Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Black Friday virgin no more!

I decided to hit up the midnight madness at the outlet mall in Destin (45 min away) Thursday night, and then wait for the rest of the stores to open with my buddy V. We headed out @ 11pm and were quite surprised at all the other traffic on the road as well.

I had done my research and knew which stores I wanted to hit first b/c almost all of my Christmas shopping is done, but there are certain things I keep an eye out for all year long. We hit up GAP first b/c they opened their doors 15 min early, and we both scored some great shirts & sweaters for our hubbies then headed down the strip. Aeropostale was INSANE!!! I am pretty sure they were breaking some fire codes by how many people were in there...but we made it out with some sweet deals.

We spent the next hour looking, but not finding anything that caught out we headed for an all American breakfast @ Waffle House....mmmmm.

We had quite a few hours to kill so we decided to go to Wal-Mart (b/c it was the only thing open) and get some of the things on my list that didn't have anything to do with Black Friday deals. Plus, this would be a time without any lines! The store was pretty empty, so we grabbed a cart and headed down one of the main aisles. There were many pallets still wrapped, which we assumed were part of the sale, but the first one we came to was open. V saw something she wanted, so we scanned it for the price and decided to throw it in the cart.

We continued down the aisle stopping here or there to look @ different things when a lady walked up to us and said, "where did you get that?"

V said, "on that pallet up at the front."

The lady got mad and said, "that is for the sale, it won't even ring up!"

V said, "the whole pallet was unwrapped."

Rude lady says, "it doesn't matter, it is for the sale!"

I started to get really mad...and V asked, "do you want me to put it back?"

She said, "YES" (with quite a bit of attitude).

So, V takes it out of the cart and heads to put it away...I would have thrown it at her (only b/c of her attitude) but instead I asked, "do you know where I would find ________?" (my fam reads my blog, and I can't give anything away!)

She says, "didn't you get a map when you walked into the store?"

I said, "," thinking...don't you work here??

She says, "they are up at the front of the store."

REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, thank you Captain Obvious! Since the store is crawling with millions of people, you can't take 1/2 a sec to tell me where to find something. MORON!

I said, "never mind, I guess I will find it myself!" and walked away to find V.

So, I did find it, AND found more of the item that V grabbed in another location, unwrapped & displayed. If they were keeping the store open, then why not take one minute to wrap that pallet back up. We weren't the only ones in the store, and I am sure it was going to happen to someone else. So...I made my purchase, and we decided to call it a night. There was only one thing I wanted to buy that was advertised for Black Friday...and I was getting tired.

We headed home, and I was able to get the deal I was waiting for online anyway!!!

I really don't think I will do it again. And if you do, bring some patience (which I am extremely lacking) and take a Xanax!

So, in the words of Bob Engvall...mean Wal-Mart's your sign:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things are looking up!

I have to admit that I was pretty bummed about Eric having to work today. We always have fun cooking and stuffing our faces together in our PJs. So, I plan to go out to the Ranger camp to eat dinner with him in the chow hall, and stop by one of the houses out there to socialize & eat some more. I had also planned to hit up V's house just b/c we can't seem to go more than 2 days without seeing each other...but she is moving her dinner to a neighbor's house since her house smells like paint.

So, I started the pie's and cream puff squares last night, and they turned out so good!!! I know I put on a confident front, but failing is my biggest fear...which often results in me fearing to try new things. I have seen this really cool design on a lot of wedding cakes, and have always wanted to try I did, and I think it turned out pretty well. I won't ever be a professional, but I don't think it looks totally retarded either!

I won't add the garnish of whipped cream, banana, & strawberries until I get out there b/c I have to drive 17 miles of dirt road! I completely finished one last night and brought it to V...she said she is going to claim it as her own ;o)

I am so thankful for the little successes that give me the courage to try new things!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am grateful for....

...things that make me laugh, like Larry the Cucumber.

I know these videos are for kids...but I love watching them!

The Cebu song

Barbara Manatee (I especially love his sweet dance moves...and this song gets stuck in my head for days!)

I love my lips

And finally...
The Dance of the Cucumber

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Fat Bottom" Banana Cream Pie

Here is the recipe for the previously mentioned pie from Pampered Chef. But I bolded the adjustments I have made that work out great.

