Thursday, January 1, 2009

We'll call it an improvement!

Did you know that NO salons are open today...NONE!!! I had no other option but to consult my sister, and she suggested I go with a dark brown. So I headed off to Wally World and stared frantically at all the brands and all the I called her back, got a suggested brand...and she said to go dark brown. But, when I looked at the box it was "not suggested" to take light brown to dark brown...and since my hair was kind of orange, I went with a medium brown in hopes it would cover my horrible mistake.

Not too bad, but I still have a weird lighter spot where the initial blond stopped...but I am not screwing with it anymore. I will get it professionally done from now on.

My hair is something I have always obsessed over...probably b/c it is on the one part of my body that is easily modified to my preference. Such is life.

Crisis dealt with...w/o tears...and I think the end product is do-able

*Don't you love my cheesy super-grin*


Queenie Jeannie said...

Love it!

Now come back and VOTE PLEASE!! Pick a pair of earrings you wish the vendor would donate - ok??


Kristina P. said...

It looks good!!

the letter Bee said...

CUTE!!! I love it!

Michelle said...

Much better. lol.

Jillene said...

LOVE LOVE the color and the cheesy grin!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it works, from a fellow hair enthusiast.

Plus the cheest grin really is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks fantastic! And your hair in your wedding photo reminds me of how my hair was in my wedding photo! So cute--not me, you!