Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Only 5 short months ago...

...I started blogging here, and now I am at my 100th post. Wow, thanks for trudging through the trenches with me as I learn more about blogger, and its etiquette ;o) I know everyone loves to do giveaways, but I don't...sorry!

So, like my 50th post, here is 100 random things about me.

1. Even though I like to make people laugh, I don't think I am very funny, or even witty.

2. When it comes to work or school I must be OCD organized, but my house is always messy.

3. I don't want to be a full time stay at home mom. Some people call me selfish, but I think everyone is different, therefore everyone's desires can't all be the same.

4. I applaud stay at home moms! You are amazing, your patience & dedication is something I will always envy.

5. I played soccer from the age of 10-17.

6. I always preferred playing rec vs school soccer b/c less was expected of me & I would be less likely to fail or let anyone down.

7. I treat my dog like he is my child. I hold him like a baby, talk baby talk to him, and would keep him dressed up if he didn't fight me so hard.

8. When my dog, Tyler, died this summer I was almost inconsolable...but when I was talking with the vet about my concerns that I could have done more, she said that she wants to come back as one of my pets in her next life. This brought me more solace than she will ever know!

9. I decided to become a vegetarian b/c of my genuine concern for animal life...I really do want to help save the polar bears!

10. When it comes to meeting new people in a group, I always seem to hang out with the guys & carry on a conversation easier with them then with the women folk.

11. I am in love with my new duplex printer, and I don't know how I functioned all these years without it.

12. I too often make stupid snap judgements of others, BUT I love it when they prove me wrong.

13. I hate it when my husband plays devil's advocate all the time.

14. I am terrified and excited for July 21, 2010 when we part ways with the Army

15. I am very critical of myself, and therefore my own worst enemy.

16. Sarcasm is my best friend!

17. When dealing with most of the elderly during my rotations I continue to ask myself, "why delay the inevitable?"

18. B/c of #17, I am getting a living will with specific instructions on what kinds of medical interventions I want done under certain circumstances. If you have never talked with your loved ones about this, please do!!!!!

19. I am addicted to Guitar Hero b/c it's the only thing I can beat Eric at!

20. I truly think Eric looks hot in his Ranger panties

21. I love to sing, but not in public

22. I love to dance no matter who is watching ;o)

23. I didn't start listening to country music until I met Eric....which is when he started listening to R&B

24. Nursing School is the hardest academic journey of my life

25. I didn't really study until I entered college

26. One of my biggest references is b/c I hate to misspell words!

27. I threw a birthday party for Koa's 1st/Tyler's 2nd birthday, with all their doggy friends from the neighborhood...and a special sweet potatoe doggy cake

28. I admire people that play instruments b/c I could never seem to master the piano without messing up a lot (even with a good amount of practice time)

29. I have already decided that perfection is impossible, so I embrace my flaws

30. I can't take my morning handful of pills with plain water or I will gag/vomit...and even with juice/soda/smoothie, sometimes I still can't keep them down!

31. Eric really wants to move to Utah if given the chance, but I fear I would never make it through the winter

32. I have lived in Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Carolina, Washington, Hawaii, and Florida. Hawaii was by far my favorite!!!

33. I hope to make a trip to Australia someday

34. I have no desire to ever visit Mexico, South America, Central America, or any third world country. If I have to worry about the water, I don't want to be there!

35. I am a germ-o-phobe ever since growing bacteria from the bottom of my shoe, bathroom stall, & my mouth in Microbiology

36. I am terrified of catching germs, viruses, & disease from clients I take care of

37. I don't know if I would be able to hold myself back if I was ever "goosed" by a client under my care...I keep thinking about how I could spin it as self-defence...

38. I can't wait to graduate, but I'm terrified about how much I won't know!!

39. I really enjoy getting different perspectives of a long as it is understood that everyone doesn't have to agree.

40. I continue to change my mind on whether I want to settle down in one area, or continue to move every few years.

41. I have never been in a major motor vehicle accident

42. When I was 10 I was riding my bike & hit my friend while she was walking across the street. To this day, all I remember is seeing her about 30 ft away, then the blood stinging my eyes when I opened them & was face down on the concrete

43. I still don't wear a bike helmet, but I always wear my motorcycle helmet, jacket, & gloves

44. I loved having a motorcycle

45. I love scuba diving, even though I am 50% thrilled & 50% terrified

46. The only reason I got certified to dive & licensed to ride a motorcycle was b/c Eric did, and we are just that competitive

47. I did most of the initial pursuing in mine & Eric's relationship, until he decided he just wanted to be friends...which lasted a very short time & then he decided that he didn't want me to see other guys

48. I am excited & terrified to one day expand my family

49. I love mental health & continue to consider it as a future career

50. I realize now how naive and rude I was as a teenager & younger adult, and am thankful for the experiences & people I have met along the way

51. My Blackberry is attached to my hip

52. I am amazed that kids under the age of 10 have cell phones when I didn't get my first one until I was 18!

53. I think the most strenuous sport I ever participated in was Swim Team, and it also kept me in the best shape

54. I would rather try skydiving before I tried bungee jumping, b/c somehow I think it's safer

55. I don't think I will ride a motorcycle after I have kids

56. People that slow down to stare at accidents drive me crazy

57. My first & only speeding ticket was here in Florida 2 years ago, I was driving 70 in a 45...but the officer lowered it to 54 in a 45.

