Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why not?

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with an amazing friend from High School today, and we both agreed that eventually we figured out that being "weird" was just fine.  I accepted this more as an adult but some struggle with not fitting the mold for their entire lives.

The amazing profession of Nursing opened my eyes and helped me throw away a bias that I never knew existed, until I started caring for people outside of my normal circle.  People come from all walks of life, having individual experiences that shape their views and their future.  This has helped me show love and compassion to people, without bias, and I am grateful.

Tonight as my Sexy Beast and I were watching a military documentary, Cooper walks into the room and whispers, "can I tell you a secret?"  Of course I have taught them that they ALWAYS tell mommy secrets, and he whispers, "can you put color on my feet right here (pointing to his toes)?"

I was a little shocked, but immediately tried to keep a straight face and asked, "you want me to paint your toenails?"  He smiled and said yes.  Quickly I started running through phrases in my head and searching for the write wording to encourage, educate, and validate him in his request.  After all, he had been playing Lego Marvel Heroes on the Xbox with his brother for the last hour and I didn't know where the request was coming from.

I told him that if he wanted me to paint his toenails I was happy to do that.  I also said, "just so you know, most girls like to paint their toenails, and most boys do not.  Some people might tease you, but if you want them painted, I'm delighted to do that for you."  He then said that he wouldn't show them to anyone, and immediately started asking me what colors I had, and decided on red for his Right foot and blue for his left.  I looked at my Sexy Beast and asked if I handled that well, and he nodded in agreement.

After locating my polish I went to the living room to begin.  As I started tearing paper towels to place between his toes, Carter said, "what are you doing?" I told him and he said, "only girls paint their toenails!" Cooper said, "we don't have to show anyone, and can keep socks on around other kids."  Carter smiled and said, "I want black!"

Here is the final result, and they are both thrilled.

While I'm not campaigning for boys to wear skirts or girls to play in the mud, I want to let my boys know that their home is a place that they will always be loved and accepted.  I want to instill a trust in us, as parents, and always feel comfortable telling us the truth and any secret they need to share.

I love being a "boymom" and look forward to watching them grow and mature!


AiringMyLaundry said...

I think it's awesome :)

Liz Mays said...

YOU are awesome in how you're raising the kids!