Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Nurse's Week!

Since Nursing has become such a huge part of my life, I wanted to join in the celebration of a profession that has changed my life.  I've been afforded such an opportunity to educate myself and those I interact with on a daily basis.  I've had many 1st's in the last three years, but nothing compares to the past year.

When I decided to go to school for Nursing, I knew it would be difficult.  I knew it would be challenging.  But most importantly, I knew it would be rewarding.  I loved working with people, so no matter the trials I would endure, I was positive this decision was the right one.

I graduated from Nursing School in 2009 and started working right away.  I've never had a patient die, until this year.  I always tried to mentally prepare myself for how I would feel, what I would say to the family, and how I would conduct myself.  When all was said and done, all could do was hug the parents as I cried on their shoulder and tell them how amazing their child was.  I apologized for crying and the family's pastor said, "Jesus wept too."  I continue to cry every time I think of their face, their smile, and remember their sweet voice.  

I know God does not give us trials that we can not handle, and so I pray for the family to find peace at this time and celebrate the life of one of God's newest angels.

I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to meet this family, and have my life changed forever.

I know every single person has had a nurse make them smile or infuriate them, it's the nature of the job.  We are first and foremost a patient advocate, and one of my many mantras is, "it's okay to make me the bad guy."

I have many goals in my career that will take me many years to accomplish, but the one that I strive for on a daily basis is to do right by my patients.

Hug a nurse this week!!