Sunday, September 28, 2008

Noche Mexicana

Since everyone needs to take breaks, the girls & I got together and decided to treat our sweeties to a Mexican themed dinner. All the girls made chimichangas, fajitas w/ homemade tortillas, salsa, guacamole, pico de galo, & margaritas (virgin for me & Eric) while the boys played Xbox and relaxed.

We spend a lot of time together in clinicals and studying that we wanted to give the guys a break and give us an excuse to spend time together that had nothing to do with school.

Vanessa normally plays the host since she is the only one who would have to find a sitter, so I always bring Koa along to keep her Boston Terrier, Molly, company (who is in LOVE with Koa).

Everything turned out great and after dinner we taught Megan and Ron how to play "Bang." For those who haven't played it before it is kind of like a spaghetti western game with roles & cards. I know it sounds stupid, I even refused to play it at first, but it is really fun & we all look forward to the next break in studying when we can get together and play.

It was a blast and I look forward to the next "Bang" night.

Mandatory fun

Every year our school hosts the local Heart Walk which is a great cause. Well, since we are in the Nursing program we have to attend, or spend several hours completing an alternate assignment. Our instructors said we have to do one lap (~1.5 miles) then we are free to go. So a few of my buddies and I decided we would run it so we could finish faster. It was a pretty good day and as you can see everyone was thrilled to be there ;-)

This is my buddy Vanessa (aka V aka my wife) who is none too thrilled that I am taking her picture.

Here are a few more of my peeps from school.

Paul & Joey...yea for male nurses!

Michelle & Megan

Joey & Domenica

Kim, Kelsey & Me

Jake (her hubby) & Kelsey

Me & Amber

Kim, Deborah (aka Barbara), Nicoleta, & Jean

Ms. Cormier & Mrs. Higgins

Kim & V coming to the finish

Joey ran with me towards the end & we ended up finishing in about 13 min. Not a bad way to start out a Saturday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The 50's are calling & they want their bedroom arrangement back!

Eric doesn't have a normal job. He has been a Ranger Instructor for about the past 3 years in the Army. Since we are stationed on an Air Force Base, the other military wives at church don't understand why he is seldom off on Sunday. Since the students are here in the FL phase for 18 days, there has to be an instructor or 2 with them so he has a "walking schedule." He normally goes in on a Monday (for example) @ 0600, and will be home the next day between 0900-1300 depending on a million different factors. So, needless to say, he doesn't have a normal schedule.

Nursing school has put me into a weird schedule also. I have to do insane amounts of reading & be up til all hours of the night preparing my Patient Care Database & Concept Map the night before my 10 hour clinical day.

I am a VERY light sleeper, and Eric is a big guy. We never really had a problem sleeping in bed together until about 8 months ago. He was tasked to go with the Ranger students through all 2 phases, and @ the same time I started my 2nd semester of school (where all the chaos began). He was gone for about 7 weeks and I was having a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone...all the time.

Well, I adjusted...and now I have a hard time NOT sleeping alone. If he sleeps on his back or is very tired (from working over 24hours straight) he snores, and I get frustrated and end up in the spare room or on the couch. And now it has gotten to the point that if he is really tired he will just plan on sleeping on the couch b/c I am more cracky when I have to sleep in the spare room since it hurts my back & neck more.

So, on average we sleep in the same bed around 1-2 nights a week. I am good to sleep in bed with him if I can fall asleep right away...but I rarely can, and he has to go to bed way earlier than I do. I am kind of at a loss...and wondering what to do. I don't dislike sleeping in bed with him...but if I am not in bed when he goes to sleep he never quite realizes I am there and ends up elbowing me in the back, stealing the covers, and my favorite...snoring. And there is the added bonus that I don't like to be touched, I am just a fan of personal space.

Wow, I am really that weird. So, I think when we finally get settled down and stop moving every few years I will probably insist on having a spare room & a better couch...just in case.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chop chop chop...

When I was younger my older sister, Amy, was allowed to cut my hair. I vividly remember the "shroom top" cuts that were never quite even, and how they would end up shorter than intended due to "evening it up." Well, once I turned about 10 I decided to let my hair grow longer...and longer...then a little shorter...then longer. I never let it get above my shoulders because I was always really self conscience about my weight and thought the only thing I had going for me was my long hair, it was what defined me.

A year ago I finally got the courage to get a trim b/c I had kept the 95lbs off for a year, and was finally willing to let my security blanket go. So, the first step was to the middle of my was hard, and I almost cried, but I dealt with it and went on.

