Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WARNING: Mad Skilz Ahead

So we've been working A LOT on getting the outside of the house looking good so we can post a picture for the listing. We have 3, yes THREE, full grown oak trees on our property, which makes for a lot of leaves.

We invested in a leaf blower awhile ago, which made Eric's job easy...but somehow I ended up having to pick up all the leaves (he's having pretty bad sciatic pain...which I can totally relate I wanted to do my part). He also pressure washed the outside of the house & it looks ten times better!

Here's the pile of bags that I had the pleasure of least what I could get done during nap time & when Eric got home from work!

I also trimmed the bushes by the front door, pulled weeds, laid the edging & planted flowers. For those that have been to my house in the last six months, you know what an undertaking this was! The pile of limbs that I took off the bushes was bigger than what was left! These bushes were literally touching our rain gutters before I began!

Then it was off to the backyard where decided to plan azaleas along the back fence line because there was NOTHING there...and it only gets indirect sunlight.

And, with the help of Miss Molly, who I ran into while shopping at Lowe's, I picked these hanging baskets to put in this corner.

So, my lack of blogging hasn't been because I didn't want to!! We've got a lot still left to do before I leave in less than two weeks.


Kristina P. said...

Looks so good!

Cheeseboy said...

Azaleas are nice. The fact you know how to spell it correctly is nice too. I just copied and pasted yours.

Great job. Looks good.

Annette said...

The house and yard look amazing Mary! You both did a great job! I love you guys and miss you terribly! Hugs and kisses for Cooper and Carter!!! XOXO

Jillene said...

It looks great!! I feel you on the leaves--well--sort of. We have 3 giant pine trees in our front yard so it's pine needles for us. They are a pain in the butt!!


It looks awesome girl! You guys did a great job.