Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a pity party, and you're all invited!

Ok, it started that way, but ended very nicely.

This Sunday I turned the big 28. I know, wow, 28...so much happens when you turn 28, like nothing.

I haven't been a huge fan of birthdays. This is because throughout my MANY years, so many of my birthdays have been quite disappointing. I've had two surprise parties that were pretty disastrous (one was thrown by some kids that didn't really know me and ignored me, so I walked home, and the other one, I was the first person to arrive). I've also had quite a few recently that included everyone backing out at the last minute, which left me feeling quite depressed.

So, this year I signed up to work on my birthday. I didn't really want to celebrate big because I didn't see a point. I told Eric the cake I wanted from Publix (which was fabulous), and that was it. I also ended up picking up a shift on Saturday so we celebrated Friday night with Eric making me dinner and eating cake. And, I probably got the best birthday present ever!! The entire series of Gilmore Girls on DVD. I LOVE that show!

I woke up at 0400 Sunday morning and called to work to see if I was needed, and they told me I was on call...so I went back to sleep. Then V called and she was moving that morning and I wanted to say goodbye and pick up some extra paint she had. So at about 0615 I started driving to V's, and just as I'm about to pull into her neighborhood work calls and says I have 30 minutes to clock in. I grab the paint from V and cried as I was saying goodbye to someone that has touched my life in such a monumental way that it is impossible to describe (I tear up now thinking about her so many miles away!).

But, I had a great day at work! There is a new graduate orienting to take my old full time position, and I LOVE working with new people! I also had many many emails throughout the day of people sending me birthday wishes on facebook. I was honestly shocked! AND, I got texts & voice mails from family sending (and singing) their birthday wishes. I had received quiet a few cards in the mail the week prior from Eric's family, and I'm really amazed.

But what shocked me the most was a card from a co-worker. She works nights, and gave it to me at shift change (as I was leaving). It was so thoughtful and heartfelt that I truly felt appreciated!

So, even though I was expecting to be disappointed, I was wrong. I just want to say that even though you are just typing two simple words to someone on FB or via text, it really makes a big difference. I really felt loved, THANK YOU!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who's the artist anyway?

This semi-rant is inspired by the hilarious Cheeseboy, as my husband and I were following the resorts 'map' on some local trails. Eric and I went back and forth trying to figure out why we kept getting lost...and here's what we came up with:

Conversation between map illustrator and project manager

Ummm, Mark, I want to start out by saying that your drawing is great.

Thanks dude, I really put my heart and soul into it!

Yes, I can tell...but there is one major issue.

Is it too illustrious for the clientele?

No... it's just that the trails were supposed to be drawn to scale.


Well, although you did a great job...it isn't quite accurate.

It's all about feng shui, dude.

I thought feng shui had to do with arranging furniture?

It's all about the feeling, dude!

[long pause]

Ok, but don't you think people will get lost on the trails if you have them connecting when they really don't?

I knew we would have creative differences, but who's the one with the degree?

Dude, you got it online.

Millions of people get degrees online!

Yes, but yours is from Barbados. Is it even credited in the US?

Dude, Barbados is the US?

Actually, it's not.

Well, you said the map is everything you ever wanted, right?


But doesn't it make you feel one with the Earth just looking at it?


Don't you have a dead line?


Okay then, me and your sister will see you Friday night for dinner.


I recently won an iTunes gift card from the amazing Jessica G. for the Swagger Wagon video that I submitted to make her smile.

This is perfect b/c I'm in desperate need of updating my Gym Jams with some current music that will help keep me motivated to keep walking/jogging in this 95 degree heat here in FL. So, what is that one song on your playlist that always makes you run or push a little harder when you hear it?? I LOVE a good beat, and for quite awhile that song for me has been S.O.S. by Rihanna...not sure why, but it always makes me step up my game when it comes on. What song makes you keep moving??

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My week "off"

Last week was Eric's last week of leave, so I signed up to work 4 shifts. I knew that by signing up for 4 shifts, I would probably at least get to work 3 of them...and I did. I was able to work one shift in Peds, while the other two were spent on the Medical-Surgical and Post-Surgical floors. It was nice to work, but it was SO exhausting. When I was working that kind of schedule every week it wasn't too bad, but when I'm only used to working once a week, working that much really kicked my butt.

Eric, on the other hand, had high aspirations of cleaning out the garage, cutting the lawn, and many other household tasks that desperately need to be completed. He soon discovered that the boys take up quite a bit of time. Instead of me sitting on the floor with the boys when he got home, I would get home in the morning with one baby in the swing, and the other sleeping next to him on the couch. He hasn't given up hope of becoming a stay at home dad when he retires, but I told him the only way that would be fair was if I had a baby right before he retires, otherwise the boys will be in school all day!

We both managed pretty well, and I look forward to my paycheck since the boys are fast out growing the pack n play they are currently sleeping in. We're going to try only buying one crib for now, and sleeping the other one in the pack n play...but since they have always slept together, we'll have to play it by ear!

Here are some cute pictures of the boys! Cooper has turned into such a little smiley guy too!! And I think they know that I can't get frustrated when they are smiling...like when they only take 2 oz during the feeding, so they start smiling and cooing while spitting the bottle out. They have such different little personalities already!

I rested Carter in the Boppy after his feeding, and started washing bottles...when I came back this is how I found him, he had somehow slid himself over top of the boppy. He's going to be the one I'll be chasing soon!

