Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The sound of silence

Growing up with 4 other siblings, then another added right before I left, caused for an ongoing lack of peace and quiet. There was always a TV, computer, music on and at least 2 kids screaming or playing. So, when I got married and Eric was subsequently deployed for the first 9 months of our marriage, being alone never really bothered me. I like being alone, and listening to nothing besides my own thoughts. I vividly remember as a child that I enjoyed playing with other kids of all ages, but I also remember being content entertaining myself.

Now, I don't believe I am by any means a 'loner.' I think I have an adequate amount of friends and enjoy spending time with all kinds of people, but I equally enjoy sitting in my house without music or the TV on.

My husband, and I believe this is a family trait, must watch TV with the volume at 70, when it can be adequately heard at 35. This drives me crazy! I'm not sure why, but half the time I just end up walking into the office and wasting time on Facebook, or going in my bedroom just to have a little bit of quiet.

I know what everyone is thinking, 'just wait until you have 2 babies screaming,' and just so you know, I'm not delusional and I am well aware! But it's really the excess background noise that drives me crazy like a TV no one is watching or music that no one is really listening to.

Now, I did have a routine of listening to music while I was ironing my uniforms and getting ready for work, but I have no distinct need for background noise, and used the music as a motivation to wake up and get moving.

The more I think about it, the more I think this has do to with my obsessive control issues. Am I completely crazy, or have the past 8 years of it just being Eric and I (and many many months of me being alone) completely ruined me?


Missy said...

I must have white noise, like a fan at night! My ears ring and if it is quiet, it drives me insane! When the babies get here, quiet will not be often! LOL

Grandma Arnold said...

I have always enjoyed QUIET. However, I am troubled with intermittent ringing in my ears and use a fan at night as background noise also.

Michelle said...

My ears ring when it's too quiet too. Weird!

Bridget said...

Pretty soon you will have LOTS of background noise and you will either get used to it or you will go nuts. LOL :) But you will likely get used to it. The babies have a freaky ability of making every sound they make the most adorable thing you have ever heard. Nathan had all noisy toys because I thought they were just adorable the way "he" played with them. LOL