Nine months ago I got some more courage and got it cut to my shoulders. This one didn't work out so well. The cut was nice, but the length was just kind of awkward. I finally started liking the length a few months ago, but recently was in need of a bigger change. So, when I went on vacation I had my little sister dye the very front of my hair blonde. My husband had been teasing me that I should dye the whole thing blonde...and when I got home, he said I should still try completely blonde, but he liked how it turned out.

Well, seeing as I am a woman, and am never wasn't quite enough. I still get mistaken for a high schooler, and last month the mother of a new family in the ward, whose daughter is in my Sunday School class, came into the class and looked at me and asked if the teacher was here today. I couldn't help but laugh, and she apologized and is a total sweetheart!!!

...sorry, got off track...

Anyways, I cut my hair today, and I LOVE it. I had a shorter length in mind, but I am way happier with how it turned out. I just woke up last Saturday and decided that I wanted to cut my hair...and it took a couple of days to gather the courage.

I can now say that the last thread of my security blanket is gone...and good riddance!!! I am a young (but not teenager young), beautiful woman, no matter what my weight is, what clothes I wear, if I wear makeup (never did/never will), or who I am with.

This was a very liberating day for me! Ya-ya!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Move your feet, lose your seat

Koa has now mastered the deceptive art of spot stealing. It's bad enough that he insists on sitting on MY lap instead of Eric's...but I guess he also has to be exactly where I was. Sometimes he gets up willingly when I tell him to move or just start sitting down. But every once in awhile he will just moan and groan as I slowly start sitting down and he still doesn't want to move.

Before Tyler died, we had taught the boys that clapping twice meant they were supposed to go lay down in their kennel, and they always did. Over the past few months, Koa has been slowly adjusting to being the only dog and has decided that clapping your hands or saying "go to bed" means go sit on the couch. This has become his new safe haven. He always enjoyed being in the kennel with Tyler...and for the first month or so of being alone, he would stay in there whenever we weren't home. He recently started sunbathing again and I think he is almost fully adjusted. His knee is healed (he had his right luxating patella fixed 2 days before Tyler died) and I almost cried 2 weeks ago when he jumped up on the bed by himself since the surgery!!!!

He has enjoyed several trips to Molly's house (Vanessa's Boston Terrier) and visits with Tashi (Gina's Pekingese) and although he is stand-offish at first, he soon starts running around and playing. I don't know that I will get another dog anytime soon b/c of all the uncertainty with Eric's career & we plan on having kids in the next few years...but you never know what will happen. I think we were smart in bringing Tyler to pick out his new brother (Koa), so when the time comes it will be Koa's choice...whether it be cat or dog.

I know I am a freak about my dog, but being a military wife with no kids...he is that special someone I get to come home to when my sweetie can't! I am grateful that I had a dog growing up, and that I have had the opportunity to have these angels in furry coats in my life!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mommy, wow...I'm a big (nursing student) now!!

Yesterday was my first day back at clinicals since my 3 weeks off between semesters, and successfully passing my skills (IV Push, blood admin, & central line access & dressing change). I was kind of nervous when I picked up my client assignment Monday, but once I stepped in the client's room I was ready to rock!

I haven't had much success with body elimination in the previous instructor always laughed when I would start dry-heaving. But yesterday I made huge strides! I was able to handle many situations and smells that I had previously gagged over, and I think I am seeing patient care in a new light.

I still struggle with my emotions though...and I think it will take me awhile to get over that. I almost cried yesterday when the client was expressing concern to their caregiver over possibly going to a nursing home b/c they were concerned over the strain they were putting on the caregiver. The caregiver felt horrible b/c the client ended up in the hospital, but it was the right place they needed to be to get the right meds for recovery. I tried to reinforce to the caregiver that they did everything within their means to care for the client...and not to feel guilty...but who wouldn't? I spoke with the nurse about possible community programs for the client & caregiver for some kind of home assistance, so she put in a request for the care manager to give them information. I know there is a need for nursing homes, but I just didn't feel like either person would benefit from a move to that environment...not yet.

I hope to be able to find the balance of caring & being too emotional. Seeing as I cry at most sad movies/TV may take awhile. And, in saying that, I never want to be in an environment that changes my level of compassion. I just want it all, huh?!

Oh, big news, well, not really, but kinda. I got my diploma for my AA today. I know, just an AA...but you have to start somewhere. And, I had enough credits for it, so why not?

Saturday, September 13, 2008


10 yrs. ago I...

1. was 16 and knew everything
2. was still recovering from a broken rt. clavicle
3. didn't have my driver's license yet b/c of above
4. started working so I could get braces
5. still hadn't been on a date (I got stood up on my sweet 16)

Today's to-do list...

