Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cold weather is officially Dead To Me!

Someone obviously missed the memo, that it's May!

(Rewind back to May 4th)
Eric and I had just gotten back from dinner after my Pinning Ceremony and had a total of 3.5 hrs to pack and sleep before we left for the airport on our last minute trip to Seattle. I contemplated what to pack...I didn't have many options since we had just left the resort in Destin, and too many of my clothes were still dirty, but we were staying @ his sister's house so I knew I would have access to a washer & dryer. I did the only logical thing...tried to remember how cold it was when I lived there almost 7 yrs ago :o)

I packed a really cute knitted brown sweater & white hoodie because lets face it, cute should rule over functional any day! I also packed 2 long sleeved shirts with matching (and not really functional) sleeveless vests/hoodies. Unfortunately, this last semester of school has not only expanded my knowledge, but also my waistline leaving only one pair of jeans that I can squeeze into. Trying to stay optimistic I also packed a pair of super cute capris & 2 pairs of flip flops my sisters gave me for graduation. (If you don't have a family member that works @ a Croc's outlet you are seriously missing out, sorry!!)

To say the least, I froze in Seattle. Half the time I stole Eric's sweater to wear over top of mine, and the other 95% of the time was spent shivering. But, I was able to find a pair of jeans @ Mariposa that were on sale, functional, and fashionable :o)

(May 13)
I had one day to get my Nursing stuff taken care of and get lots of odds & ends done before I left for Missouri the next day. I cherished the warm sun, even the humidity as me, V, & her daughter Jayden ran our errands in shorts, t-shirts, & flip flops...it was a glorious day!!!

(May 14)
I talked with my brother about the weather, and he said it might get a little chilly, but it was still nice. So, again I packed some capris, but was better prepared...or I thought.

(May 15)
The temp drops & Michelle, her sister Kacey & I head out for sweaters to match our dresses for Mike's graduation because we see the weather has once again taken a turn for the worse. Since we are in Missouri we decide to get in character...Michelle wears her sweats, and I leave on my PJs (scrub pants & a white t-shirt) and we make our way to Target & Wal-Mart. I think the sleep deprivation was finally starting to take a toll because I found a black wrap that I liked and decided to wear it while I continued to shop...it matched the green scrub pants beautifully! I even inspired Michelle to get involved and as I walked out of the dressing room she was strutting this fabulous number:
(May 16)
We are walking towards the campus for my brother's graduation, and as the wind blows I couldn't help yell out, "it's like God doesn't love us!" This initiated some interesting looks from the throngs of people standing around me, but seriously...it's May!!!

(fast forward...May 19)
I'm dreadfully ill from the drastic warm to cold shift and am coughing up my right lung. But, in reality you only need one lung to live, so I should be grateful.

In conclusion, Cold weather = Hell! Yep, I said it. I am not convinced that the fire & brimstone that has been preached for so many years is accurate. I would die for a little El Nino right now!


Michelle said...

You have to admit, that Jacket was ME! Awesome! haha.

Ya, Sunday the temps shot back up to the 70's and this week is all 80's. You left to soon!


That jacket is awesome. I agree....cold weather + hell on earth. I am glad you are getting back to us and warmer weather. No one should have to live in cold weather. I am again so proud of you finishing nursing school...you will make a wonderful nurse.

Jillene said...

That is what sucks about living in Utah. One day it snows and the next day it is 70 degrees.

Kristina P. said...

I am so happy it's finally stopped snowing!

SO said...

We hit 90 here the other day and now we are back into the 70's...I'm okay with that. I don't really like jumping up from the 70's to the 90's it's just too much. High 70's low 80's would be good for me.

I hope you get feeling better.

Missy said...

It managed to get to 80 here today, but we started in the 30's. I hate this type of weather! You're right with cold = hell!

Wendyburd1 said...

I gave you the Neno award, go and get it!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I was born and raised in NY. Then lived the rest of my life in the northeast, Germany and the midwest. I KNOW COLD!!

But having lived in GA for the past 7 years....anything below 60 degrees is "FREEZING"!!!!