Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

With the new addition of my boys, it was only a matter of time before I had to accept that things were changing, and I must welcome and bid farewell to many things in my life.

Hello Motherhood! Holy crap, I'm responsible for 2 tiny people...and myself!

Hello to "mommy belly" and all the saggy scarred skin that graces my mid-section. I know I've never had a model quality figure, but by welcoming this I can also begin to welcome in my "body I deserve" savings account to eventually put back everything where it belongs.

Hello again, caffeine! I hope you don't hold our 9 month absence against me...oh how I've missed you :o) And, I discovered a new RockStar drink that might be my new favorite, uncarbonated Lemonade (only 20 calories a can)!

Goodbye silence, because as soon as one of the boys is content he sends a sibliminal message to the other causing him to scream.

Goodbye sleep. We used to be good friends, before Nursing School and this pregnancy, but I'm sure we'll meet again soon...possibly in about 18 yrs.

Goodbye food...not because I don't seem to have time to eat, but because Koa has become a chow thief and so far has eaten over half of a bowl of spaghetti & a waffle as soon as I left the area. I told Eric to have a talk with Koa about what they do to chow theives in Ranger School, but I don't think he got the message.

Goodbye sanity, which was more than apparent when I referred to the boys as "Cooter" and "Carper."


My adorable birth announcements arrived today!! So, all my family and friends that read, and don't comment, send me your addresses to: way2cool2bcocky (at) gmail (dot) com, so you can increase the beauty of your refrigerators with the cuteness of my boys. (that was almost too sicky sweet to type, let alone read)


Kristina P. said...

I hope you post those announcements!

And congrats and meeting caffeine again.

Just SO said...

Yeah you lose a lot of things when you dive into motherhood... I hope you post the announcements too!

Cheeseboy said...

That Rockstar sounds and looks really good. I'll have to lay down the $2.50 for one sometime.

Wendyburd1 said...

Oh I hope you post the announecements too! And that is UNcarbonated you say? I can DRINK UNCARBONATED!! Oh wait, how much sugar though?


FAbulous post. I loved it. Your wit started off my day with a smile. PS...I want one of those announcements.

Vic and Al said...

Love this post! You are funny. I am trying out a new thing from Mederma called stretch mark therapy for my belly. Mine are "old" stretch marks but it may work better for you. You should try it!
Anyway, wish I could hold those little guys!

Queenie Jeannie said...

If you don't have my addy still, lemme know!