Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been a long week

I've been having contractions off and on for about the past two weeks, but lately they are the worst between 2-3am til about 8am. This has translated into me not really sleeping at all. I can't seem to get comfortable, and getting in and out of bed every 45 minutes to pee is starting to grate on my nerves.

But, I had an appointment with the Perinatalogist at Sacred Heart, and Little Man is now weighing in at 5lbs 2oz, and Hoss is 5lbs 6oz. That's a lot of babies!!! They were both practice breathing during the ultrasound, and were hopping off the NST monitor with every contraction...and I was having them up to 6 minutes apart. But, not consistent enough. So I was sent on my merry way and told to go back to the hospital when the "pain was so bad you can't take it." Because I'm over 34 weeks, they won't try to stop labor.

So, I headed home for another sleepless night, and day, then another night, and day.

Bright and early Friday morning, with about 2 hrs total of sleep, I headed to Eglin AFB Hospital for my OB appt. The doc gave me some Ambien to try, at the lowest dose, because he was worried about how fatigued I was getting. I also talked with him about doing the Group B Strep test early since I could really go at anytime, so which he said, "you read my mind!" He also promised me that if I make it to 36 weeks, he will schedule an induction for 38 weeks. With how big the boys are now, it will really be my only chance to have a regular delivery.

Then I headed off for my NST, and the nurse couldn't find the heart beats, so another OB came in and did an ultrasound and found that the boys are laying transverse now (sideways)...even though they were head down on Tuesday. I barely have enough room to breath, yet they are flipping around on me! Silly boys!

I'm trying to hang in for another couple of weeks. Sorry if I've been absent from my normal tasty stalks, but the longer I sit at the computer, the bigger my feet and legs swell.

So, keep your fingers crossed that the boys will do one final flip back to being head down, and I can start sleeping and return back to my utterly charming & witty self ;o)



Oh Sweet Mary...I will pray that you get whatever you want to make you sleep and rest. My Kat was very I never slept...except during the few hours during the day when she was quiet. I hope you make it a couple more weeks...but if you don't....they sound like pretty healthy sized guys right prayers are with you.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Bless your heart!! You are truly carrying a full load, but it isn't for too much longer! Not being able to breathe and sleep properly really is draining.


Kristina P. said...

You hang in there. It's almost time!

Ellis Family said...

I'm Jessica's (Mama Love Shoes) cousin and I saw your comment on her blog about twins so I decided to visit your blog. I'm also expecting twin boys. I'm only 28 weeks. I was anxious to see how your experience has gone and to get any advice! I already feel so uncomfortable and it seems like there's still so much longer to go! At least I'll stop working next week. Congrats on making it so far!

Missy said...

I feel for you! I was miserable carrying one eight pound baby. I cannot imagine how hard carrying two is! Your almost there!