Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mandatory fun

Every year our school hosts the local Heart Walk which is a great cause. Well, since we are in the Nursing program we have to attend, or spend several hours completing an alternate assignment. Our instructors said we have to do one lap (~1.5 miles) then we are free to go. So a few of my buddies and I decided we would run it so we could finish faster. It was a pretty good day and as you can see everyone was thrilled to be there ;-)

This is my buddy Vanessa (aka V aka my wife) who is none too thrilled that I am taking her picture.

Here are a few more of my peeps from school.

Paul & Joey...yea for male nurses!

Michelle & Megan

Joey & Domenica

Kim, Kelsey & Me

Jake (her hubby) & Kelsey

Me & Amber

Kim, Deborah (aka Barbara), Nicoleta, & Jean

Ms. Cormier & Mrs. Higgins

Kim & V coming to the finish

Joey ran with me towards the end & we ended up finishing in about 13 min. Not a bad way to start out a Saturday!


Kristina P. said...

13 minutes is nothing! That's like a batch of delicious, cookies. Heart healthy cookies, of course.

Brittany said...

Mandatory Service is fun. I mean that sarcastically. I feel for V.

PS: I like your new background!

Mary said...

Mandatory service projects are my totes fav!