  • 1/2 pkg (15oz) refrigerated pie crust (1 pre-made graham cracker crust)
  • 12 oz whipped topping (16oz, so there is plenty for garnish)
  • 6oz semi-sweet chocolate chips (milk chocolate for the sweets lovers!)
  • 1.5 cups cold milk
  • 5.1 oz vanilla instant pudding
  • 1/2 tsp rum extract (I don't use b/c it is too strong!)
  • 2 medium bananas (2 Large)
  • Strawberries for garnish (one carton will make 2 pies)

I am going to give you the directions like I make it...b/c that is just how I roll!

  1. Preheat oven to 425 for pie crust. Bake 10-12 min or until golden brown. Cool completely
  2. Combine 1.5 cups of whipped topping & chocolate chips, melt & stir. Remove 2 tbsp for garnish. Spread remaining chocolate mixture in bottom of pie & place in freezer while preparing pudding. (I put my bananas in before putting in the freezer, so they are 1/2 submerged in the chocolate)
  3. Combine milk, pudding mix, & rum extract. Whisk 1 min or until begins to thicken. Fold in 1.5 cups of whipped topping
  4. Slice 1.5 bananas; arrange slices over chocolate mixture in crust. Spread pudding over bananas. Refrigerate 30min
  5. To garnish, cut tip off bag with remaining chocolate mixture & squeeze over pie in decorative design. Pipe rosettes at edge of pie. Garnish with remaining 1/2 banana & strawberries, sliced.

*Calories per serving: 470

The hunt is finally over

This year I will be spending Thanksgiving dinner in the chow hall with Eric...he has 24hr duty (and all the other instructors are working their 30hr shift, or just coming off one). I originally thought about driving to TX to see my sisters...but then I would be leaving Eric alone for a whole week. So, I am going to suck it up and make the best of it. I will probably hit up Vanessa's house (and bring a pie) then go out to the Ranger camp (and bring 2 pies)...his company commander lives out at the camp, and people will be meandering in & out most of the day.

I found a recipe for Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie (Pampered Chef) about 6 years ago, and it was love at first bite. (go ahead and laugh...I did!) We make only make it for Christmas & Thanksgiving b/c it is about 1000cal a we like to save it for special occasions. I also made it for a dessert auction in HI, and it was the highest bid @ $50!! (then I made the winner another one b/c I felt guilty about how much they paid for 1 pie!)

One of the main ingredients for this pie is instant vanilla pudding (I love not actually having to bake anything).

While remembering the last time I tried to make this, I recalled how empty the shelves were the closer it came to Thanksgiving. So, I asked Eric to pick up the pudding on Saturday on his way home. He came home empty handed and said they were out, but not to worry b/c he remembered we had some in the pantry. I groaned b/c I knew that there was, in fact, pudding in the pantry...but it was banana cream pudding (grabbed by mistake last time while looking for vanilla). So, we tried again yesterday on our way out of town, and was able to snag 3 small boxes...but that wasn't enough. We headed to Fort Walton Beach for the movies, and after seeing Twilight (I know...but Eric hadn't seen it yet, and we brought 2 girls from church), we hit up the Wal-Mart there, and finally got enough.

Who knew that vanilla pudding was a staple for Thanksgiving? I can see turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing...but vanilla pudding? Does anyone else but me make their holiday desserts with vanilla pudding?

I also want to thank a great fellow Army wife, Jeannie, for this blog award!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Many things have been changing lately. Some for the better, and others...not so much.

I have been spending quite a bit of time lately out of the house, and the undying love my Koa used to have for me has been replaced with love for Eric. As most of you know, we haven't been sleeping in the same bed for quite a while now b/c of his snoring, but Koa always slept with me. Eric would take him to bed, and as soon as the light went out he would jump down and come to sleep with me. Now, he comes to bed with me...and as soon as I stop petting him or change position he commits treason and chooses to sleep with the enemy. is only a matter of time before he comes crawling back. Maybe he forgot that I am the one that feeds him.

I normally have the hands of a construction worker...rough, cracked, with really short nails. These have now been replaced by girl hands, who wudda thunk it? I am done with my Med-Surg rotation (can you hear the Hallelujah chorus?), but I still wash my hands in fear of the germs that are everywhere. So, I went into my stock pile of bath & body works goodies, and put lotion next to all the hand soap on every sink in my house. And, I finally have smooth hands!!! Also, my nails are growing nicely...I can't even remember the last time they were all the same length!