58. While in Hawaii I got our Honda CBR 954RR up to 110mph on H2

59. I love the color blue, all shades of it

60. I don't like pink, it is just a little too girlie for me...but I recently ordered 2 shirts that looked more red online, but ended up being more pink

61. I dress very plainly, partially b/c of cost, but mostly out of laziness

62. I really want to start ordering scrub tops now, but fear that I would be jumping the gun and jinxing myself

63. As an adult, I now realize that there are some people that you just can't get along with...and I think these people should stay home

64. Since turning 26, I am starting to feel old (I know this may upset some of you...but it isn't intended to)

65. I just very recently joined Facebook, and it is so much easier than MySpace!

66. I can't wait to start saving for my "body I truly deserve" fund. (after losing 95lbs, the extra skin makes me gag!)

67. I never knew how many people blogged until I started blogging on Blogger

68. I already have the names picked out for my future boy & girl: Cooper Amos (middle name is for Eric's solder that died in Iraq) & Mackenzie Lorelai

69. I am terrified that Eric will slip in the middle names of King & Pink (since our last name is pronounced salmon) for our future kids, without my knowledge

70. While I joke constantly about being cocky & confident, I am super insecure!!

71. I hate cooking, but I love baking b/c I get to make pretty things...and b/c of my sweet tooth

72. My feet are numb for the majority of everyday, which is why I have a surplus of warm socks & blankets

73. You couldn't pay me to go back to High School

74. I almost shaved my head once for $50, I seriously considered it ;o)

75. I truly believe that my life has been better off b/c of the wonderful angels in furry coats that have surrounded me

76. I love my Wii Fit, even if I don't do it near enough, I rock @ Super Hoops!

77. I was very involved with Eric's unit's Family Readiness Group in Hawaii & FL b/c my first experience @ Ft. Lewis was so bad...I knew the only way to make a difference was to get involved

78. Even though there is a slim chance of Eric getting deployed before he gets out, when I think about him possibly deploying I start to cry

79. I still remember when my older sister would threaten to wipe her boogers on me if I didn't tickle her feet...maybe this is why I have such a hard time with respiratory secretions??

80. I love that I can still call my siblings by our stupid childhood nicknames for each other, without anyone getting angry (Kiss-a-poo, Miguel/Brahmen, Catispena)

81. I love to sing but would never try out for American Idol b/c I know I am not that good no matter who told me I was...some of those people are so delusional!

82. Eventually I would like to live in a semi-rural area. The only thing I like about big cities is the variety in shopping

83. I have been described as "abrasive" by one of my classmates. At first I was shocked, but everyone is entitled to their perspective & observations

84. I learned so much about plants & landscaping while working in the Garden Center @ Lowe's for almost 4 years...but you wouldn't know this looking at my yard!

85. I once had a man stand over me & watch while I loaded 21 bags of 80lb Portland cement into his truck b/c he hurt his pinky earlier that day

86. I don't trust people, especially people I don't know

87. Nursing School has made me lose a little faith in the medical profession as a whole

88. I really want to work in Labor & Delivery partially b/c of how much I enjoyed it, but mainly b/c I am sick of wiping butts on a Medical-Surgical floor!

89. I wish I was more imaginative when it came to crafts

90. Right now, I would much rather work with the laboring mothers than the newborns

91. I learned Sign Language in HS and have been able to use it many times since!

92. I don't like getting a pedicure from a salon when I am the only one speaking English

93. When I go to a store that the employees have name tags, I like to call people by their first always seems to grab their undivided attention

94. Eric & I have the same initials, but in a different order

95. I rarely find women named Mary under the age of 50

96. I feel grossly inadequate to teach Sunday School, especially to High Schoolers!

97. I used to enjoy proofreading...but Eric's classes are starting to take a toll on my poor little brain

98. I was spanked without my parents knowledge in 1st grade...I still don't like Mrs. Bailey!

99. I wish I was smart enough to be on Jeopardy

100. I love reality shows, but mainly the shows with a real competition...I think Big Brother is stupid.

*There you have it...more about me than you probably ever wanted to know ;o)


Stesha said...

Happy 100th!

Hugs and Mocha,

Kristina P. said...

I had no idea you had a motorcycle! Hot mama!

The Stemkoski's said...

I'm so with you on the skydiving over bungee jumping Mary. In MY mind, they are SOOOO different! :)

So said...

That was a fun read! And I just saw your picture of Tyler in you sidebar. My mom and dad had a similar dog that they loved. He is adorable!

Missy said...

Wow, we have so many things in common! I started writing them down, but thought hell, this is the younger, much younger, me!

Jessica said...

It's so fun getting to know you a little better. My husband is not even in the military and I get upset thinking about a possible deployment. You are one brave woman!

Braden said...

Wow! I just got tagged on facebook to write 25 things about me and have a hard time coming up with that. I'm not sure I could do 100.

Besides, I'm coming up on 250 posts on my blog. I think by the end, I would be saying "I have always been homosapien" and "I have hair" and "I often breathe oxygen."

My spell-checker is having a hard time with homosapien. It wants to suggest homosexual instead. That is most certainly NOT one of the interesting things about me.

Erin said...

You couldn't pay me to go back to high school either. And I'm with you on Guitar Hero! I can beat my husband at that game.

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun to read all of that. It sounds like you're gradually fine-tuning what your career will be and that's a good thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to be a full-time mom. You'll be a better mom because you know that up front.
You don't trust strangers? How come you trusted me? (which reminds me I'm at the point where he's home for the funeral but hasn't seen Rain yet and they just found the letters.) I'm enjoying it so much.

Wendyburd1 said...

Love Sarcasm!!LOL! I wanna go to Australia too, I have fam i have never met there!! I am a germophobe too and am now especially afraid of anything that carries it (or them)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I can't believe you could think of 100 things! This was really cool and I like knowing you better.

*snort* Ranger panties....

Momma Sarah said...

Hmmm, I think I knew 90 of those already! It's because I'm the cool sis-in-law... don't tell Michelle! he he!!