Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Amazed by You

9 years ago I married My Sexy Beast. It all started the December of 2000 when I noticed a freakishly tall dude at FHE, and was intrigued. He also had a military haircut, which rendered me helpless. My friend that was VERY forward said, "come with me to talk to that guy, he's really cute!" So I did, found out a little about him and nothing more.

Then at a dance that next week they called me up to the DJ's table (where Eric happened to be hanging out) b/c they wanted help picking music to line dance to. I gave them some input and commented that they shouldn't play so many slow songs b/c I was sick of standing around and not dancing. So, that next slow song Eric hopped down from the stage and asked me to dance. We chatted, then after we went out with his cousin and my friend "Rich" (real name: Cindy) to Shari's (like a Denny's but 10x better!!!). We had a great time talking and just hanging out.

Then at the Christmas service Eric sat with me. We talked back and forth for the next few weeks...seeing as he was in Ranger Bn at the time, he was gone a lot!

On Jan 13, 2001 we had our first date. We went to see "Finding Forrester" and it was lame, but I remember how cool it was that when he opened a door for me I literally could walk right under his arm. Height has always been sexy to me.

The there was yet another church dance, but this time Eric ignored me, and asked pretty much everyone else to dance but me. I was furious! So, once I got home I called him and said, "Hey, it's Mary. I thought I made my intentions fairly clear...if not, I like you. Just curious where you stand." (bold right!!) He went on to say how he had just gotten out of a long relationship before me met me and was just looking for friendship. I said okay, but was really hurt. But, thought, okay...let's be friends. I kept my options open and started talking to other guys.

He was out of town for about 10 days, and as leaving my Astronomy class that night I had a voicemail from him. I didn't call him back. The next morning as I was walking to class he called me. I was cordial, but stated that it was cold outside and that is the only place I get reception, so I'd have to call him later. And...I didn't.

I went over to my friends house that afternoon after class as we planned on what we were going to wear to the dance that night when Eric called me. We talked for about 2 hrs, and he asked if I was planning on going to the dance that night. I told him that one of the guys from the singles branch was coming over and we were all going to ride with him to the dance (it was about an hour north). He asked if he could follow us. This surprised me seeing as he was already 30 min north of us, and would be seriously back tracking, but I told him he was welcome to come.

I was determined to look extra cute that night. I curled my hair, put on make up (which I still rarely do) and put on my favorite shirt. When I was done getting ready he was already at my house (my house pretty much had a revolving door for everyone's friends). I said we were all riding with Daniel, but he asked if I would ride with him. I cleared this with my friends, and hopped into his car.

The entire ride I talked with him like I would one of my girlfriends. I told embarrassing stories about my childhood (and teenage years) as did he, and we laughed and listened to country music the whole way.

About 2 min before we reached the church (where the dance was held) Eric says, "Oh, and by the way, I really do like you." I was in SHOCK!! I was rendered speechless and just sat there until the car came to a stop. I hopped out and ran over to my friends and we ran to the bathroom to discuss what just happened (typing this I'm thinking about how stupid all teenage girls act).

I danced mainly with Eric that night, about an hr after being there he wanted to leave, so we headed back to my house. We sat on my couch, watched TV and had our first kiss at my door as he was leaving. (Feb 2nd, BTW)

Eric spent almost every weekend he was home at my house. In March he told me he loved me, and I literally had an asthma attack! We laugh about this now all the time.

In April we were sitting in my room talking about where we thought our relationship was headed, when we hear my little sister through the wall singing:
"Meet me at the altar in your white dress
We ain't getting no younger, we might as well do it
Been feeling you all the while girl I must confess
Girl let's just get married, I just wanna get married." (Let's Get Married by Jagged Edge)

We both started laughing hysterically. We continued to talk about it over the phone as he left soon after for a school in GA for 6 weeks. And, while he was gone we decided to get married.

I set everything up on my end, picked out invitations, a dress, flowers, cake. And continued to tease him that eventually I would need a ring. Because of his ever changing schedule I had less than two months to plan everything. I went ring "browsing" with a mutual friend of ours and anxiously awaited his return on June 5th (one month before the wedding).

He called me the day before he was coming home and said his mom wanted to come to the airport with me to get him, and he was picking me up some flowers. I thought, whatever, okay. Then when I arrived at his parent's house EVERYONE wanted to come with us. I was quite annoyed (in my defense, I had all four wisdom teeth extracted the week before, I was still swollen and bruised badly, and smelled like clove oil b/c they had to pack the massive holes in my jaw with gauze soaked in Tylenol and clove was great!). So, we all waited at Gate B5 at SeaTac Airport waiting for his arrival from Atlanta. I sat down and was content. When people started getting off the plane his family kept saying, "aren't you going to greet him?" to which I replied, "I can greet him from here just as much as I can from up there." (can you tell I wasn't in the mood to share my greeting?)

There was a big group of people congregating around the exit talking with their families, and Eric must have been the very last person to get off the plane. He finally appeared and his little sister ran up to him and gave him a big hug. I Then walked up and gave him a hug and a kiss, then turned to leave. He grabbed my hand and when I turned around he was down on one knee. I was shocked. He pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes and he put the ring on my finger. Then everyone started clapping. I guess everyone figured that a guy carrying flowers on a plane meant something special and decided to stick around to see what was going to happen.

A few minutes later I looked at the ring and was shocked because it was the one I had pointed out to one of our friends when we went browsing. She called Eric and told him he had to buy this specific ring, so he sent her a check to buy it, she mailed it to him in GA (which arrived the day before he left), and so he could propose as soon as he got off the plane.

We were married a month later in the Seattle Temple, and have shared the past 9 years together. We've had our trials, separations due to deployments and schools, and grown together into the amazing couple we are today.

Lonestar's song "Amazed" was very popular when we were dating....and I am truly amazed by my Sexy Beast's ability to make me smile, comfort me, and make my life whole. Happy Anniversary baby!


Kristina P. said...

What an amazing story, Mary! You must have gotten married at 14. :)

Mary said...

Kristina, was 10 days after my 19th birthday :o)

Jessica said...

What a great story!! I'm a sucker for marriage stories. Congrats on your anniversary!

Cheeseboy said...

What a terrific couple you make. Great story. And the "I love you" induced asthma attack made me laugh.

Missy said...

I LOVE this story! Nothing better than a love story! P.S. Can those babies get any cuter?

Grandma Arnold said...


WhisperingWriter said...

What a sweet story!


Happy Anniversary to you both. What an amazing story. I loved sharing each moment with you.

Jen said...

Happy anniversary! You made me ponder my own story with Brit. We just had our anniversary on the 30th. Hope you guys had a great day and had a chance to get away from the kids for a bit!

Annette said...

I Love you two! Happy Anniversary. By the way, thanks, I had never heard the whole story, it was great!

Elizabeth said...

I loved this story I am such a sap for a love story. When I read about the proposal I teared up.