I also sacrificed some much needed to sleep to go to the midnight premiere of "Twilight." I was super excited when I finished the books...but that was replaced by fear that the movie would suck...which was then replaced by complete satisfaction after seeing the movie. Some people were caught up on details, but I enjoyed the overall flow of the film and thought that it followed the plot quite well. Sure, certain events took place in different locations...but really, has any movie ever followed the booked exactly? Well, maybe Pride & Prejudice, but wasn't it like 5 hours long? Someone also pointed out that they had Oregon plates on some of the vehicles...but as someone who lived in that is VERY common to see Oregon & Idaho plates in the Pacific NW! So, if you didn't like the movie you are entitled to your opinion, as am I.
Another replacement to my sleep schedule came Friday night. My friend Vanessa (she is a blogger newbie, so giver her some soon as she posts something) & I planned a bachelorette party for our fellow Nursing Student, Kelsey. Since neither of us had ever been to one before, we were on uncharted waters...but I think it was a huge success. There aren't any pictures right now b/c 1) I couldn't find my camera 2) I will get copies on Monday, and 3) I probably couldn't post many of the pix w/o making most of you blush. We played some very silly games, and to quote one of the girls at the party, they drank "copious amounts of alcohol." We had a great time at Howl at the Moon, and Kelsey danced for the entire 5 hours we were there! I also received much love from the ladies that night...and was kissed on the cheek and hugged by all of them that night. One also made the comment that she was impressed that I could have such a good time without drinking (& my mad skilz on the dance floor)...which is something I am very used to hearing. I really did have a great time and no one was out of line, or out of control. I will give more details when I get the'll just have to wait. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So what, I'm still a Rock Star!

If you aren't a devoted stalker, then you might not know about my inner jukebox...but I love music, and there is something about her song that just gets me pumped! I crank up my ghetto stereo and belt it out with my homegirl P!nk. My husband recognizes this so when the song came on the radio last night he cranked it up before I had a chance to and just smiled. So....

So What...

  • if I use the phrase "nice turn signal moron" multiples times a day...people should learn to get out of my way
  • if her name is P!nk and she doesn't have pink hair anymore...I love her attitude!
  • if I can't comment on every post least I read them and give you site hits, and I am in a demanding program and I really try
  • if I had a donut for breakfast...I ran 4 miles this morning!!
  • if I am not the skinniest person in the world...I have big jugs, it adds a few pounds ;o)
  • if my grades have dropped since I started Nursing School....C's get degrees
  • if you don't agree with what I say...not everyone can always be right, like me
  • if I make husband sweat in the winter b/c I insist on keeping the thermostat @ a minimum of 72...he freezes me out in the summer
  • if I still like Eeyore...I appreciated the need to do some cheering up, and I love a challenge
  • if I don't want to hold your baby...then you don't have to worry about someone dropping him/her
  • if my clinical instructor said I was over-confident & make excuses...but when I come to you crying about losing my confidence and you ask me "why", don't ask unless you want an answer.
  • if I am not a big grown-up nurse yet...I can always fall back on being a professional butt-wiper
  • if you/your husband makes more money, has a better job, or higher rank...b/c my husband is my best friend...and...I have great sex!
  • if I am way too cool to be cocky...someone has to be the most humble person in the world, it might as well be me

She wrote this song after she split from her husband, and played it for him as a joke, but he told her he loved it and she should record it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HI, my name is Mary, and I am observer??

Today was my last clinical rotation in Psych...*sigh*. I am really bummed b/c I have thoroughly enjoyed this rotation (all 2 days of it)!

I was actually able to interact with clients today and see milieu therapy at work. As I child I experienced a large amount of family counseling sessions, and I truly believe that talking things out in a group can be very therapeutic. I mean, don't we all have that one friend that we call to vent to & they talk us out of doing the stupid things....ok, maybe just me (thanks V!!). I enjoyed seeing the different dynamics of the group, and spending some one on one interaction with a client.

We were all a bit nervous about the one on one...but after I decided to go for it, I really think I had some great interaction, and even a teaching moment!! Woo hoo!! As a student, and especially in psych, we are definitely not confident in our knowledge base...and today I didn't give instructions on performing brain surgery, but simple facts about the basics of how the body works...and the client was receptive and appreciative....yea!!!

During one of the morning group sessions, it was mentioned that there was going to be an AA meeting in the I asked my instructor if I could attend, and some other students were interested as well. I got quite the reaction when confronted about if I consumed alcohol, and said I never had...but honestly, I am used to it. I explained that I had seen the effects of alcohol through other's trials and so I didn't want to take that risk...they all smiled and the meeting was great.

