the panic starting to build.  With the AMAZING help of a fellow Army Wife & Nurse, Lora, I was able to find a dress that made me feel pretty, and I already have a black jacket that will work well with it.  Here is the bead work at the top:

I've already decided on my hair, but now I need to find jewelry that will compliment the bead work.  I feel that since the dress is primarily white, black jewelry will work best.  I've been searching Etsy to find something, because I like to support small business, but I can't make up my mind!!!  I don't want a long necklace, but figured a choker style would probably work best.

Which do you like the best??

**I've narrowed it down even more, which is why the #s aren't in order**

1)Ribbon and pearl necklace, black  pearl seed beads necklace, fringe pearl necklace, seed beads jewelry, 7PM boutique, weaved necklace

3)Black Multi Layer Bead Necklace

8)CLEARANCE PRICED  Women's Beaded Necklace bugle beads black button clasp elegant

11)All facet cut seed beads, "Black Lace" beaded choker, adjustable necklace.

12)Black and White Ribbon Flower Beaded Necklace With Earrings -Rhinestone Flowers, Cluster Necklace, Handmade, Bridal, Wedding Jewelry, Custom

15)Handmade beaded  necklace ,hand crochet black necklace, gift for her

16)Elegant Black Beaded Layered 16" Necklace

19)Tuxedo Junction - Elegant OOAK Hand Beaded Coral Design Necklace in different Black finishes Color Combination OOAK

If you've seen something you love let me know, but I don't want to spend over $40.