Friday, December 18, 2009

Is IMAX or 3-D really worth it?

Eric seems to be obsessed with IMAX & 3-D movies, so when he heard about 'Avatar,' thats being released today and available in both, he was over joyed! That is until he discovered the nearest IMAX theater was in Tallahassee (over 2 hrs away), but was still planning to make the drive because he is convinced it's worth it!

Is this the male obsessed phallic-extension syndrome like cars/trucks, guns, electronics, or is the 'experience' really worth it?

I say no. I have seen a few movies in IMAX, 3-D, and a combination of the two, and I just don't see why it's so awesome. Now, I did enjoy seeing an IMAX presentation about sea life while we were at Disney (I think), but not enough that I would make a 2 hour drive to see it again!

Alas, I convinced him NOT to make the drive and agreed to go see the first showing today in 3-D and then we are headed on base for an OB check up on the twins.

**Only 3 days til we leave for NC!! Michelle, can you handle it?!


Michelle said...

He decided not to wait until Christmas day, huh? lol. Mike was hoping they would be showing it here so they could go see it, but it's not. At least not any time soon.

Oh, I can handle it. The question is...can you? Bwaaaahahaha. My kids might actually drive you crazy by the end. And Koa might be traumatized. lol.

Kristina P. said...

I don't like 3-D but I don't mind IMAX.

Mrs. Jacqueline said...

Let the poor guy see his IMAX LOL!

I saw the new Star Trek movie in IMAX and it was soooo coooool! *drools*

Maybe I've been around the guys too long :D

Jessica said...

I'm with you - not worth it. They few times we have spent the extra money on it, it ends up scaring BG and she refused to wear the glasses. It also gives me a headache after a while.

Missy said...

It is a man thing! The men in this house are so excited! 3-D tends to give me a headache!

Wendyburd1 said...

I have never gotten to SEE anything in IMAX, I want to though.

3-D is just stupid, it makes my eyes water and I feel cross-eyed. Unless it is for a ride or something, I say SKIP it. Okay Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D was cute, but Nightmare Before Christmas was NOT!

Queenie Jeannie said...

There are some "big screen" movies that are worth it. Sorry, but I'm with your husband on this one!!

Enjoy your trip, stay SAFE!!!, and rest a lot!! I hope Santa is great to you!!!!