Friday, September 12, 2008

"Please don't stop the music"

While most people refer to their "inner dialogue," I seem to have an inner juke box. Ever since I was a kid my older brother and I would pick up on cartoon theme songs, commercial jingles, and any music in general. I drove my mom crazy at times b/c we would have something to sing after every comment was made. I can hear her yelling at us now, "stop being so sing-songy" (Mom, you know those were your exact words!).

Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate in a mental health lecture when I am tapping my foot and singing along with whatever is playing that day. This is especially embarassing in public b/c I have a tendancy to just bust out a line every once in awhile...I just can't help myself. The last time I went running with Eric I used my iPod and I couldn't help but sing every other line (I was going at a good pace and couldn't manage every line)...he just kept shaking his head at me and laughing.

Yea, I am weird, odd, eccentric...but when I forgot my faceplate to my radio and had to drive home from Orlando (6 hours) jukebox stayed true...and I was completely hoarse by the time I got home.


Vanessa said...

Shouln't you be doing a little less blogging and a little more studying for your psych test??????

Mary said...

ummm, yea! So stop distracting me V!!! :-P

Brittany said...

I have a similar thing, but instead of an inner jukebox, I have inner Simpsons Quotes. I can relate almost anything to a line from the Simpsons. I'm a loser.

Mary said...

Brittany- you aren't even close to being a loser. I was raised by TV and turned out TV ;-)
I also this it is hilarious that so many people thought that The Simpson's was going to bring on the Apocalypse...but I do believe it is the longest running cartoon. If you don't look forward to the annual Tree House of Horror episode, you might as well be a communist!

the pope said...

I have an inner Jukebox too!! And second of the day you can ask me "what song is stuck in your head?" and I will have an answer for you. My freshman year of college I invented a game call "guess what song is stuck in my head." It didn't catch on :)