Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Older

As I begin to plan for our road trip next month to my family's very first family reunion, it is abundantly clear that I'm getting old. Not that many years ago I would have no problem staying in a ghetto hotel or would have even put much thought into a trip THAT far in the future. I guess my first mistake was staying at a Holiday Inn Express when I had a 2 day certification in Chapel Hill this fall. The bed was SO comfy, and I didn't even use MY pillow that I take with me everywhere! Even though it had smoking rooms, mine obviously had never been or they are one of the few companies that know how to clean thoroughly.

Convenience is also becoming a higher priority than expense. It is still VERY uncertain if the hubby will be able to accompany me on the 22 hr road trip to Texas, so I'm trying to justify every option. If I had more than one friend in the area (outside of my brother & awesome SIL) I could probably find someone to drive with me...but I don't. I'm contemplating flying out a family member or even asking the nanny to come. Either one would be very expensive, but having another adult to help wrangle these TWO year olds might be worth avoiding a migraine.
Yes, the boys turned two yesterday.
I was excited to attend church, and was counting on my cell phone of almost two years to automatically update with the time change, as it has done since I got it, but it didn't. So, we took a lazy day and stayed in our PJ's and I gave the boys a taste of my first attempt at the 3D train cake I'm making for the party this weekend (since the hubby should be home by then). I think they liked it.

They are such crazy boys, and make me laugh on a daily basis.

Lora helped me finish the day by bringing over dinner, since we both had serious wallowing days Saturday, and we finished our Twilight marathon with Breaking Dawn. I'm so lucky to have my one friend (outside of work) that understands me and can relate so completely...everyone needs a local friend like that!

I'm still trying to avoid turning 30 this summer, but it seems to be inevitable. Although the number still freaks me out a bit, it comes with life experience that I wouldn't replace. But there will not be a party :o)


Kristina P. said...

22 hours?!? That sounds insane with even no kids!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Carter and Cooper!!!!!!! YAY! :-D If it makes you feel better, I was the only one that made it to church yesterday and we ALL slept in. I barely made it there in time to teach my class. And our alarms went off. We were just to tired to actually drag our lazy butts out of bed. :-D

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday to Cooper & Carter!!!! Two years old? Wow!!!

We don't have our time change for a couple of weeks yet. I know - weird.

I don't envy you that road trip. At.All. But it will be worth it in the end, right? Hugs!

Jessica G. said...

I never turned 30. I am 29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Also? Where in Texas and when? Because I will be in Dallas soon! And we could totally meet up and squee and talk about erotic cakes.


I remember those days of traveling long hours with ONE two year old....alone...I can't imagine 2. Happy late birthday to the boys. I can't believe they are two....whoa....and I know what you mean about the motels...I remember when Motel 6 was fine....until I stayed at a Renaissance in Motel 6 is hardshell camping....I have to have at least a Holiday Inn express...think of the free breakfast.

Grandma Arnold said...

I vote for a PARTY!!

Bethanne said...

Aw... I remember when I started leaning toward convenience. :D When my husband wasn't around anymore and I seemed to be travelling alot [in that first year after he joined], I decided making those so nice [and inexpensive] lunches for the road was out of the question. I'll pack snacks and even water bottles, but I'm not waking up early just to make sandwiches for 6 people! The dollar menu will do just fine. :D

I LOVE THE THIRTIES!!! So many much better. Enjoy it.