Friday, September 26, 2008

The 50's are calling & they want their bedroom arrangement back!

Eric doesn't have a normal job. He has been a Ranger Instructor for about the past 3 years in the Army. Since we are stationed on an Air Force Base, the other military wives at church don't understand why he is seldom off on Sunday. Since the students are here in the FL phase for 18 days, there has to be an instructor or 2 with them so he has a "walking schedule." He normally goes in on a Monday (for example) @ 0600, and will be home the next day between 0900-1300 depending on a million different factors. So, needless to say, he doesn't have a normal schedule.

Nursing school has put me into a weird schedule also. I have to do insane amounts of reading & be up til all hours of the night preparing my Patient Care Database & Concept Map the night before my 10 hour clinical day.

I am a VERY light sleeper, and Eric is a big guy. We never really had a problem sleeping in bed together until about 8 months ago. He was tasked to go with the Ranger students through all 2 phases, and @ the same time I started my 2nd semester of school (where all the chaos began). He was gone for about 7 weeks and I was having a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone...all the time.

Well, I adjusted...and now I have a hard time NOT sleeping alone. If he sleeps on his back or is very tired (from working over 24hours straight) he snores, and I get frustrated and end up in the spare room or on the couch. And now it has gotten to the point that if he is really tired he will just plan on sleeping on the couch b/c I am more cracky when I have to sleep in the spare room since it hurts my back & neck more.

So, on average we sleep in the same bed around 1-2 nights a week. I am good to sleep in bed with him if I can fall asleep right away...but I rarely can, and he has to go to bed way earlier than I do. I am kind of at a loss...and wondering what to do. I don't dislike sleeping in bed with him...but if I am not in bed when he goes to sleep he never quite realizes I am there and ends up elbowing me in the back, stealing the covers, and my favorite...snoring. And there is the added bonus that I don't like to be touched, I am just a fan of personal space.

Wow, I am really that weird. So, I think when we finally get settled down and stop moving every few years I will probably insist on having a spare room & a better couch...just in case.


Kristina P. said...

What size bed do you guys have? We have a king size, and seriously, it saved our marriage. It's like sleeping alone, even if someone is there.

Oh, except for the snoring. I make my husband wear Breathe-Right strips, and I punch him in the head a lot. Totally works.

Kristina P. said...

Mary, are you Brittany's "Office" friend? If so, I hope you can put together some excellent reasons why I need to devote my life to catching up and start to watch it.

Brittany said...

I second the King sized bed. I wish I had one, although my Queen is much more roomy now that we've lost weight. :p

Mary said...

We have a queen. With the frequent moves, and continually crappy military pay, we didn't want to get into a situation where we wouldn't be able to fit our bed where ever we end up (up until now, tiny apartments or military housing).

My future goal is to get a California King-size bed...or just a completely different room altogether ;-)

Gillie said...

I recommend Tylenol PM. As a fellow nurse, I'm all about the drugs. I never work a night shift without my uppers (caffeine) and I never sleep during the day without my downers (tylenol pm). Sad, but true. You too will learn that drugs are your friend ;-)

Mary said...

Good tip. I am going to get some labs drawn up tomorrow for my liver. I am having some problems with my normal meds, and I take up to 4g of tylenol a day for shoulder & back pain and/or HA...and I was told in Feb that i had a cyst on my no Tylenol for me til the labs come back.