Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The exception to the rule

After seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic in the theater, and loving it, I knew I wanted to read the book. Everyone is always saying that movie adaptations never do the books any justice so I bought the book a while ago and finally found the time to read it on my flights to and from Missouri.

I wasn't able to finish it solely on the flights, but found some time today since it was raining & I couldn't possibly rake leaves in the rain ;o)

So, all in all, it was funny but hard to relate to. It takes place in London, and her massive addiction to shopping is all related to her debt, in British you see my dilemma? And, I really enjoyed the relationships between her friends, family, and love interest more as it was portrayed in the movie rather than the book.

It wasn't a bad read, but I actually liked the movie better.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The truth will set you free!

On my recent trip I made a quick trip with my sisters Cathy & Sarah to a gas station that we thought they had lost their cell phone at. I was apologizing to them when we got in the car because I looked so amazing that they would pale in my normal sarcastic way.

We got the gas station and had to wait for the cashier to have a free minute to check the back, so I stocked up on Diet Pepsi & grabbed a Rockstar for the next day's travel home.

When I was standing off to the side a little boy that had Down Syndrome ran up to me & said, "You're Hot!" He then ran away and the girls asked me what he said and I told them he said 'it's hot' because I didn't want to embarrass him.

I was next in line and the boy came back with his mom, and she kept saying something to him quietly and he shouted again, "You're hot" while looking at me. The mom said, "they are all pretty" and the little boy gets angry & pushes his mom and shouts, "Not them, Her!"

We teased each other the whole way back to the house & they preceded to tell everyone what happened. Personally, I don't care who said it because I will gladly wear the title of 'Hottie'

Disclaimer: While I love to walk around and joke with my friends & family that I am probably the most humble person in the world, and am way too cool to be cocky (like in my URL) I know I am no super model...this just provides me the opportunity to express my love of sarcasm. I mean, think about it, people already flock to me for my good looks so you have to have a sparkling, witty personality to keep them around :o)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


"Spare Change" by Audrey Mace was sent to me by Brittany who has been one of my favorite stalks for quite some time now. She held a Valentine's Day book giveaway & I even though I wasn't the original winner, I was happy to accept this book as the runner-up!

It originally caught my eye because I thought it was about nursing...but I was wrong. It was more about all the different relationships we cultivate as we interact, and what I have always considered to be the instinctive desire to help those around you.

It's a short novel @ 201 pages, but it never seemed to be rushed or drag. It was the perfect companion for my flights to Seattle and I enjoyed laughing out loud and smiling throughout.


I also have a seemingly unlikely product to review, Secret's Clinical Strength deodorant. It seems like for the past few years I haven't been able to stick with one deodorant because it seems after the first stick, it doesn't work as well. This is one area that one should NEVER go cheap on! Although I don't have the yellow pit stains as some of my fellow nursing students did, I am always worried that I smell.

When I was shopping with V a few weeks ago I saw this product and we both thought we would give it a shot, and I couldn't be happier. Although it is not quite a solid, I don't have that wet feeling that you normally get and the smell is great (we opted for the 'light and fresh scent' over the powder fresh. The active ingredient in most deodorant is aluminum zirconium which most have anywhere from 14-17%, and this product is 20%.

So, if you're in the market for a new deodorant give it a shot!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can't do it Captain, I haven't got the time

I'm going to call my time spent being vegetarian a success, considering I set out with the plan to stay meat-free as long as I could stay healthy. The staying healthy part ended during my time in Seattle. I was doing pretty good until Mother's Day and I kept getting really dizzy & feeling all around weird, and I knew that I wasn't getting enough protein. It's one thing to be at home & have your meals planned and have access to your protein powder & zone bars, but I hadn't had any of that in over 5 days...and wasn't even eating every meal.

I gave in and ordered some shrimp, since they have more protein than chicken, and started feeling better within an hour. Then Eric's brother wanted to have us over the next night for burgers and the last thing I wanted to do was have his family accommodate my special preferences with everything else that was going on.

Then, during my trip to Missouri I just said the heck with it. I had some great pulled pork & slow-cooked brisket that was to die for!

Oh meat, how I missed you :o)

I think 5 months was a pretty good run, and I probably saved at least one animal...don'tcha think?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cold weather is officially Dead To Me!

Someone obviously missed the memo, that it's May!

(Rewind back to May 4th)
Eric and I had just gotten back from dinner after my Pinning Ceremony and had a total of 3.5 hrs to pack and sleep before we left for the airport on our last minute trip to Seattle. I contemplated what to pack...I didn't have many options since we had just left the resort in Destin, and too many of my clothes were still dirty, but we were staying @ his sister's house so I knew I would have access to a washer & dryer. I did the only logical thing...tried to remember how cold it was when I lived there almost 7 yrs ago :o)

I packed a really cute knitted brown sweater & white hoodie because lets face it, cute should rule over functional any day! I also packed 2 long sleeved shirts with matching (and not really functional) sleeveless vests/hoodies. Unfortunately, this last semester of school has not only expanded my knowledge, but also my waistline leaving only one pair of jeans that I can squeeze into. Trying to stay optimistic I also packed a pair of super cute capris & 2 pairs of flip flops my sisters gave me for graduation. (If you don't have a family member that works @ a Croc's outlet you are seriously missing out, sorry!!)

To say the least, I froze in Seattle. Half the time I stole Eric's sweater to wear over top of mine, and the other 95% of the time was spent shivering. But, I was able to find a pair of jeans @ Mariposa that were on sale, functional, and fashionable :o)

(May 13)
I had one day to get my Nursing stuff taken care of and get lots of odds & ends done before I left for Missouri the next day. I cherished the warm sun, even the humidity as me, V, & her daughter Jayden ran our errands in shorts, t-shirts, & flip was a glorious day!!!