There are many avenues of psych medicine that scare me quite a bit...but at the same time, there is something about it that truly intrigues me, and is an area that I can't wait to explore more.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Confessions of a sleep deprived Nursing student...

Lately, school has been kickin' my trash...and I have kind of been in a funk (to say the least). I used to be quite positive and upbeat, and I find myself being very negative lately...and I don't like it. So, I am making some changes.

I am going to stop complaining about my growing waist line and thighs...and put my money where my mouth is. Tonight, Eric and I just joined a 24 hour gym close to home. I can get my reading done while on the treadmill or bike b/c my pet peeve it having to sit still long enough to get all the chapters covered! Also, my shoulder isn't getting any better, and I need to try to incorporate more of the fine motor movements along with my AWESOME yoga on the Wii Fit (can you say Yoga Master!!). Plus, I tend to have quite a bit of insomnia b/c of the shoulder & neck pain, so I might as well be productive while I am awake!

Also, I have been playing off how excited I am about the Twilight premiere this Friday...and I know I said I wasn't going to see it opening night, and I'm not. I got tickets for the Midnight showing Friday morning...ha ha, now you can really be jealous! I am throwing the bachelorette party Friday, and busy all weekend, and I just couldn't wait another week. I know that the movie won't be as good as the book, but I really liked the books. Sorry for all of you who didn't, but aren't different opinions and taste a great thing!!! How boring would it be if we all liked the same thing and there were no differences in life.

Oh, one more thing I spent all night Saturday playing Bang! with my buddies, and never had so much fun Banging so many different people (go ahead and giggle...that was the point!). My friend's husband even commented last week, "I can't wait to Bang all your friends Saturday night!" I think we have a little too much fun with the title of the game, but check out the hyperlink above to find out more about the game. Everyone that plays it, loves it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Big 50!

Yep, that's right, this is my 50th post! But for all those give-away lovers out dice...I don't really like give-aways (no offense to anyone that does them, my Stats class made me too pessimistic about odds!). Don't worry, I have a gift for everyone...50 random facts about me! I know, it's just what you wanted....I sensed it ;0)

