Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Running a little behind

Eric graduated as the Distinguished Honor Graduate from his class in OCS a little over two weeks ago, and I'm desperately trying to play catch up!

They had a Ball two days before graduation, here is Sam (one of the amazing ladies I've had the chance of meeting) and me...Eric and I didn't get pictures because we're cheap, and I'm not loving how fat I still am.

Here is Eric after he was sworn in by his Bn Cmdr (who drove almost 4 hrs to be there!)

Eric's first salute by his buddy Kelly

Top 3 in the class

Eric receiving his award for being an all around pimp

I handed off the boys and ran over to get a decent picture of him after he sat down...everyone was staring at me but it's hard to take a picture while wrangling the twins!

Someone at work also said that I haven't posted any recent pictures of the boys, so for the "Carter & Cooper Fan Club" (coined by Kelly), your requests haven't fallen on deaf ears.

The boys



Carter caught in the act of making out with his reflection at Gavin Hall (military lodging), Ft. Benning.

Cooper crawling around

Carter LOVES bath time, crawling around the tub with the occasional splashing...it's hard to get a picture of Cooper in the tub because of all the splashing, I don't want to ruin my camera!

Cooper is starting to catch up and is crawling everywhere (not just doing his Army high crawl), pulling himself up to stand, and is starting to walk along the couch and other furniture.
Carter has just started standing, unassisted, and taking up to two steps at a time...before he face plants.
The boys are above the 90th percentile in height, but sitting at the 20th percentile in weight. It's not from a lack of food, but just have those long slender frames. My hope is that they will both be over 6'!


Ellis Family said...

I'm in the fan club. Those boys look so grown up! Mine are driving me crazy today. They tag-teamed screaming all night. But at the moment they are playing quietly. :)

Mary said...

Kristen, that was my boys yesterday!! The morning started with Carter getting the bowl of pears and finger painting the entire living room (and the carpet) while I was changing Cooper's diaper. I hope today gets better!

Jessica G. said...

Congrats to Eric! He sure does look snazzy in uniform. And you are looking pretty fine yourself, babe.

Can't believe how grown up the boys looks! And they're in the 90th percentile?? My kids are lucky to break into double digits. I'm hoping no one is under five feet.

Erin said...

Yay for your husband and your whole family!

By the way, when I read you saying, "I don't like how fat I am," I swear to you that thought never crossed my mind. What I though was, "She has great boobs." Please don't take that as a degrading remark. I'm just jealous because even though I'm still nursing, I'm already down to an A cup. Sob.


Wyatt said...

Lookin sharp LT. Congratulations and Way To Go!

Kristina P. said...

The boys are so big!

And you do NOT look fat. In fact, when I saw your picture, I thought to myself how amazing you looked and how I was jealous. :)

blueviolet said...

Look at those darling tots!

Congratulations to ERic! Yay!

You look fabulous, by the way!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Just look at your Sexy Beast!! Bravo to him for having the new blues instead of the greens! Too many 'slackers' that haven't gotten with the program. Huge congratulations to him!!!!

The boys look amazing! You're doing a fantastic job with them and you are NOT fat, so shuddup already! Love your fancy dress!!

Cheeseboy said...

Congrats to your husband -- quite an honor.

And your boys are pretty darned cute. Congrats for that too.


congrats to you on the very impressive hubby and those precious babies. I just love seeing pictures of them. How do you get anything done?

Megan and Jeremy said...

Congrats to your MAN! that's awesome & I love the pictures of your boys. They are so cute & of course I love twins.