Saturday, July 10, 2010

How I'm scarring my children for life

I started laughing hysterically when Carter was sucking on his hands so hard that he gagged himself and milk not only came out his mouth, but was shooting out of his nose.

Cooper has such a pretty face, and I've imagined putting a headband with one of those giant bows/flowers and seeing if anyone would be able to tell that he was a boy.

I have been accidentally continuing to call Carter a window licker.

I laughed when Eric was flapping Carter's ears like dumbo and flying him around the living room.

I've given the boys nicknames from characters from Mario Brothers and South Park.

I subject them to the Glee Soundtrack all once a day. And...I sing along and it makes the boys laugh at me smile!!

I don't hold the boys to get them to sleep. I don't have enough arms, and I figure that if they are tired enough, they'll fall asleep without being held.

I let Koa sleep in bed with me, but not the boys.

BUT, I did refuse to let Eric give the boys a high and tight haircut...I told him he had to wait till they were at least 6 mo :o) I should get some points for that, right?


Cheeseboy said...

Those are some cute kids. You have a nice voice. Do they do that for every song, or just True Colors?

Jen said...

Ugh. How do you even get them to sleep without holding them? I would love to know that secret.

Missy said...

OMG!!! They are just TOO cute! Was that you singing?

Kristina P. said...

YOu have a beautiful voice! They are both so cute.

Mary said...

Cheeseboy, they act like that to any song, as long as I'm singing

Missy, yes, that's me :o)

Keith and Chimge said...

Mary, you are a great mommy - need to learn some tricks from you before my due date - coming up too soon.

Yes, I told Keith he can't give my boy a high-n-tight either. But, I said until he is accountable to decide for himself. :-)

Annette said...

Mary, I love you so much! My two grandsons are amazing and so are their parents! Loved the video, keep them coming since it is the only way I can see them live sometimes. Kiss them for me and tell them grandma Salmond loves them.

Crazy Charm said...

You have such a beautiful voice and your boys are loving it! Too cute :)

Chris and Lara Stafford said...

Purty voice, girl. I remember when I put Anna to bed and came right back out to the living room when she was a baby - my friend's jaw came unhinged, she couldn't believe a baby could go to sleep without being rocked or held. All my kids slept through the night, by 2 months, without being held or rocked. It's amazing what they will do...if you just let them!
PS The boys are SO flippin' cute! :)

Erin said...

My boys know all of the words to the Glee Soundtrack. Including the ones to "Thong Song" and "Bust a Move." Yikes.

Funny post!