Monday, June 6, 2011

It gets easier...right??

Wouldn't you be grumpy if you had to be woken up while sleeping like this??

I love my religion, but going to church has become a battleground.

The boys are NOT fans of sitting for 3 hrs, so I've backed it off to just the 1st hour, but it seems like that is too much! They wrestle with me & each other, throw their toys, bother EVERYONE around us and nothing seems to keep their interest.

And until they become afternoon nappers, which would screw with my sleeping schedule during the week, they end up with a short, or non-existent nap time. Makes for very unhappy kiddos.

It's slightly easier for me (not necessarily them) when I can sit with my brother & his family, but that isn't always an option. And our chapel is tiny with very few pews, and I've learned that sitting in the chairs just isn't an option.

Their going to grow out of this, right??

What toys/distractions have worked for your kids at this age (15 months), to keep them entertained???

In better news, Cooper is now sleeping until about 6am!!! I'll take it. I think that spending at least 30 minutes outside in the heat, and keeping them busy during the day has helped. AND, they may have just needed this time to get into their own routine. Although Eric just left again, we look forward to him making an appearance in time for my birthday at the end of the month, his in July, and our 10 yr anniversary a few days after that!.


Corey & Amber said...

OH Mary it dose get better!But befor my kids where old enough for nursery is was really hard. I would sit in the hall for the first hour then my hubby would take turns going to class, who ever wasnt in class was walking the kids up and down the hall. our rule was if you want to get up and move you had to be quite and reverent, no running, yelling arms folded or holding my hand. For years I felt like giving up on going because it was hard but my Dad told me any little bit of the spirt me or the kids can get makes a big diffrence in the week ahead. As far as what keeps my kids quite books always diffrent, when there little it was any book they liked( now it's only church books) my kids really loved to look at pic of family and friends I made up a few little picture books for them on Snapfish. And last but by far the most wanted in church food! I had treats they only got on sunday but you have to be good to get them. I really feel what your going though I know it much worse with 2 babys and not always having your hubby there to help. Maybe there are some young woman who would like to sit with you and help with the boys so you can at least have the fisrt 20 min or so. I know you'll get something that works for you your a wonderful Mom and a great Woman! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Jessica said...

12 to 18 months is the worst at church! We spend all of SS walking the halls and usually half of RS as well. I'm counting down the weeks until Nursery, July can't come soon enough.

For distractions, I always have food, books, and small quiet toys. Blanche has just started getting into coloring so some crayons and paper are a must as well. Bless you for doing it with two small wiggly children.

Jessica G. said...

It does get better! Like when they turn 8 and you no longer allow them to bring snacks to church and they're too old for toys but they forgot to bring their Friend magazine so they lay in a heap on the folding chairs (because we're never early enough for pews) and wheeze about starving on Fast Sunday and being bored and tired and hungry and gassy (or maybe that was me) but they're too old to drag out to stick in a time out somewhere so you just grit your teeth and threaten the lives of their American Girl dolls as quietly and reverently as possible.

I highly recommend an endless bag of cereal to feed them. Or listen to sacrament in the Mother's Room while they wrestle on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Food (4 or 5 kinds so they don't get bored), Books (especially ones that have things to touch or flaps to open), quiet books, and finger play (popcorn popping, itsy bitsy spider, etc) are what save me. My little Paisley is almost 15 months and it seems I don't get to listen EVER (unless my hubby has her). You need to recruit some help, girlie! Find grandmas or YW (or YM - sometimes the boys are better with kids than some girls) to sit next to or with. And you may be able to find someone to take them during the other hours, too. I remember Sis. Stringfellow was called to be Primary Pres. right after having her twins. Bishop Turner was always walking the halls with one of those little girls! =)

Don't expect too much -- to every thing there is a season and it's just not your season to quietly sit and enjoy church. It IS your turn to teach your kids that your family goes to church every week. EVERY WEEK. It's hard with one, I can't imagine having two!! Establishing the habit now is so important and you will be SO BLESSED for your diligence. So don't expect more than is reasonable. At this stage it's all about keeping them distracted enough to be somewhat quiet. I spend half of my time whispering Peek-a-Boo or 5 Little Monkeys - I've found that it's constant attention that keeps my girl quiet. Whether it's holding a crayon in her hand and whispering in her ear about the picture of Jesus we're coloring or pointing to pictures in a book or finding eyes and ears - it's constant. But it keeps her quiet, and as time goes on you'll be able to slowly focus your attention elsewhere for longer and longer periods of time. And when she finally is tired of whatever we're doing, we walk the halls. She will crawl or walk from one end of the church to the other - over and over and over. But it's at church, and that's important. Just think - 3 more months and they'll be in nursery and you'll be able to enjoy the last half of the block, at least. =)

Another thought - is there another ward you could attend for a little while? Also - check with the nursery about the last 2 hours. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes they're able to let parents come in with their kid(s) - it would give the boys a chance to get used to nursery (so less trauma when they get left in there alone in a few months) and they'd have different toys to play with, etc. Plus you'd get some adult interaction and/or a chance to sneak out and listen to part of a lesson.