1. study for huge exam on monday
2. spend time with my sexy beast that just got home from work @ 1100 this morning when he left for work yesterday @ 0430
3. do dishes...I have really been slacking, and Eric is exhausted
4. go on my 4.5 mile run/ is still too hot to run the whole thing...and I am just a slacker
5. do my yoga poses on the Wii Fit (best bday present ever!!!)

*this was Eric's last jump before his ankle surgery last year. We wanted to document it incase it was his last....but he healed up great and is back under 7 min miles again ;-)


1. 90 cal reduced sugar oatmeal raisin granola bars...mmm
2. fruit...whatever is in the fridge
3. 100 cal packs of whatever is in the pantry
4. mandarine oranges in jello/pineapple in lime jello
5. sugar free pudding packs

If I were a millionaire...

1. I wouldn't have to take out student loans
2. I would have a housekeeper, chef, and landscaping staff
3. I would pay off all our debt & replace the motorcycles we sold
4. I would scuba dive all over the world
5. take care of my family

Places I've lived...

1. Fairborn, OH
2. OK city & Dell City, OK
3. Rapid City, SD
4. Jacksonville, NC
5. Lacey & University Place, WA
6. Ewa Beach & Wahiawa, HI
7. Crestview, FL

*military had a lot to do with the moves

Jobs I've had...

1. Photographer @ JCPenney's
2. Daycare worker @ a center & gym
3. Bath & Body Works
4. The Closet by Maurices
5. Lowes

I tag:
1. Brittany...b/c Michelle didn't ;-)
2. Amy...b/c I know she has all the time in the world
3. Becky...b/c she always cracks me up
4. Kelly...b/c I don't hear from her enough
5. Mom...just for kicks

Friday, September 12, 2008

Best GNO movie ever!!!

Ever since I saw the first preview I couldn't wait to see this movie. I made my other Nursing buddies take a break from studying and enjoy a fun night with the girls!

We had all heard mixed reviews about this flick, but when I saw the premier coverage I was even more intrigued. It seems that all of these talented women did this movie to drive home the fact that there aren't many female roles to choose from...AND they did the entire movie without a male role! I knew this going in, but all my friends commented about how great it was without any male roles.

The theater was filled with huge groups of women coming to see this movie together...and it didn't disappoint. I was laughing out loud throughout this movie and thought all of these women did an amazing job! If your sweetie enjoys chick flicks take him along...but beware that he will probably be the only male in the audience!

It was a great story line without profanity...but for those prudes in the audience...there is one episode with marijuana (about 1 min) and Jada Pinket Smith plays a lesbian. If those factors will consume you with disgust, don't go see it, but just my opinion....great movie and the best chick flick I have seen all year!

"Please don't stop the music"

While most people refer to their "inner dialogue," I seem to have an inner juke box. Ever since I was a kid my older brother and I would pick up on cartoon theme songs, commercial jingles, and any music in general. I drove my mom crazy at times b/c we would have something to sing after every comment was made. I can hear her yelling at us now, "stop being so sing-songy" (Mom, you know those were your exact words!).

Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate in a mental health lecture when I am tapping my foot and singing along with whatever is playing that day. This is especially embarassing in public b/c I have a tendancy to just bust out a line every once in awhile...I just can't help myself. The last time I went running with Eric I used my iPod and I couldn't help but sing every other line (I was going at a good pace and couldn't manage every line)...he just kept shaking his head at me and laughing.

Yea, I am weird, odd, eccentric...but when I forgot my faceplate to my radio and had to drive home from Orlando (6 hours) jukebox stayed true...and I was completely hoarse by the time I got home.

Let's talk about me, let's talk about I, lets talk about #1, on my me my...

I have been lured to the dark side that is Blogger. I have had a blog on MSN for quite a few years, but no one else seems, lets see how this goes ;-)

Here is one of my favorite posts that really sums up my personality and was inspired by a really obnoxious Sgt. Major's wife that just didn't get my point of view. So, I defined MY title:

I am an ARMY Wife.

NOT an "Enlisted Wife," "Sgt's Wife," "Private's Wife," or anything that has to do with my husband's rank.

I personally did not attend Basic Training, Jump School, OCS, or any other school taught by the Army to THEIR soldiers.

My husband's rank does not define who I am.

My husband's degree, or lack of, says nothing about my education.

My participation, or lack of, in the FRG, or unit functions is no reflection of my husband's committment to the unit.

The ONLY title I am willing to bare, is ARMY!!!

I am proud of my husband and his dedicated service to the USA, and although a supportive spouse can make all the difference....HE performs the service.

I am an ARMY Wife!

Stay tuned for more...but I really need to get back to reading my psych book and secretly diagnosing everyone I know with a personality have to keep it interesting somehow!