1. There are 5 kids in my family
2. I was #4...and hated it!
3. I always seemed to get along better with my brothers (and guys in general) than my sisters
4. I wore boxer shorts under my formal dresses until my senior prom (5 dances!!)
5. I really hated High School...I never felt like I fit in
6. I was the "bad kid" in my group of friends from church (even though the worst thing we did was skip school to wrap a friends car in newspaper & wrapping paper @ a rival school...the cops were called, and we were counseled by the VP)
7. I have broken both collar bones (left one twice in 45 about luck!)
8. B/c of the right broken collar bone, I got my license 6 months late & was caught once driving my dad's truck without my license b/c my brother got sick of riding with me...and would just tell to go & throw me the keys
9. I LOVE turtles...mainly sea turtles...and my time in HI just aided my obsession
10. I had the privilege of living on the island of O'ahu for 3 years
11. I got to take hula lessons for the last 3 months I was there, and loved every minute of it
12. I love HI music
13. Ok, I love everything about HI
14. When I was little I didn't think it was fair that boys got to pee standing up
15. I still can't fall asleep if doors are open...then bad things can come get me!
16. I have spent almost half of my married life alone....gotta love the Army!!
17. I have a love/hate relationship with the Army
18. I was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since birth
19. I have always felt like an outsider in this church (even in all the 10+ congregations I have been in)
20. I teach Sunday School to freaking amazing 14-18 year olds...and love it...most days ;o)
21. I didn't like living in Washington rained too much, and was too cold.
22. As a child, my favorite place we lived was the Black Hills of SD
23. I would have to say that my "angry place" is the car...stupid drivers drive me crutz (crazy/nuts...coined by my buddy Cindy)
24. I look back now and am thankful for all the moving I did as a has helped me adapt better as an adult.
25. I have a really hard time finishing things (personally...not work, or organizations) normally I would have stopped at 25!
26. I have finally gotten over wanting to be everyone's friend...realizing I can't be everyone's friend...but still wanting to be everyone's friend. Nursing school has cured me!
27. I love music....and love to sing...and I have given up caring if anyone likes it
28. When I 1st moved into a new ward (congregation) a girl in Young Women's (youth group) told me that I sucked at I decided not to try out for Choir @ school
29. My senior year I needed a performing arts credit, so I tried out for Choir...and loved it
30. I sang "Remember me this way" @ our senior banquet...b/c I tried out to sing at graduation but wasn't chosen.
31. When the girl that was chosen to sing at graduation messed up a lot...I smiled and giggled inside
32. I love animals...and my dog
33. I still screw up and refer to my dog, that passed away in June, in the present tense
34. I love old musicals. My favs are The Sound of Music & Singin' in the Rain
35. I am very opinionated...but try VERY VERY hard not to be judgemental. I figure if I can have a strong view, why can't everyone!
36. I think girls are way more judgemental than guys...we constantly compare ourselves...which is a hard habit to break
37. I love all vegetables except olives & raw celery
38. Even though I don't like olives, I will eat them sometimes b/c I want to like them
39. After teaching the tobacco prevention class to the 6th graders last makes me want to be a teacher...even some of my friends said they could see me teaching.
40. I am a huge procrastinator!!! Which is probably why I have a hard time completing things
41. I have an addictive personality...I will find something new (project, website, books) and become completely is all I will think about, and can't get enough of. Too bad I can't adapt this to studying!
42. I loathe cold weather!!! I have very poor circulation, therefore have a very hard time staying warm. When I went to Utah in January for my brother & Michelle's wedding, my feet were literally numb the entire 4 days I was there!
43. I am horribly, inconsolably afraid of spiders. And bugs in general...I don't even like lady bugs
44. I love reptiles!!! Snakes, lizards...I even asked Eric to take me to the Snake house out where he works b/c I wanted to hold some snakes and baby alligators
45. Even though I lost 95lbs...I still see a fat girl when I look in the mirror
46. My husband is my best friend!!!
47. I got a job as a photographer @ JCPenney's when I was 16, so I could get braces...I needed to pay for half. I am grateful for this b/c it taught me about work ethic & responsibility
48. I think if every 14 year old girl had to work in a daycare with 3-5 year olds the summer before starting HS, we wouldn't have such a high teen pregnancy rate.
49. Working in daycares in HS was the best birth control in the world!!!
50. I love blogging...and that some people actually comment (I just hope you don't feel obligated b/c I comment on your blog). I love having a place to say what I am really thinking, and feel a little justified when someone agrees.

Thanks for stopping by and making my day!! Even though I have only been blogging here since September, I have been blogging for about 4 years on MSN Spaces & Myspace...check it out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Who's the Man...well, um....woMAN!!

Every year my husband's unit has a bowling party...always a blast w/ tons of trash talk...and I have NEVER been good at bowling, but I have perfected my gutter ball dance! I held a high score of about 65 for 5 years. Then when I was 17 I finally had a new high score: 124 (which I did granny bowling!!!).

Eric and I are very competitive, so much that I beat him at King's Corner (card game) about 10 times in a row and he exclaimed, "it is mathematically impossible for you to win this many times, I quit!" And he refused to play any card game with me for 4 years!! But I can't complain, if I lost that many times I would probably give up too ;o).

So, last night my first game I did left handed b/c of issues with my right shoulder, and got a respectable 51. Then, I figured, why not just see how well I can do right-handed. So I picked the smallest ball I could fit my fingers into (8lbs) and went for it....very carefully. And I kicked almost everyone's trash!

I beat Eric by quite a bit AND one of the biggest trash talkers in the unit, Matt. Do you see my turkey!!!!!

We won't talk about the last game, b/c I had already won one, and I was busy getting the lastest gossip in between my turns with one of my favorite Army wives Kelly.

I am truly paying for my excellence on the lanes late last night and this morning...but victory is soooo sweet.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who knew I was living in the Stone Age???

I am what some people call "frugal"...but honestly, I am quite cheap! I don't believe in replacing something til it breaks, or has so many holes that it no longer covers the vital areas. I live for the 50-75% off racks at the PX (Post Exchange), and love flea markets b/c I have gotten quite good at haggling. Maybe it's b/c I have never had money to blow, and I am always paranoid about unexpected expenses...

I decided on Monday that I needed a new toothbrush, and my favorite toothpaste was kind of low, so off to WalMart I went. While I was there I also decided that I should get a bath mat for my bathroom (I always used a towel on the floor...I told you I was cheap!) and then I saw a cute toothbrush holder, and decided that I would finally start keeping my toothbrush in my bathroom (Eric's bathroom had one, so I saw no need to have 2).

