Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cruisin' with my Homies

Early this spring, soon after Eric finally joined us here in NC, I decided to go on a cruise with a girl from work.  Charleston, SC is a short drive away and the prices were considerably lower in the fall.  We ended up planning on the same cruise as a few other girls from work, and the planning began.  We organized sitters, planned our adventure and anxiously awaited our 5 day adventure.

October couldn't have come soon enough, and we planned, sent numerous messages & texts, had impromptu meetings and finally set off.  We all piled in the hubby's truck and headed for South Carolina.  Parking was quite the ordeal at the Charleston port, but soon enough we were had our bags in our rooms and headed to the Lido deck to relax and let the vacation begin.

I spent most of the time in my floppy hat, sunglasses & cover-up while drinking ice water and catching up on some recent purchases on the kindle.  It was GREAT!  The food left a little to be desired, it was really hit and miss, but by the second day I knew what I liked and looked forward to not being on anyone's schedule but my own.

Our first stop was in Nassau where my roomie was nice enough to wander with me through the Straw Market as every vendor was peddling the same thing and trying to squeeze every dollar they could.  Due to copyright laws in the US, fake designer handbags are against the law...but supposedly a person could find a vendor to take that person to a hidden area above a real store where supposedly there is a wide selection of great knock-offs.  Supposedly.  And supposedly the entrance to this fictional location was scary enough that SOMEONE was almost abandoned as they walked up the stairs naively.  I hear everyone survived and came back unscathed.

That night was one of the girl's birthdays and we had decided on dressing up to an 80's theme.  I was at a loss but with A LOT of help I decided on Punky Brewster.  My roomie, Lisa, was Run DMC (equipped with a boombox), and we also had Richard Simmons, Cindy Lauper, & Jane Fonda.

This is my tribute to Stephan Colbert, and Lisa was nice enough to oblige.

We then hit up Freeport where I bought a few more things and enjoyed reading and laying around.

As we headed home, all of us DEDICATED mothers (despite some rude Facebook commenters), were well rested and anxious to get home.

I had such an amazing trip with amazing women!!!  I truly suggest a girls cruise to every woman!  But, next time I want the hubby to come :o)