Friday, September 7, 2012

Just another Girls Night Out

One of the most important things every military wife has is friends.  They are there to share moments of sadness, frustration, but also joy.  Spending numerous months away from your spouse just plain sucks sometimes, especially for holidays and birthdays.  Lora and I took a weekend getaway back in June to Charleston, SC where we both decided to force our husbands to retire there and share a row house together in downtown.  So, when it came time for her birthday, I knew it needed to be fun.  Since the hubby and I had so much fun at Zip Quest, I figured it would be the perfect thing for Lora and I to do!

Since I didn't have pictures of me & the hubby , here are some great ones of me & Lora!

It was 2.5 hrs in the treetops with amazing zips and great conversation.  We actually had one of the same guides, Amanda, both times and so far everyone has a great sense of humor and making sure you have a great time is their job.

So, if you want to come visit Fayetteville, NC be sure to check them out AND hit up Pierro's on Hay Street, you won't be disappointed!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Not my kind of fun, but it looks like you guys had a blast!! And yes, girlfriends are SO important!

Just SO said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like it would have been a BLAST! I'm glad you have good friends to do stuff like that with.


Frank is from Charleston and I love the place. I agree about retiring there. I also agree about the girl things...that is why 5 of us do a trip each summer. It is an amazing time.