Then I went over to pick out a new toothbrush, and when comparing the prices I noticed that the really cool Crest Spin brush's were only $8. I figured, why not and picked one up. I set up my new bathroom, and cleaned all my hair & body products off the sink, and was excited to try it later that day.

Well, I am such a creature of habit that I didn't even remember about it til this morning.....WOW!!! I love my new toothbrush! My teeth feel so clean, and even that one area that I always seem to battle with was no trouble for this new wonder.

While I am so stoked that I took the plunge with this modern marvel...I am curious as to what else I am missing out on?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Being nice vs. having fun!

When is it okay to sacrifice being nice to have fun?

In planning the bachelorette party for my nursing buddy I keep putting off who to invite. Of course I able to tolerate all the students in small doses....but then that song from Father of the Bride II comes to mind, "every party has a pooper, that's why we invited you, party pooper..."

I used to be so concerned with pleasing everyone around me that I was always left unhappy. So, now some might call me selfish...but I am happy!! Now don't think that I am completely tactless and go around saying whatever I want. Far from it. I just pick my battles and chose to surround myself with people that make me happy...and screw the rest of em!

So, going through all the chicks in our class there are only a few that we don't know well enough, or don't like to spend time do we invite them all and risk spoiling the evening?? Or, just invite the ones we are almost positive would be fun to have??

I say, screw it, go with what you know!

Now, this was a group of 20 people that I knew really well, everyone would be invited...but I don't, so suck it up and grow a pair. If someone is offended that they don't get invited, sorry, but maybe you should be so annoying, lame, rude, negative (to exclude myself of course), or maybe you should talk to the bride-to-be more! that little voice inside is saying, "Mary, why are you being so mean, you know that you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!?!?!" Um, I am sorry voice.....rrrsldkfjlsadkjf....I am going through a tunn...asdflkajsdoir....el, call me back....asdlfk;ouierj....*click*

If I continued on my original goal to keep everyone else happy, I would still be unhappy. I am taking this as a calculated risk, b/c honestly, they call them life lessons for a reason.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring those who serve!

This is one of my favorite holidays b/c it honors Americans that make sacrifices to protect my way of life. I was blessed to be born with 2 Air Force Veterans as parents, and granddaughter & sister to Army Veterans.

Most little girls grow up with the dream of being a Princess, Model, Actress, Singer, Nurse, Lawyer, etc...but as far back as I can remember, the only dream I had was to be in the military.

With knee surgery at 16, and arthritis in my spine by age 18, I knew that this is something that would never be accomplished...but I have the privilege of being an Army wife.

I am thankful for every opportunity I have had over the past 7 years to serve our soldiers and their families. No matter how much effort I was able to put into a project, I am forever indebted to our men & women that protect my freedom everyday. I have been blessed with meeting amazing people, and with friendships that I know will out last any deployment or PCS/ETS!

Please take the time to thank our veterans for their sacrifice and duty. those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The muffin top phenomenon

There are many definitions of a muffin top.

Wikipedia describes it as: "Muffin-top" is a generally pejorative slang term used to describe the phenomenon of overhanging flesh when it spills over the waistline of trousers or skirt in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing. This generally occurs when an individual wears low-rise, hip-hugger pants, or midriff-baring tops that are too small.

I, on the other hand, also use this term to describe that fabulous roll of boobage on top of the bra (or 'double boob' as I have heard other call it) that too many women present when they wear a bra that is too small. If your boob doesn't completely fit in your is time to go up a size. And don't tell me that you can't find one, I used to wear a 40H! They are expensive, and have to be special ordered...but they are out there!

So, ladies...don't be oblivious and get a bra that fits.

*This rant is brought to you by a lady that works at my college that I fear will never get the memo*

Help me out Ladies!

A friend and I are throwing one of our fellow Nursing students a bachelorette party next Friday night. We went to Spencer's today and got some really funny party favors and things.

I need some fun party games. We got pin the junk on the hunk, but are looking for some other things that would be entertaining. I have already been designated DD (to which I gladly accept the mission) and we are going to hit up a local hot spot that has dueling pianos afterwards.

Has anyone played any fun games that they want to share. I have never actually been to one of I am kinda just playing it by ear!

Crack for Dogs

Maybe I am the only one...but my dog LOVES these things!

When I come home he is crying, jumping and whining....for attention. Then I make him sit and wait for his treat. Sometimes if I have been gone for the whole day, he will drop his treat and continue to want attention instead. But, not if I pull out a Greenie.

