Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My baby shower!!

So I know everyone has been DYING to see pix from my shower, so brace yourself because I am seriously one hot mama ;o)

Vanessa made me pose by her amazing spread of goodies...she did a sweets theme, and it was AMAZING!! (if you look closely you can see the sock monkeys her MIL made for the twins, in their matching camo vests & hats!)

striking a pose

baby food game (Gina & Sonya)

Molly & me (it was a really bad one!)

Amber & Desiree

Me, dog-Molly, Vanessa, & Jayden

my neighbors Kayla & Kendra

Guess what candy bar is in the diaper...I didn't really lick it!

Guess how many toilet paper squares it takes to fit around my belly...everyone guessed way higher than it really was

Ornament from Gina & Terry (my FL parents) was says "parents to be, 2009"

my "RAWR" face b/c the onesies were jungle themed

Some great Pooh stuff from Amber & Gina

Kelsey taking notes

Blankets from Kelsey & Jake that say "got milk"

adorable onesie


Aloha onesies from Vanessa

handmade plush/satin blankets from Molly...don't you love the camo!!!

This is from fellow blogger Jeannie, these are what I would call deployment dolls. You put a picture of your service members face in them, so they won't forget what they look like....a must for any Army brat!

a Boppy from Amber & Gina!!!

And, Vanessa & Kelsey got me this Pooh carseat, one down & one to go!!!

And, Sonya wrote down everything I said while I was opening presents, then read it as what was said the night the twins were conceived:
'that's so cute'
'i like it'
'oh yeah'
'i love the blue'
'i love blue'
'it says remove before you try me'
'noise makers'
'thank you so much'
'like, how dare you'
'oh my gosh'
'holy crap'
'thank you so much-oh my goodness'
'that's not a bad thing'
'isn't that adorable'
'thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you'
'are we done?'
-this produced the most laughes of the night! Sonya also gave me the amazing gift of a photo session with the twins, once they are born!

I didn't post pics of everything I received because that would take forever, but I am set on clothes for the first three months (check out my facebook page for more pics)! I had a great time am so thankful for everyone that came & especially Vanessa & Kelsey for throwing it all together, and Desiree for helping them!


Michelle Fry said...

You look great... you said you were getting pretty fat, but I thing you look great for having twins! I think I was that big with ONE at 25 weeks! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

It looks so fun! I love throwing showers. I am doing a baby shower for my friend next month, and we are also doing a dessert buffet.

Michelle said...

Looks like she did an amazing job. That food seriously looks AWESOME!!!! And you are on hot mama!! :)

Jessica G. said...

WOW! Looks fabulous! But I had to roll my eyes when saw the poopy diaper game...ugh! Hated that one! :)

blueviolet said...

It just looks like it was really a great time!!! Cute gifts!

Wendyburd1 said...

Adorable!! And looks so fun and yummy...diapers...lol!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Beautiful!!! You, the party, everything!!! So glad you liked my gift! The dolls are from Thomas!