Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Those of you that are familiar with the military are well versed in the term "mandatory fun."  This can be used for unit events that force the soldier to be present, and by guilt, the spouse as well.

The Brigade Ball is in 22 days and the panic starting to build.  With the AMAZING help of a fellow Army Wife & Nurse, Lora, I was able to find a dress that made me feel pretty, and I already have a black jacket that will work well with it.  Here is the bead work at the top:

I've already decided on my hair, but now I need to find jewelry that will compliment the bead work.  I feel that since the dress is primarily white, black jewelry will work best.  I've been searching Etsy to find something, because I like to support small business, but I can't make up my mind!!!  I don't want a long necklace, but figured a choker style would probably work best.

Which do you like the best??

**I've narrowed it down even more, which is why the #s aren't in order**

1)Ribbon and pearl necklace, black  pearl seed beads necklace, fringe pearl necklace, seed beads jewelry, 7PM boutique, weaved necklace

3)Black Multi Layer Bead Necklace

8)CLEARANCE PRICED  Women's Beaded Necklace bugle beads black button clasp elegant

11)All facet cut seed beads, "Black Lace" beaded choker, adjustable necklace.

12)Black and White Ribbon Flower Beaded Necklace With Earrings -Rhinestone Flowers, Cluster Necklace, Handmade, Bridal, Wedding Jewelry, Custom

15)Handmade beaded  necklace ,hand crochet black necklace, gift for her

16)Elegant Black Beaded Layered 16" Necklace

19)Tuxedo Junction - Elegant OOAK Hand Beaded Coral Design Necklace in different Black finishes Color Combination OOAK

If you've seen something you love let me know, but I don't want to spend over $40.



Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? That's way too many choices for me to process. Actually I am a terrible decision maker, so I'm going to be of zero help here.

But I do love the dress and the options will be wonderful, whichever one you decide to go with.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Damn girl! Way to make it hard on us!!! 10, 18, 12 - I like 'em in that order for the dress.

Love 14 to wear with other things too.

Good luck! Your dress is divine!!!!

Mary said...

Now that I look at them side by side, I'm going to exclude all the pearls. I LOVE pearls but it isn't the look I'm going for and I want something with similar small beads. I think I've narrowed it down to 3, 11, & 19.

I Love all the others for other events/outfits, but I really like these three with the dress bead work in mind.

Ellis Family said...

I think you're right about 19. I like it the best for this dress. I think the shape will compliment the neckline on the dress. You will look stunning!

Cindy said...

I think the design of 19 compliments the shape and design of the dress' beadwork.
You'll look stunning! We want pictures of the final product!!

Ala Astor said...

I know 19 would look great on your dress because the necklace matches the cascading beadwork on your dress.
I saw your blog at the Military Support Blog directory and I'm following you now from http://inhighheelsanddogtags.blogspot.jp/. I am really thrilled to have found this support group. I am looking forward in visiting your blogs and meeting you all.

Melissa said...

I like #15. You'll look beautiful no matter what necklace you choose since the dress is absolutely beautiful, but I like that 15 is simple enough to let the dress shine.