I gave him one today...b/c I had been gone most of the day...and as soon as I grabbed the bag he stopped moving and sat with eyes fixed. I put it down on the ground and he started at me waiting for me to say "go ahead" (his cue to take the treat) and he bolted out of the room.

I really wonder what they really put in these things. They say "crude protein, fat & fiber"...but really, I wouldn't be surprised if they used the ole' coke trick to get them hooked.

I could just imagine dogs jumping around wishing they could talk, thinking "I will do any trick you want, just give me a greenie!!!" Before my other dog passed, I would give them both a greenie...Tyler would run off with his, and Koa would leave his and follow Tyler...wait for Tyler to finish eating his, then run back to fetch his. Koa always tried to see if he could steal some scraps...and sometimes did.

They also brag that they "freshen breath," but the breath after the greenie still isn't that amazing.

Maybe they put the dog's version of catnip in them, who knows. I don't think it would matter with Koa. This is the dog that sticks his head out the doggy door @ night in the summer to catch June bugs....and digs up grubs, and eats carrots, lettuce...pretty much anything you will give him.

Friday, November 7, 2008

You've got some balls!

About 4 years ago I received this book from my mother in law as a birthday present. I was kind of shocked, but she said in the inscription that it really helped her with her perspective in marriage, so I didn't quite take it as a low blow. But, I didn't read it right away either. I put it on the book shelf and figured I would get around to it.

Fast forward 6 months, and my dad came to visit me in HI with his wife, and brought me a gift....yep, the same book. I was shocked and dismayed at what everyone around me must think about my marriage. And, I was bound and determined never to read this book, just out of spite.

So, while waiting for my latest order from my Book a Million wish list to arrive I got pretty desperate and found this book under a pile. I thought, what the heck, why not give it a shot.

Well, I am still not so sure. Dr. Laura seems to hate women, and think that all of our problems in our marriages are caused by the women's movement in the 70's...maybe they wouldn't let her burn her bra, I don't know.

Now, some of her points I can really get behind, but other times I think if I saw her in public I might just have to give her a flying elbow to the spleen, just a thought.

I have only read a few chapters, but I am not sure that it will get better. Has anyone else read this book and recommends finishing it?

Oh, and just to clarify, I do not beat or starve my husband...have you seen the dude!

Less than impressed

We just got back from seeing "Madagascar 2," and it was okay. I liked it about as much as I like "Cars" didn't suck. The only good music was the same as the first one.

It was funny, but not laugh out loud funny. I looked over about an hour into it and Eric had actually fallen asleep. My friend Kim came with us, and that was about the only time that we laughed.
Kids will like it b/c has animals, but if you were hoping to see it, wait for it to come out on DVD.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Ode to my PDA

I know you are technically "old" and some may call you out of date...but DUDE, you rock! Since I stole you from my husband (who just let you sit and gather dust b/c he found a newer toy), a load has been lifted from my shoulders....literally, all those books were heavy!

I am able to complete my retarded drug lists faster and without papercuts...and look up drugs & words for other non-PDA lovers (for shame).

I have to admit that I did jest at your followers last semester, I am truly and completely converted now! Really, I swear! But, no promises after graduation ;-)

So, just don't break on me, and I won't break you! Then I would cry, and have to carry around more books again. I thought you cared!

On a positive note, my med-surg (regular hospital admits) is over and I have started my Psych rotation, which I am totally stoked for. Yesterday was awesome, even if we spent most of the day looking through charts and watching was a day without wiping butts! YEA!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just doing my part to bring the Apocalyse closer

I was so excited to vote today. The first time I voted (2000) I was a retard and make some really stupid decisions. I didn't do the research I should have, and pretty much was the lemming that Michelle so lovingly described.

I stayed up late last night and went over all the voting records and information I could find about all the candidates, especially the locals and filled out my sample ballot at home. Filling in those ovals needs quite a bit of practice!

So, now I am free to complain for the next four years...are you ready?? But seriously, Lord help us all!

What a bummer

I was so excited and motivated to get to the end of the Twilight series...and now I am kind of bummed. I was about to go to pick up a book to read before I went to sleep, and I didn't have one. So grabbed a few of the books I had purchased on a whim that looked interesting...but were completely not what I expected and will be in my garage sale next weekend.

