Saturday, January 2, 2010

They weren't kidding!

Since graduating Nursing School I've kind of been on a book strike (except for rereading the Twilight Saga before New Moon came out...but I don't think that counts), so I never went out and bought 'What to expect when you're expecting' or any other pregnancy books. I figured with how much money I spent on my Maternal & Newborn Nursing textbooks, I should be able to find EVERYTHING I need there!

I do, however, get random emails about each week of pregnancy and when this week's said "your baby might get very active this week," I had to laugh. The boys have been going non-stop over the past week, and have gotten quite violent in their games of rockem sockem robots. Eric now likes to just watch my belly jerk from side to side, and loves that he can feel movement anytime he puts his hand on my tummy.

My appt earlier this week at the perinatalogist was great, and we had the same amazing ultrasound tech, and she verified that both babies are still boys :o) Both kids were moving so much that it took the poor girl 80 minutes to finish my ultrasound, and NUMEROUS position changes. And here is a Baby A's face (the nose always gets cut off) and a profile of Baby B.
I am in the process of trying to figure out how to scrapbook all my ultrasound pics, so if anyone has seen some cute ideas please send them my way!


Kristina P. said...

Are they able to tell if they are identical? I'm sure that's a stupid question. I know nothing.

Erin said...

And did you have to hold your bladder the entire time they were doing the ultrasound? That is the WORST. It's kind of fun watching them move in your stomach, until they kick you in the kidney or ribs and you want to die momentarily.

OGLADI said...

How super cute! I don't scrapbook so no suggestions. But this is adorable...little webbies in the womb!

Kim Hancock said...

You look great! Sorry you've had so much trouble with your appointments... my doctors office staff was bad about messing up appointment times, so I learned to keep the cards.

Love the photo of the trial run with the baby carrier!

Jessica G. said...

Ultrasound pictures are kinda like "Where's Waldo" for adults. Never know quite what you're looking at. :)

It took in vitro to conceive my eldest so I wanted to scrapbook her ultrasound pictures as the first page in her baby book. It's a two-pge spread with "Glimpse of a Miracle" at the top of one page and "Image of an Angel" at the bottom of the second. Really quite lovely. Her baby book is only about five pages. Because I'm lame.

blueviolet said...

This is getting so exciting!!! Look at your two little dudes. :)