Friday, September 19, 2008

Move your feet, lose your seat

Koa has now mastered the deceptive art of spot stealing. It's bad enough that he insists on sitting on MY lap instead of Eric's...but I guess he also has to be exactly where I was. Sometimes he gets up willingly when I tell him to move or just start sitting down. But every once in awhile he will just moan and groan as I slowly start sitting down and he still doesn't want to move.

Before Tyler died, we had taught the boys that clapping twice meant they were supposed to go lay down in their kennel, and they always did. Over the past few months, Koa has been slowly adjusting to being the only dog and has decided that clapping your hands or saying "go to bed" means go sit on the couch. This has become his new safe haven. He always enjoyed being in the kennel with Tyler...and for the first month or so of being alone, he would stay in there whenever we weren't home. He recently started sunbathing again and I think he is almost fully adjusted. His knee is healed (he had his right luxating patella fixed 2 days before Tyler died) and I almost cried 2 weeks ago when he jumped up on the bed by himself since the surgery!!!!

He has enjoyed several trips to Molly's house (Vanessa's Boston Terrier) and visits with Tashi (Gina's Pekingese) and although he is stand-offish at first, he soon starts running around and playing. I don't know that I will get another dog anytime soon b/c of all the uncertainty with Eric's career & we plan on having kids in the next few years...but you never know what will happen. I think we were smart in bringing Tyler to pick out his new brother (Koa), so when the time comes it will be Koa's choice...whether it be cat or dog.

I know I am a freak about my dog, but being a military wife with no kids...he is that special someone I get to come home to when my sweetie can't! I am grateful that I had a dog growing up, and that I have had the opportunity to have these angels in furry coats in my life!


Mike said...

you and your 'child' are funny. Thanks for sharing those cute moments in life. It brings a smile to my day.

Donna Shoop said...

Mary, I just saw your blog from Cindys.. I'm glad to see you doing well. That is too funny that your're a Sunday school teacher! You can check out our blog at Take care!

Vic and Al said...

now you know why i loved ben so much! he is still my first baby no matter what anyone says about him!

Brittany said...

So cute. I feel the same way about my pets.