Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reviews, reviews, and reviews

When I find something that makes me happy, I love to pass it on and share the joy!

Last month I had the joy of reading a great book by Bethanne Strasser, "For Love or Duty."  I was first attracted to her blog, as she is a fellow Army Wife, and then was intrigued that she was also a writer.  I purchased the Kindle version of her book and was thoroughly pleased with the read.  I am not a fan of traditional romance novels because of all the sex.  I just don't want to read OR see it.  Bethanne did a tremendous job portraying the two main characters passion for one another without making me blush.  It made my heart smile!  It was sweet and kept me rooting for a romance to blossom while each character faced their fears.  I recommend this to not only my fellow Army Wives, but to anyone looking for a great, clean, read!

I have a confession.  While everyone is OBSESSED with Pinterest, I'm addicted to Etsy!  I love one of the kind things, and love supporting small business.  I recently purchased a necklace that is fast becoming my favorite accessory.  I have wanted a necklace like this ever since I found out I was having twins, but it makes a perfect mommy necklace with the option of up to 4 pearls.  From the day I purchased this necklace, to it arriving at my house was less than a week.  It was even in a pretty white box with blue ribbon!  Also, if you are an etsy fan too, find me so I can see some of your favorite things!

Last, the hubby and I went to Zip Quest here in Fayetteville to celebrate our 11 year anniversary this month.  I've heard people at work talk about wanting to go, and I thought it was a perfect thing for the hubby and I.  We did the fancy dinner last year, so flying through the tree tops seemed like the best idea!  When we arrived at 1630 it was 103 degrees outside and the hubby was already sweating.  We got rigged up and after properly demonstrating that we knew how to slow down, stop, and able to pull ourselves a short distance, we headed out.  It was SO much fun, and our guides, Ryan & Amanda, were fantastic.  If you are ever coming to the area, Zip Quest is a must.  It would also make a great girls, or guys, night out.

Sorry I don't have any great pix or my own, but PLEASE check out the links, you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday that celebrates the founding of this nation of freedom.  I want to give a big birthday wish to my Sexy Beast!!!

The 82nd Airborne Choir is an LGOP (little group of paratroopers) here at Bragg that recently performed at my brother's residency graduation.  His amazing wife was able to record two of the songs they performed, and today is the perfect day to share them with you.

So, grab some kleenex, and God Bless the USA!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's that time of year again, PCS season!

After almost eleven years of being an Army wife, I am truly ready to move after three to four years in the same place.  As I have said before, we have been exceptionally lucky when it comes to duty stations.  Eighteen months after our wedding, we boarded a plane and spent the next three years on the glorious island of O'ahu.  Three years later we headed to the swamps of Northwest Florida where we spent almost six years.  Then, the boys and I headed to North Carolina last year.  I have made all kinds of friends in our journey, and am thankful for every one of them.

One of the main reasons that lead to our decision for moving to NC while the hubby went to school, was that my brother was stationed there.  Most people have the opportunity to grow up with family close by, but I never have.  And until this last year, I didn't know what I was missing.

We found a house that was only 3 miles away, and I secured a job and a nanny.  Although my Sexy Beast was away, there was always the comfort of knowing I had family close by.  I had someone to spend holidays, birthdays, and lonely days with...until this weekend.

I have been fortunate enough to attend my brother's High School, College, and Medical School graduations, and finally, his Residency Graduation.  It was a gorgeous day and I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't already mourning their impending departure.

Gonna miss you guys!!!