Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick update

For all my dedicated readers...all three of you...okay, just Mom...I'm on vacation in Tennessee, aka the middle of nowhere. The boys tolerated the trip without too many freak outs, and when we pulled over to change the boys on the trunk of the car (b/c it seems like no one has changing tables in bathrooms anymore) I was in the drivers seat when I look out my window and see Eric holding Carter's face up against my window yelling, "window licker, window licker!" You remember that weird kid on the school bus that would always push his face on the window and sometimes sneak a lick? I guess Eric is just reliving some of his most memorable childhood moments :o)

I catch up on blogs next week, and hopefully have some cute pictures to share too...of the boys, not me!


Jessica G. said...

"window licker"

Mary said...

everytime I think about it I laugh!!!

Danielle said...

Hehe, you made my day with the window licker visual! I laughed and laughed! You really must take a picture of it for all of us!

WhisperingWriter said...

Window licker. Ha!


The window licker visual was a hoot. We had one when I was in high school. He was weird...but always good for a laugh. He is a Supreme Court Justice somewhere up north. I have an award for you over on my post today so be sure and get it when you get home.

Grandma Arnold said...

didn't know you were going to Tennessee. Whats up?

Mary said...

we were all supposed to go to Nashville for the week of Memorial Day, but the flooding cancelled our reservations, and this is the only time off Eric has before he leaves for OCS. So, we had to use our timeshare points, and this was the only resort with open reservations within driving distance. We are just taking it day by day and relaxing!

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