Monday, November 9, 2009

It only took 8 years!!

Most of you know about the awkward sleeping arrangement my husband and I have. He has lost a little bit of weight, which has helped his snoring a ton, but he also gravitates to the center of the bed...and I end up on the couch. Lately though, he has taken pity on me and has been the one to sleep on the couch.

When he re-enlisted last month, he also got a decent bonus. And, we knew this was our one chance to get the King-sized bed we so desperately needed. So, here it is:Eric didn't want a foot board, and this bed just happened to match the rest of our current set of furniture in the bedroom.

I'm LOVING the extra space, and so is Koa. He hopped up in bed with me Saturday morning when I came home from work and made his way underneath the covers. First he came to my side & did a couple turns, then he heads over towards Eric and makes a few more circles...only to end up back on my side trying to climb over me! I said, "Koa, what are you doing?" to which Eric grabbed him and replied, "but there's so much more room for activities!"

I laughed for about the next 10 minutes as we continued to make silly comments for Koa.

Oh, and I found out that the twins are being referred to as Eric's Fire Team. It started with Eric's 1st Sgt. referring to me as "[his] old lady carrying the fire team," and has spread throughout the rest of Battalion. You just have to love the Army!


Terri Lynn said...

YAY for the King size bed!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Lol, that's hilarious about your "fire team"! Its great to have nicknames and funny stories like that to tell your kids when they get older. :)

Jillene said...

I LOVE your new bed!! I want a king size bed really bad--my hubby is a bed hog!!

Jen said...

I lol'd at "eric's fire team." Love it! Aren't king size beds the greatest?

Kristina P. said...

Yes!!! We seriously can't sleep in anything smaller anymore.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thomas got a BIG LAUGH outta this, lol!! Yep, you gotta love the Army.

So happy you are all sleeping happily together and that there's lots of room for "activities".

*rubbing your belly!*

Jessica G. said...

I had to wait eight years, too! And then it took my m-i-l writing me a big check and telling me to just got go a bedroom set already. :)
Sweet Dreams!