Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The thrill is gone

Dear Bangs,

Let's face it, we had a good run. We tried to make it work for 10 weeks and this isn't our first go around either, remember elementary, middle school, and 9th grade?? I think I put in more than enough effort, but the end result is lacking. So, I bid ado because I'm sick of pinning you down, straightening, curling, and brushing you aside. Let's end this on a good note and not place blame...because after all, Eric is the one that suggested we team up again.



I now know why it is so important to change out of you pajamas each day. It is vital to my survival to get my shower, blow dry my hair, and put on something that isn't covered in spit up. It is my time to feel pretty, even if it only happens once the boys have gone down for the night, and I sacrifice sleep to do it. I've experienced both sides of the weight spectrum, and there are two things that make you feel pretty matter what the label of your jeans says...hair and shoes.

I used to always have long hair, but when I lost weight a few years ago I decided that my face was no longer too fat to have short hair. I really love my current length, and going the extra mile every once in awhile to straighten & curl my hair has always brightened up my day.

Eric constantly teases me about how many shoes I own, but I point out that I only buy about 3 pairs a year, which is the same amount he buys. Is it really my fault that my shoes last longer?? I have shoes that are over 10 years old (gotta love Dr. Martens!) and they are still wearable with current fashions (if you don't think so, don't tell me b/c they work for me!). And, now that all the swelling is gone in my feet, and my skin has tightened up I was able to put my toe rings back on yesterday! I got them when I lived in HI, and they are fitted, and I'm glad I had the insight to take them off before the swelling started.

So, if you're feeling down, go get your hair done or buy a cute pair of shoes...because you're worth it!



Here! Here! A good do, a cute pair of shoes, or a mani and pedi in my world can work wonders. Shoe therapy is probably the best one for me. Nothing like a pair of yellow boxes to make me smile. I too have some shoes that are way old....thank goodness for BASS loafers and Birkenstocks. I have one pair that I just threw out the other day (during packing to move mode)...that I wore as a freshman in college. That was 35 years ago...I have had them resoled countless times. Good shoes last a lifetime. :-) Have a good week.

Kristina P. said...

This is great advice! I didn't get out of my jammies yesterday. :(

Jessica said...

Amen sister! When I want to feel dressed up I put on heels. Doesn't matter if they are low (bearable) heels, it makes me feel sexier.

Oh, and showering is critical for my day. I don't care if it means the kids are screaming for 15 minutes while I do it. It won't kill them and my shower WILL happen. Because otherwise I feel nasty, tired, and irritable.

Missy said...

I agree! Shoes can bring me out of the blues anytime! I hate bangs and cannot wait for my to grow!

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't care about shoes for me. But I love getting shoes for my daughter. I'm weird.