Friday, September 12, 2008

Best GNO movie ever!!!

Ever since I saw the first preview I couldn't wait to see this movie. I made my other Nursing buddies take a break from studying and enjoy a fun night with the girls!

We had all heard mixed reviews about this flick, but when I saw the premier coverage I was even more intrigued. It seems that all of these talented women did this movie to drive home the fact that there aren't many female roles to choose from...AND they did the entire movie without a male role! I knew this going in, but all my friends commented about how great it was without any male roles.

The theater was filled with huge groups of women coming to see this movie together...and it didn't disappoint. I was laughing out loud throughout this movie and thought all of these women did an amazing job! If your sweetie enjoys chick flicks take him along...but beware that he will probably be the only male in the audience!

It was a great story line without profanity...but for those prudes in the audience...there is one episode with marijuana (about 1 min) and Jada Pinket Smith plays a lesbian. If those factors will consume you with disgust, don't go see it, but just my opinion....great movie and the best chick flick I have seen all year!


Brittany said...

What is it about the Fall that makes me want to see a Meg Ryan movie? Yesterday I watched the TV version of When Harry Met Sally. Now I want to see You've Got Mail. She's so cute.

Mary said...

I am looking forward to autumn...but honestly, only for the cute clothes.
It was nice to drive to and from the hospital with the windows down, without sweating.