Saturday, September 13, 2008


10 yrs. ago I...

1. was 16 and knew everything
2. was still recovering from a broken rt. clavicle
3. didn't have my driver's license yet b/c of above
4. started working so I could get braces
5. still hadn't been on a date (I got stood up on my sweet 16)

Today's to-do list...

1. study for huge exam on monday
2. spend time with my sexy beast that just got home from work @ 1100 this morning when he left for work yesterday @ 0430
3. do dishes...I have really been slacking, and Eric is exhausted
4. go on my 4.5 mile run/ is still too hot to run the whole thing...and I am just a slacker
5. do my yoga poses on the Wii Fit (best bday present ever!!!)

*this was Eric's last jump before his ankle surgery last year. We wanted to document it incase it was his last....but he healed up great and is back under 7 min miles again ;-)


1. 90 cal reduced sugar oatmeal raisin granola bars...mmm
2. fruit...whatever is in the fridge
3. 100 cal packs of whatever is in the pantry
4. mandarine oranges in jello/pineapple in lime jello
5. sugar free pudding packs

If I were a millionaire...

1. I wouldn't have to take out student loans
2. I would have a housekeeper, chef, and landscaping staff
3. I would pay off all our debt & replace the motorcycles we sold
4. I would scuba dive all over the world
5. take care of my family

Places I've lived...

1. Fairborn, OH
2. OK city & Dell City, OK
3. Rapid City, SD
4. Jacksonville, NC
5. Lacey & University Place, WA
6. Ewa Beach & Wahiawa, HI
7. Crestview, FL

*military had a lot to do with the moves

Jobs I've had...

1. Photographer @ JCPenney's
2. Daycare worker @ a center & gym
3. Bath & Body Works
4. The Closet by Maurices
5. Lowes

I tag:
1. Brittany...b/c Michelle didn't ;-)
2. Amy...b/c I know she has all the time in the world
3. Becky...b/c she always cracks me up
4. Kelly...b/c I don't hear from her enough
5. Mom...just for kicks


Brittany said...

Ok, but I have to post this here instead of on my blog. :p
10 yrs ago I:
1) was missing Que- he was in the MTC
2) started a new job
3) bought my 1st car
4) just moved back home from Snow
5) had to go to RS in a "real" ward for the 1st time. Aaaaaaa!

Today's To Do List:
1) be Visit Taught
2) put photo from said VT experience on my blog to go with the entry I just wrote.
3) re-work my Temple Presentation that I have to give on Wednesday.
4) Go to my mom's for dinner.
5) Ride my bike with Que.

1) No sugar added fudge-icles
2) Sugar Free jello pudding cups
3) Sugar Free Reese's Peanut butter cups
4) Homemade sugar free choc chip cookies
5) TLC Kashi granola bars.

If I were a millionaire...
1) I would go to Europe
2) I would pay off all our debt-including our house
3) I would buy Que a Vette.
4) I would take care of my family.
5) I would buy a new wardrobe.

Places I've lived...
1) West Jordan, Utah
2) Park City, Utah
3) Ephraim, Utah
4) Taylorsville, Utah
5) and back to West Jordan again.

Jobs I've had...
1) Sales clerk @ Gardner Village
2) Trail Guide @ Park City Stables
3) Criminal Technician @ Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification
4) Court clerk and Judge's clerk @ West Valley Justice Court
5) Legal Secretary @ Prince Yeates & Geldzahler

Mary said...

you have to send me the recipe for your homemade sugar free chocolate chip cookies!!!!! I love a sweet recipes without all the calories ;-)

Michelle said...

How do you people live without sugar!?!?! I couldn't take it.

Brittany said...

Real sugar makes me all sick inside. Once you go a week or 2 without it, you stop craving it. Try it Michelle!

OK here is a good recipe:
1 1/2 C wheat flour
3/4 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
3/4 C margarine
1 C splenda
1/8 C sugar free maple syrup
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 C sugar free choc chips or Ghiradelli 60% cacoa choc chips

375 degrees (preheat)
Mix flour, soda and salt. Set aside.
Mix margarine, sugar & maple syrup. Add egg & vanilla.
Slowly mix flour mixture with sugar mixture.
Bake for 10 minutes

*I use wheat flour. If you want to use white flour, use 1 3/4 C.

Michelle said...

I would but I can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners. Splenda makes me gag. If I ate a lot of sugary stuff I might think about cutting myself off, but that's not my weakness. Fatty dairy products are my weakness.

Mary said...

I guess I have it easy b/c I have always preferred diet drinks to regular soda. cream...have you tried low-carb ice cream...with breyers you can't tell a difference, and it is an easy way to save a few calories.

Brittany said...

I didn't know Breyers had that kind. I usually just get Slim-a-cow, I think it's Klondike.