Another classic Eric posing

This is my new favorite picture of them!

Cooper flexing his muscles

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a week!

We all had a great adventure in Tennessee, even with a few days of rain. The boys did pretty good until the last 30 minutes of the drive (going and coming back). We have learned that a 7.5 hr trip really takes about 9.5 hrs :o)

One of the days we made the 2 hr trip to Gatlinburg where we hit up Ripley's Aquarium (which all of the signs boasted to be "America's favorite"...which I doubt). I was a little taken back at the price for adults ($22), but were delightfully surprised when our military discount got 2 tickets for a total of $9! It was a lot of fun, as you can tell.
We did another 2 hr drive East to visit some friends at Ft. Campbell and Nashville, and talked, ate, and relaxed. The rest of the trip was spent chillin in our room and spending quality time with the boys. It was very relaxing and we all had a good time.

Here are some random pix of the boys, who are now 3 months (Carter in blue, Cooper in yellow)!!


And, for your viewing pleasure...some videos of the boys, because I know my mom isn't the only one that wants to see my beautiful boys. And...because I know you'll ask...these were all things that I caught Eric doing and laughed hysterically, so I grabbed the camera :o)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick update

For all my dedicated readers...all three of you...okay, just Mom...I'm on vacation in Tennessee, aka the middle of nowhere. The boys tolerated the trip without too many freak outs, and when we pulled over to change the boys on the trunk of the car (b/c it seems like no one has changing tables in bathrooms anymore) I was in the drivers seat when I look out my window and see Eric holding Carter's face up against my window yelling, "window licker, window licker!" You remember that weird kid on the school bus that would always push his face on the window and sometimes sneak a lick? I guess Eric is just reliving some of his most memorable childhood moments :o)

I catch up on blogs next week, and hopefully have some cute pictures to share too...of the boys, not me!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My 'Dead to Me' list is growing...

To paraphrase one of my favorite characters from 30 Rock, Liz Lemon...there ain't no party like an Army party, cuz an Army party is MANDATORY.

I really do love Military Balls (stop snickering!). It is a great excuse to get all dolled up and socialize with a lot of ladies that I don't get to see very often. Last year I boycotted the Ball. Normally, if you don't plan on attending the powers that be will put you on a detail to set up/tear down for the event. We had planned on attending until they told Eric that he would have to set up and tear down. This would mean he would have to show up 3 hours ahead of time and we would have to take separate vehicles, and the location was 45 minutes away. Plus, have you ever tried to drive in a ball gown?? So, when his old commander asked why he was flying stag, he told him exactly why.

When people asked me if I was going to attend this year, I simply replied that it all depends on whether I have a dress that I can wear. And, I don't. I have one that I could get taken in, but alterations on Ball gowns have run upward of $75 in the past. And, even though they are providing daycare, I really don't want the boys with so many other kids when they are still so young...and finding someone that is able to watch both kids on a Friday night has proven futile.

So, the plan was for Eric to buy a ticket, and just not go. That way he wouldn't be put on a detail. Well, they made the Ball mandatory. So, Military Balls are now dead to me. I know that there will be many more in the future since Eric is in 'for life,' but I don't have to like it!


Next is companies that buy, sell, or rent timeshares. We own timeshares with Wyndham, and because Eric always puts my cell down as the home number, I get at least one call a day about our timeshare. It wouldn't be as bad but they always hang up. Can you imagine getting hang ups EVERYDAY! So, because of this harassment I pay $2.00 a month to T-Mobile for Family Allowances because that is the only way I can block numbers to my phone. And when I tried calling back the latest number it goes to a voicemail box that is full, so I sent a text message yesterday saying, 'stop calling me and hanging up, this is bordering harassment!' They still called again today. I think the next time one of these companies calls me I'm going to ask when they plan on mailing me a check for the money I've spent blocking their calls. Yeah, I'm just plain frustrated!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The thrill is gone

Dear Bangs,

Let's face it, we had a good run. We tried to make it work for 10 weeks and this isn't our first go around either, remember elementary, middle school, and 9th grade?? I think I put in more than enough effort, but the end result is lacking. So, I bid ado because I'm sick of pinning you down, straightening, curling, and brushing you aside. Let's end this on a good note and not place blame...because after all, Eric is the one that suggested we team up again.



I now know why it is so important to change out of you pajamas each day. It is vital to my survival to get my shower, blow dry my hair, and put on something that isn't covered in spit up. It is my time to feel pretty, even if it only happens once the boys have gone down for the night, and I sacrifice sleep to do it. I've experienced both sides of the weight spectrum, and there are two things that make you feel pretty matter what the label of your jeans says...hair and shoes.

I used to always have long hair, but when I lost weight a few years ago I decided that my face was no longer too fat to have short hair. I really love my current length, and going the extra mile every once in awhile to straighten & curl my hair has always brightened up my day.

Eric constantly teases me about how many shoes I own, but I point out that I only buy about 3 pairs a year, which is the same amount he buys. Is it really my fault that my shoes last longer?? I have shoes that are over 10 years old (gotta love Dr. Martens!) and they are still wearable with current fashions (if you don't think so, don't tell me b/c they work for me!). And, now that all the swelling is gone in my feet, and my skin has tightened up I was able to put my toe rings back on yesterday! I got them when I lived in HI, and they are fitted, and I'm glad I had the insight to take them off before the swelling started.

So, if you're feeling down, go get your hair done or buy a cute pair of shoes...because you're worth it!