(May 14)
I talked with my brother about the weather, and he said it might get a little chilly, but it was still nice. So, again I packed some capris, but was better prepared...or I thought.

(May 15)
The temp drops & Michelle, her sister Kacey & I head out for sweaters to match our dresses for Mike's graduation because we see the weather has once again taken a turn for the worse. Since we are in Missouri we decide to get in character...Michelle wears her sweats, and I leave on my PJs (scrub pants & a white t-shirt) and we make our way to Target & Wal-Mart. I think the sleep deprivation was finally starting to take a toll because I found a black wrap that I liked and decided to wear it while I continued to matched the green scrub pants beautifully! I even inspired Michelle to get involved and as I walked out of the dressing room she was strutting this fabulous number:
(May 16)
We are walking towards the campus for my brother's graduation, and as the wind blows I couldn't help yell out, "it's like God doesn't love us!" This initiated some interesting looks from the throngs of people standing around me, but's May!!!

(fast forward...May 19)
I'm dreadfully ill from the drastic warm to cold shift and am coughing up my right lung. But, in reality you only need one lung to live, so I should be grateful.

In conclusion, Cold weather = Hell! Yep, I said it. I am not convinced that the fire & brimstone that has been preached for so many years is accurate. I would die for a little El Nino right now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mike's Med School Graduation

My brother Mike & I have always had a special relationship. When we get together, there is never a shortage of commercial jingles, theme songs, medical queries, silly songs, & TV/movie quotes, much to my mother's dismay at times :o)

I was so privileged to be able to attend his graduation from KCUMB, and also very proud. He has worked so hard, and truly deserved this recognition.

When everyone stood for the National Anthem I already started to get teary-eyed, as I always do, but within 20 seconds of the orchestra playing, the entire auditorium began to sing along. It was amazing! Then, after all the graduated were hooded they brought all the military students to the stage for recognition and the to recite the oath. After a few more remarks then entire audience again rose to their feet and applauded these men & women for their dedication for almost a full minute.

We then headed to my Uncle Ralph & Aunt Lovina's house for a small family get together. It was so great to see these relatives that I haven't seen in what seemed like ages...and to celebrate my brother's accomplishments!

(Cathy, Me, & Sarah) I missed my sisters!!!

Mike & Michelle kickin' it old school

I love ya bro!!

Pinning Ceremony

Here's some pix of my Pinning Ceremony. I didn't take a lot b/c my sister's did...then they accidentally lost their camera somewhere on the beach in Destin, so these will have to do!

Me & Amber (she graduates next year)

Me, Kelly & her girls Kaitlyn & Samantha

Michelle, Me, & Kayleigh

Me & the Hamm girls (Audrey, Alyssa, & Ashley) from my Sunday School class

Who's Who Among American College Students

V & Me getting pinned

They recognized me for organizing extra volunteers to do more tobacco education to local middle schools

Leaving the stage & blowing kisses :o)

Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Higgins, Kelsey, Me, V, & Kim

A Classic Mary pose!!

I have more pix on Facebook, so come find me!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A quick hello

Good morning from Missouri!

One of my nursing buddies called me to tell me I had my picture in our local dinky paper. Enjoy!!

Also, I posted all my pictures from my pinning ceremony on my Facebook find me if you aren't already a friend :o)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This message is brought to you by the letters W, T, & F

•Last Monday getting the phone call @ 0445 that Eric's dad had a massive hemorrhagic stroke

•Spending $1200 on last minute plane tickets to Seattle to fly out Tuesday morning using Delta, Alaska, Northwest, & American Airlines

•Actual Delta announcement: "we are fortunate here @ Delta to have the best pilots, but unfortunately they are also the worst drivers, so please stay seated until we are done taxing off the runway"

•Finding a human shock collar for snoring in sky mall catalog

•Paying $20 in the Denver airport for 2 sandwiches

•Actual Pilot announcement: "we're arriving in Seattle w/ beautiful weather, 56 degrees with a light rain"

•Seeing a drunk/tired/bewildered Danny Glover in SeaTac

•Reserving a Pontiac G6, and getting a PT Cruiser

•High temp of 51 degrees in May

•Being in Seattle during my graduation in FL

•Paying $2.56 a gallon for unleaded

•Frantically waking up b/c I thought a bug was crawling up my arm, only to find Eric's niece smiling with her hand under the covers

•Still thinking that everyone is 2 hours behind me, and calling Vanessa from the West coast @ 11:30pm in FL

•Having to pay for parking everywhere you go

•Having to watch 'old greg' everyday b/c Eric has to show it to everyone

•Hearing Jump Smokers song "My flow so tight" & hearing the lyrics: "my flow so tight & beat so sick, chris brown should get his ___ kicked"

•Eric's same 3yr old niece pulling her out old potty chair & using it in the middle of the living room

•Peeling out on the steep hills of Seattle in the rain

•Having a homeless chick walk into Jack in the Box to ask for money for calamine lotion for her "poison ivy" ...then almost getting mugged by 2 different bums in Seattle in a matter of 10 min

•Taking Hwy 512 to Hwy 167 to I-405 to I-5, just to get to Seattle (32 miles away) for 7 days


•Lady in seat next to me complain about a guy on her last flight talking about surfing the whole flight & how annoying it was...then she preceded to talk to anyone that would listen to her during our entire flight

•Finding a stow away during the final departure checks out of Denver & having to taxi back to the gate to kick her off

•Having to pay $68 for parking at the Pensacola airport for 8 days

•Coming home Tuesday night, to leave Thursday for my brother's graduation in MO