So, I need some suggestions. I have always been a huge fan of the movies based on Nicholas Sparks love stories, so I was thinking that was a possibility. Also, there is the current Eragon series...but I kind of want to read something not targeted for the teenage audience.

So let me have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Absolutely Amazing!

A friend sent this to me, and it was too good not to share! Best rendition I have heard in a very long time.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

Team Edward

So I finally finished the last book...and wow, "Breaking Dawn" totally made "Eclipse" bearable! I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

First, Bella finally gets out of her whiny phase!!! I was almost considering not reading the last book b/c I was so frustrated with her character in the third...but it was well worth it. And I like her a lot more as a vampire, and so does she.

Second, Jacob wasn't as bad either, and I really enjoyed the chapters from his perspective...but I was expecting him to hook up with Leah, but I understand why he didn't. Crazy werewolves!

Last, I just adore Edward! He is so loving & PATIENT, even when he doesn't need to be. It he is the epitome of unconditional love, ahhhh..... *sigh*.....

So, you might be wondering if I plan on going to the movie opening night. Well, I want to, but I don't think I can handle all the teeny-boppers in the audience....which is why I like to go to the very late showings....and in case people try to bring babies. People talking, babies crying, kids kicking my seat & being disruptive in a movie theater is one of my major pet peeves...which is why I put Disney/Pixar movies on my Netflix queue...then I can pause when Eric starts talking ;-)

So, if you haven't read the books, I would really suggest it. I LOVED how it ended and if you stopped halfway through the series you are missing out. BUT, I still don't think it is appropriate for teenagers, especially the last book. No explicit sex scenes...not by a long shot...but way too much heat & desire for the teenage audience, just my point of view.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Should I really be allowed in public?

duh Pictures, Images and Photos

I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed, which was surprising for the 6 hours I allotted for sleep last night (big exam on monday). I took my morning meds and started re-reading my notes...then went I went back into the kitchen I was surprised just how much time had passed. So, I thought, "great, I can eat breakfast!" (I have to take my meds on an empty I have to get up early enough to take them, and eat breakfast an hour later)

I started putting some laundry away, b/c I get distracted too easily, and then when I looked at the clock on the DVR I was surprised how much time I had to get ready, so I finished with the laundry and hopped in the shower.

When I was all done I looked at the clock on the stove and just about freaked out. Had it really taken me over an hour & a half to take a shower and blow dry my hair? That is when it all clicked...Daylight Savings time. My cell phone (which I use as an alarm clock) & my DVR had changed automatically...but all the other clocks in my house conspired against me to try to initiate a nervous breakdown! I love stress.

I wonder how many people are going to show up to church an hour early today?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A great opportunity

Every semester our school finds some way for us Nursing Students to get involved in the community. This semester we participated in Tobacco prevention education to the 6th graders in the local area.

I was really dreading this b/c I have a test on Monday, and a million other things to do, but it ended up being very enjoyable.

We were all split into groups of 3, and they finally learned that letting us choose the groups ends up with happier groups. So Vanessa, Kim & I went to Davidson Middle School here in Crestview and had a blast.

We were there through the entire day and gave the presentation to all of the science classes. There were corny games/questions/videos, but overall it was way better than I thought it could be. The kids were great and our host teacher was amazing. We had great reactions from the students...which was probably due to all our pockets filled with dum-dums waiting to award everyone who participated :-)

The coordinator for the program, that gave us all the initial information, stopped by our school and came to our presentation. This was the only time I was really nervous, but she said she was very impressed and thought we did an amazing job. I asked her why all the Middle Schools in the area weren't getting these presentations, and she said they didn't have enough I told her that I was completely willing to do this again if the presentation was the same, b/c I didn't have to practice. Her eyes lit up, and I wrote down my email address for her.

I have to admit that I did have alterior motive...we have to do a lot of volunteer hours before we I saw this as an easy way to complete those hours. And, I really liked the message, and how receptive the students were.

I am not quite sure how many phone calls the school will get from angry parents though....b/c when we were talking about "ways to aviod 2nd hand smoke" I asked the kids, "do you have the right to ask someone not to smoke around you?" And almost all of them said, "no." To which I replied,
"Yes, you do!!"
"This is your body, and you have the right to protect it against harmful substances."
"If you can't leave the area, you have the right to ask the person not to smoke."
You wouldn't believe how many smiling faces were staring at me after I said those words.

Yes, some parents will be upset...but I think that if it causes just one parent to choose to take it outside...then it was worth it!