Monday, June 4, 2012

A Helping Hand and Being Thankful

After final negotiations with the insurance companies, I dropped off the Mini this morning for repairs, and had no choice but to have the boys in tow.  While we waited for the Enterprise to pick us up, there was another lady waiting for the same reason.  She was quick to interact with the boys, and Carter ran right over and sat on her lap.  After we were picked up and arrived to do all the paper work, the same lady was also waiting on her vehicle.  While at the counter Carter kept reaching for her, so she thoughtfully picked him up and helped keep him entertained.  The boys did pretty well for about 5 minutes, then started trying to open the doors to leave, so I had no choice but to buckle them in their car seats as we waited for our car to be ready.  I sat on the floor and did my best to keep them from screaming, and this lady came over and did the same.

I love my boys, but being in public seems to always be a challenge.  Some people point and give me dirty looks as I try to wrangle my 2 yr olds (that are often mistaken for 3 yr olds due to their height), but sometimes people take the time to hold a door open, talk to the boys, or even something as simple as a reassuring smile.

It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.  It's little things like this that have the power to keep me from losing my temper or wanting to cry!

So, THANK YOU to the amazing stranger that made my morning, and THANK YOU to everyone that takes the time to provide service for those when they really need it!


On a slightly related note, I'm thankful for the sand on my floors!!

About a year ago I woke up early and walked into the kitchen only to find sand tracked everywhere.  At first I started to get upset, but instead I started to cry.  I was thankful for the Florida sand that had been tracked into my house from my husband's combat boots!!  I was thankful that it was Florida sand and not Iraq or Afghanistan sand.  I was able to hold my husband in my arms at the end of the night, and know he was safe.

So, as I swept the sand off my kitchen floor this morning, I cried.  I'm grateful for the North Carolina sand on my floors!!  I'm grateful that my husband is finally here with us, and that he is proudly serving our country.

Love my Army Wife Life!!


Kristina P. said...

I guess I need to be more grateful in my life!

We Swim Up Stream said...

I know exactly how you feel. Its like people never seen two year olds. You are doing great and they need to shove it! I am so beyond happy for you to have yiur hubby home! I know how you feel about thay too! Its great to get to know them all over again. Well, in our case living together again. Its a good feeling knowing they are coming home after work each day! I love having so much in common with you and my friends. Now I have a better understanding of what you go threw with separation and having kiddos. Hope you have a great day and know you are not alone! :) hugs

Mary said...

Not trying to make anyone feel guilty! When things get crazy, and I get discouraged, it helps me to find the little things that make my life wonderful!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs!!!! You're doing so great Mary, even though you don't even realize it! Love your face!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

This made me smile and be so happy for you! :)


This made me be a little more aware of young mothers with children...and the extra hand they could use. Thanks for the awakening this morning. My son-in-law is home from Afghanistan as of yesterday....first baby is due in I am thankful that the sand in their house is from Florida....and not Afghanistan anymore. I am glad he will be home to experience the birth of his first daughter Amelia.