Thursday, May 17, 2012

The OPPOSITE of lady-like

At work yesterday, we were having a major lull so I was offered the opportunity to go home early.  I jumped at the chance and called the hubby to set up an impromptu date to see "The Avengers."  I made some the phone calls (using my built in bluetooth) and we planned to meet at home and leave right away.

I was sitting at a stop light, in heavy traffic, contemplating whether or not I'd have enough time to change when I got home, and my car lunged forward.  I thought I might have killed the engine, but I looked down and saw it was still running.  That's when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a compact SUV ON my bumper.

I got out of the car to inspect and the other car was still touching mine.  I stomped over to the drivers window and screamed,

"it's okay!" said the driver...obviously keeping her window up while a maniac yelled at her.

That's when I literally spun around, while throwing my hands in the air, and screamed, 



I got back in my car, put on my hazards and pulled off onto a side road.  It was rush hour traffic and I saw no need to block traffic.  I turned my car off and waited...and waited...and the other driver stayed in the road.  

I called 911, and said I had just been rear-ended and "THE OTHER DRIVER IS INSISTING ON BLOCKING TRAFFIC LIKE AN IDIOT" to which the operator said, "unfortunately, it isn't against the law, but you are supposed to clear vehicles off the road if possible."

I then called the hubby and he called to cancel the sitter and said he was on his way.

I stood on the side of the road and watched as the other car continued to block traffic, and people stop to assist her to push her car off the road, until a Sheriff escorted her off the road and said he had called in the accident.

The only damage to my car was a couple indentions on the bumper from her license plate cover. 

When the cops arrived, and HOUR later, they asked us what happened, which is when they pointed out the damage on my car to the other driver, who said, "how do we know that wasn't there before?"  The cop then said, "because it matched your license plate holder perfectly."

I apologized for yelling and explained this was my first accident.  She said, "I'm a born again Christian which is why I didn't get upset."

The hubby called USAA, and her insurance called me last night to go through the details.  

I'm thankful that no one was hurt, but I'm very sad about my car, and my missed date with the hubby.

So, I'm hoping there's never a next time, but let's hope that I can conduct myself in a more lady-like manner if it ever happens again.


We Swim Up Stream said...

Dang Mary! That sucks! I'm sorry about your sexy car! Hope it gets fixed soon! I'm glad you are ok ,I would have had to kick some butt if she hurt you! I think it was so adult like to apologize. You were angry and you owned up, like a rock star! She was rude, she didn't even roll her window down, then said how do we know that wasn't there before...really lady! Again I'm sorry! Love ya!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

*sad face* Sorry this happened to you, but so relieved you weren't hurt. Nice cars are nice, but nice friends are PRICELESS!! Love your face!!

As for your behavior, I'm probably the wrong one to ask. I would have totally gone all NY on her A$$! LOL!

Guess what? We're moving. In seven weeks. I found out an hour ago. I think I'm in shock.

Kristina P. said...

I've been in a few minor accidents.

I recently backed into a lady in a parking lot. I was between two large trucks, and I didn't see her and she didn't see me. She was so freaked out. She wanted to call the police, but I told her it was completely unnecessary. Gave her my insurance, and she filed a claim. Poor lady. I was calm as a cucumber.

Bethanne said...

Oh boy. Wow. I have so many words I'm thinking right now... LOL :D She really threw the born again Christian line at you? That's amazing.

So sorry you missed your date. That happened to me this last week, too. We had such a small window and at the third traffic light of traffic that seemed to have come out of no where, I finally told him we better turn around. there'd be no relaxing or enjoying a date at Panera if we only had 30 min to sit before we had to run home again.

Hope you get your date!
Glad you weren't hurt.


I am I am sorry you missed your date with Eric. I am glad you are both ok. Wrecks are scary to me. We almost had one this evening on 77 in PCB. I was glad the other lady was paying attention and stood on her brakes.