Thursday, April 25, 2013

I think I'm being punished

I've always boasted about my Sexy Beast being the chef in our house (also housekeeper, handyman, gardener, and walking work of art, but who's counting).  It's not that I don't know how, I just hate it.  I LOVE baking and making pretty things but standing over a stove and trying to coordinate everything finishing at the same time always ends up in a failed attempt for me.  I'm more a boxed dinner kind of girl...which is why I think I'm being punished.

Last month Cart-baby was hospitalized due to dehydration from a nasty stomach bug, and the chronic diarrhea for almost 3 months.  When I got his blood work back I was not prepared.  He is allergic to egg whites, wheat, and cow's milk.  SERIOUSLY?!

We have since cleaned out our pantry and done some serious shopping at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, & The Apple Crate.  I've found some great recipes, discovered the boys will drink rice milk and eat goat cheese.  My mom got us a ton of great Paleo (pretty much the diet we've all had to switch to) books and cookbooks

Now I have to provide all their meals at daycare which really cuts into my sitting down being lazy time.  My 25 minute shopping trips to the Commissary have turned into 3 hr excursions in 3 different cities to get everything I need, only after reading EVERY ingredient label.

Even though I am doing something I hate, the boys finally have a great appetite.  We're still waiting on Cooper's results, but since we switched their diet last month, his GI issues have disappeared as well.

I guess 30 yrs of laziness was good enough.

We even were able to take a trip to Tennessee using our timeshare for the indoor waterpark.  Having a full kitchen made everything so much easier!!  We made all our food & the boys had a blast.  Cooper still talks about the tunnels we went through on the drive and said we needed to go back to TN so we could see the tunnels again.  We also stopped by Ripley's Aquarium on our way out and the boys loved it!

Maybe everything will be alright :o)



Cute pictures of the boys. I had the same problem when Kat was little. At 2 she was diagnosed with IBS. They said she had the bowels of a 90 year old. We changed up stuff...and she is fine now. As a Type 2 Diabetic and someone who suffers herself with Ulcerativie colitis I am having to learn what to and not to eat. God Bless really isn't just isn't easy.

Amyleigh said...

Those cute boys look so much happier!!!! So glad they are feeling better...and I'm sorry you don't get to cook lazy any more *lol*

Anna has had some issues...but now it's mostly only if she eats school lunch, but I'm finding that she is doing better since I've cut out the majority of processed food from our diets. Jeff...not so happy about that, but he's adjusting...haha

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Even though it changes things a lot, you must be soooooo relieved to know something and start from there with the diet.

How scary it all must have been for you though! Hugs!