Monday, April 23, 2012

And the Mother of the Year award goes to...

Anyone but me!

That being said, I think I deserve something for maintaining my sanity after four days of driving and three days with all my family!

To be honest, I was almost dreading my family reunion. I hadn't seen some of my siblings in YEARS, and all of us (to include our families) under one roof for three days, I was preparing for the worst. I am eternally grateful that the hubby's unit gave him leave so soon after signing into this new unit, because without him there I probably would have checked myself into a psych ward after a few hours in the car with the boys. Things did go better than expected. The hubby planned the route, which hotels we stayed at, and graciously bore the task of keeping the boys happy while I drove. For several years I've been battling pretty severe back, neck and shoulder pain, so continually reaching into the back seat to pass out sippy's or crackers is something that I knew I couldn't do. The hubby did a great job and thanks to my Kick-A nanny, we had the Mini packed the day before and were able to leave on time.

We got into a great groove, stopped when we needed to, and as you can see, the boys enjoyed helping with the bags

The boys enjoyed riding on the luggage carts, and Cart-baby slept with the hubby, while Cooper slept with me.

We arrived in Dallas with enough time to visit the hubby's Grandmother, Aunt, and cousins who had never met the boys. They played at the park and we all had dinner at Braum's.

Then we finally headed to Smithville, TX were all reunited and had a great time doing pretty much nothing. The house had enough room that we weren't all tripping over each other, and a large in ground pool that was utilized abundantly by the kids. We watched Disney Jr with the little ones (there were four 2yr old little boys that were always entertaining), played Dance Central on the Kinect, beat my older brother repeatedly in Spades, had great food and even better company.

It was great to see everyone and there were a few tears as we packed up our last day. But, as most of you know, I must go out with a bang...but Carter stole my thunder!!
As we were packing up, he was running out to me and tripped in the hallway, and hit a dresser handle, giving him an INSTANT black eye. Go Big or Go Home, right!

If the black eye wasn't bad enough, Eric and I had to adapt a strategy for wrangling the boys at rest stops. They would be standing next to you one moment, then take off running. I could usually catch up in time, but sometimes I would literally have to push them over, as they are running away, as a means to stop them before they got in the road. This only happened a few times, but on the way home I got a SERIOUS stink eye from a lady when I had to do this to Cooper...which probably didn't look that great since Cart-baby already had a black eye.

What have you done to your/others kids that some people have disagreed with??


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh my goodness, you most certainly did have your hands full. Better to knock them down, by the way, than to have them hit by a car. So glad the getaway was a good one though and that you had the hubs along to help. :)

Kristina P. said...

You win Mother of the Year from me!


I think you are an excellent mom. Stuff like that happens...with boys....with girls....with boys especially. You would have thought I beat my step son. If he could fall down....and do major damage he did. Traveling that far with kids is rough is 16 hours to my home town and it was rough to travel without another adult with me.

Erin said...

We definitely know what is best for our kids. Judgmental McJudgersons can just keep their thoughts to themselves. Good for you for surviving the driving!