Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mommy, wow...I'm a big (nursing student) now!!

Yesterday was my first day back at clinicals since my 3 weeks off between semesters, and successfully passing my skills (IV Push, blood admin, & central line access & dressing change). I was kind of nervous when I picked up my client assignment Monday, but once I stepped in the client's room I was ready to rock!

I haven't had much success with body elimination in the previous instructor always laughed when I would start dry-heaving. But yesterday I made huge strides! I was able to handle many situations and smells that I had previously gagged over, and I think I am seeing patient care in a new light.

I still struggle with my emotions though...and I think it will take me awhile to get over that. I almost cried yesterday when the client was expressing concern to their caregiver over possibly going to a nursing home b/c they were concerned over the strain they were putting on the caregiver. The caregiver felt horrible b/c the client ended up in the hospital, but it was the right place they needed to be to get the right meds for recovery. I tried to reinforce to the caregiver that they did everything within their means to care for the client...and not to feel guilty...but who wouldn't? I spoke with the nurse about possible community programs for the client & caregiver for some kind of home assistance, so she put in a request for the care manager to give them information. I know there is a need for nursing homes, but I just didn't feel like either person would benefit from a move to that environment...not yet.

I hope to be able to find the balance of caring & being too emotional. Seeing as I cry at most sad movies/TV may take awhile. And, in saying that, I never want to be in an environment that changes my level of compassion. I just want it all, huh?!

Oh, big news, well, not really, but kinda. I got my diploma for my AA today. I know, just an AA...but you have to start somewhere. And, I had enough credits for it, so why not?


Brittany said...

Wow, cool! Congratulations!

Once I fainted while getting my blood pressure taken. I don't think nursing is in the cards for me.

Mary said...

the funny thing of the other students hates needles. I asked her how she feels comfortable sticking other people, when she can't stand to get shots or give blood. She had no reply. Wouldn't you think that you wouldn't be able to handle either?
Eric has no problem with open wounds in person, but can't watch them on TV...I think that is really weird!

Gillie said...

Your blog makes me smile b/c I remember so well what nursing school was like. Was it really 10 years ago? Anyway, I work with babies now, so the messes and body fluids are in much smaller proportions, but here's a tip that I wish I had known in school- carry carmex or vicks 44 in your pocket. a little smear under the nose will help if you have to take care of an open necrotic wound or a GI bleed. As for the rest, hang in there. Someday you'll graduate and realize that for all the time you spent in school, you pretty much know nothing ;-)!

Mary said...

I had to deal with a necrotic skin tear this week...and had to spend 10 minutes moistening the una-boot just to get the old dressing off. It's always great when you have to redress a wound and the green exudate is showing after you unwrap the first layer.

Thanks for the tip...I am definately going to use that one! The smells are what I have the hardest time with.