I've also started switching breakfast and snack time on Sundays - Paisley gets a cracker or two and some milk at breakfast, but I take cereal or pancakes to church. Because she only got a snack earlier, she's ready to really eat a lot and it keeps her occupied for longer.

Bottom line - you're amazing. And yes, that truly is the bottom line. So many moms give up on church with only 1 baby - hang in there. Talk to your home teachers, visiting teachers and RS pres. It's hard being a parent, harder being a single (basically) parent, and when you add twins, it's gotta be near impossible! But the Lord knows you and your exact circumstances. And he wouldn't ask you go to church if there wasn't a way to do it. (Without losing your sanity!) Those people are there to help you and to make sure your needs are being filled. Give them a chance to serve. Ask and ye shall receive. And that's a promise from One who always delivers! =)

--Cindy (Bentley) Young

Michelle said...

I've been trying to think of how I entertained Jacob and Lizzie at that age, since Jimmy is starting to get bored and obnoxious during church. This is what I came up with and hopefully will be prepared next week so I don't keep getting looks from the people sitting around us. haha.

This may sound wierd, but when Jacob was little I bought some of those colored popsicle sticks from the craft section at walmart (or was it target? Can't remember...) and he LOVED playing with them during church and long trips. I've thought about getting some for Jimmy since the markers kept him so entertained a couple Sundays ago, which was okay as long as he didn't try to get the lids off. The bigger plastic easter eggs are very entertaining as well. (since the little ones seem to get stuck in little mouths so easily. At least my little ones mouth.) I would put a few of those big colored pom poms in each one (because they didn't make noise) and he'd open them up, take them out then try to put them back in. It's probably too late for easter eggs now that easter is long over. I'll have to see if I can find any in my easter stash. Pez dispensers are another thing that my toddlers always liked. They didn't even require the candy. :-D I'll let you know if I can think of anything else.

Kristina P. said...

I don't know how parents do it with one, let alone two of the same age!

Wyatt said...

We skipped all but SM all the time when I was a kid and dad had drill or was away. That's not unreasonable at all.

Missy said...

They are lying!
It doesn't get better! LOL

No, it does!

The Busy Books are great if you sew...

Mary said...

I wish I did sew! Does anyone know of anyone that sells them???

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Go, Cooper!!

Yep, I agree. It does. It's just a learning process for them.

Hmm-- I always had snacks. -- for me and them! *snort*


It will get better I promise....I used books, coloring books, snacks, sticker books, paper dolls, large legos, and ALWAYS sat near the back. I even took crafty things and had Kat created something....paper plates masks....etc.

blueviolet said...

They don't have a nursery with toys and stuff where they can spend the time playing while you attend services?

Megan and Jeremy said...

Ditto on everything Cindy said! Also I did something with Hyrum (but he was a little bit older) if he would get squirmy/loud in church I would take him to a class room & fold my arms over his arms/chest so he couldn't move & he hated it! But I explained that if he couldn't behave in church this was what we were going to do -there would be no walking around the halls because seriously if you let them do that they will never want to sit in Sacrament meeting!- but if he could be reverent he could have a snack, books, color etc. It only took a couple weeks of doing that for it to work. But he was probably closer to 2. And our twins have been going to nursery since they were 14 months old (with one of us) so I definitely recommend it!

You do need help especially when your husband is gone!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs!! Bella liked kid computers at that age. BIG TIME! She like....a dozen, lol! And they're loud, so it's not going to work in church. They don't have a nursery where you go???

Cheeseboy said...

If I ever become an apostle - which is clearly very likely - I promise I will make Sundays 2 hours. Think of the celebration!

Ellis Family said...

I don't think it's going to get easier any time soon! My boys only attend SM and then go home with Dad so they can take a nap. Maybe they'll start staying longer when they are old enough for nursery and/or give up their morning nap.

There's no shame in listening to the meeting in the foyer or the mother's room! I think they're too little to understand sitting still.