Friday, October 22, 2010

Warning: This post is NOT for the faint of heart

Meet William Wallace. I acquire him 2 years ago after a short visit to Disney World...which I'm guessing is a result from having too much fun.

Why did I name it William Wallace?? Because Molly said I should name it, and it is the most stubborn wort I've ever known!

I cut the head off many times, because it worked in the movies, but it grew back. I figured I must be dealing with a mutant so I tried freezing it off...4 times. But alas, it came back. The problem is the location. It's above my heel, on my Achilles tendon. Which makes for a painful experience whenever I wear sneakers or anything with a strap on the back.

Last Christmas, while visiting my brother in NC, he froze it off with liquid nitro. He said not to pop the horrible blister that would form...and I didn't. I waited, and waited, and waited...and the little booger quadrupled in size!

It was time for an all out war!

So, I got a dermatology consult and the chick decided she wanted to freeze it off herself, and see what happens. She spent the next 5-7 minutes freezing/thawing until I was numb to my heel. I was told to pop the blister, to start putting compound w on it in a week, and to follow up in two weeks. She said that if it was still there I would start putting a chemo cream, aldara, on it which should definitely do the trick.

So, here is W.W. about 2 hrs after the freezing

And here is W.W. after "popping" it, by cutting off the outside layer of dead skin...
And here is W.W. on the 3 day mark
(having all my left-overs in my nursing student skills kit has really come in handy!)

Sorry to gross you out, but it is the Halloween season, and I don't know any good ghost stories :o)

I know what everyone is thinking...I'm in desperate need of a pedicure! :o)

I want to thank everyone that kept my family in their prayers after my last post. The tumor did turn out to be malignant, but after the removal my Dad's personality is starting to emerge. He was discharge just 5 days after surgery to go home, and was progressing well enough to do outpatient radiation and therapy. It's going to be a long process, but I know his wife is by his side and taking excellent care of him.


Kristina P. said...

Oh my gosh! Adam has one just like that! It's on his middle finger. They have tried to freeze it off like 5 times, and it won't go away.

Missy said...

OH.EM.GEE. I could not live with that on my body! I can feel the pain! You will need surgery for that bad boy! lol
Glad to hear about your dad! I will continue to pray!

Molly said...


blueviolet said...

I guess I'm faint of heart because that about killed me.


I love the fact that you named the wart William Wallace...that is to much. It was a little gross...but interesting. Glad to hear about your dad. My mom had to be sent to a geriatric psych ward while you were MIA...but she is back at the nursing home now and seemingly better...although...more distant. I have a giveaway going on due to my anniversary....stop over and enter.

Cheeseboy said...

My son just had this done too and I cried for him I felt so bad. And I'm a grown, straight man.

Erin said...

I had a wart on my knuckle that never went away, after like 20 years and 10+ freezes. Finally, when I moved to Iowa, I found a dermatologist who knew of a pharmacy who could make a compound (that cost $75 and insurance wouldn't pay for it) that would take care of it. I applied it every other day for two weeks, and it has been gone ever since (I know one of the ingredients was something they use in chemotherapy). Good luck to you!!!

Just SO said...

That is crazy!!! I hope this time it stays gone. Goodness.