Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Big 50!

Yep, that's right, this is my 50th post! But for all those give-away lovers out dice...I don't really like give-aways (no offense to anyone that does them, my Stats class made me too pessimistic about odds!). Don't worry, I have a gift for everyone...50 random facts about me! I know, it's just what you wanted....I sensed it ;0)

1. There are 5 kids in my family
2. I was #4...and hated it!
3. I always seemed to get along better with my brothers (and guys in general) than my sisters
4. I wore boxer shorts under my formal dresses until my senior prom (5 dances!!)
5. I really hated High School...I never felt like I fit in
6. I was the "bad kid" in my group of friends from church (even though the worst thing we did was skip school to wrap a friends car in newspaper & wrapping paper @ a rival school...the cops were called, and we were counseled by the VP)
7. I have broken both collar bones (left one twice in 45 about luck!)
8. B/c of the right broken collar bone, I got my license 6 months late & was caught once driving my dad's truck without my license b/c my brother got sick of riding with me...and would just tell to go & throw me the keys
9. I LOVE turtles...mainly sea turtles...and my time in HI just aided my obsession
10. I had the privilege of living on the island of O'ahu for 3 years
11. I got to take hula lessons for the last 3 months I was there, and loved every minute of it
12. I love HI music
13. Ok, I love everything about HI
14. When I was little I didn't think it was fair that boys got to pee standing up
15. I still can't fall asleep if doors are open...then bad things can come get me!
16. I have spent almost half of my married life alone....gotta love the Army!!
17. I have a love/hate relationship with the Army
18. I was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since birth
19. I have always felt like an outsider in this church (even in all the 10+ congregations I have been in)
20. I teach Sunday School to freaking amazing 14-18 year olds...and love it...most days ;o)
21. I didn't like living in Washington rained too much, and was too cold.
22. As a child, my favorite place we lived was the Black Hills of SD
23. I would have to say that my "angry place" is the car...stupid drivers drive me crutz (crazy/nuts...coined by my buddy Cindy)
24. I look back now and am thankful for all the moving I did as a has helped me adapt better as an adult.
25. I have a really hard time finishing things (personally...not work, or organizations) normally I would have stopped at 25!
26. I have finally gotten over wanting to be everyone's friend...realizing I can't be everyone's friend...but still wanting to be everyone's friend. Nursing school has cured me!
27. I love music....and love to sing...and I have given up caring if anyone likes it
28. When I 1st moved into a new ward (congregation) a girl in Young Women's (youth group) told me that I sucked at I decided not to try out for Choir @ school
29. My senior year I needed a performing arts credit, so I tried out for Choir...and loved it
30. I sang "Remember me this way" @ our senior banquet...b/c I tried out to sing at graduation but wasn't chosen.
31. When the girl that was chosen to sing at graduation messed up a lot...I smiled and giggled inside
32. I love animals...and my dog
33. I still screw up and refer to my dog, that passed away in June, in the present tense
34. I love old musicals. My favs are The Sound of Music & Singin' in the Rain
35. I am very opinionated...but try VERY VERY hard not to be judgemental. I figure if I can have a strong view, why can't everyone!
36. I think girls are way more judgemental than guys...we constantly compare ourselves...which is a hard habit to break
37. I love all vegetables except olives & raw celery
38. Even though I don't like olives, I will eat them sometimes b/c I want to like them
39. After teaching the tobacco prevention class to the 6th graders last makes me want to be a teacher...even some of my friends said they could see me teaching.
40. I am a huge procrastinator!!! Which is probably why I have a hard time completing things
41. I have an addictive personality...I will find something new (project, website, books) and become completely is all I will think about, and can't get enough of. Too bad I can't adapt this to studying!
42. I loathe cold weather!!! I have very poor circulation, therefore have a very hard time staying warm. When I went to Utah in January for my brother & Michelle's wedding, my feet were literally numb the entire 4 days I was there!
43. I am horribly, inconsolably afraid of spiders. And bugs in general...I don't even like lady bugs
44. I love reptiles!!! Snakes, lizards...I even asked Eric to take me to the Snake house out where he works b/c I wanted to hold some snakes and baby alligators
45. Even though I lost 95lbs...I still see a fat girl when I look in the mirror
46. My husband is my best friend!!!
47. I got a job as a photographer @ JCPenney's when I was 16, so I could get braces...I needed to pay for half. I am grateful for this b/c it taught me about work ethic & responsibility
48. I think if every 14 year old girl had to work in a daycare with 3-5 year olds the summer before starting HS, we wouldn't have such a high teen pregnancy rate.
49. Working in daycares in HS was the best birth control in the world!!!
50. I love blogging...and that some people actually comment (I just hope you don't feel obligated b/c I comment on your blog). I love having a place to say what I am really thinking, and feel a little justified when someone agrees.

Thanks for stopping by and making my day!! Even though I have only been blogging here since September, I have been blogging for about 4 years on MSN Spaces & Myspace...check it out!


Jillene said...

That was really cool! I also love music--EXCEPT for Country. I would rather have the stereo on than the TV.

I also got along better with guys. All of my best friends were guys. Now I am learining that girls aren't so bad (when they are all grown up)! (0:

Queenie Jeannie said...

Nice to meet a fellow Army Wife! HOOAH!!

You have a great blog!

And I won 3 contests in one it really does happen! Not usually to ME, but it does happen, lol!

Kristina P. said...

I hated high school too. And I love that you were the "bad kid."

Hey, you are in Utah, right? You should come to the meet and greet next week!

Mary said...

The great thing is that, I got the label of "bad kid" b/c my dad is Catholic & my parents got a divorce. Even had one of my friend's mom not wanting her to hang out with me b/c I was from "a broken home." Gotta love stupid people!!

the letter Bee said...

Hahahaha! I was the "troubled kid" because my dad wasn't LDS (he smoked and drank) and my parents got a divorce. LOL Oh and my mom had the audacity to remarry. Gotta love LDS culture.

*MARY* said...

I took hula lessons when I was a kid for five years, it was so fun.
And I've got a post coming up about our cool name.

Grandma Arnold said...

Didn't know about the skipping school and TPing of a car at another school!!!! Gotta love being a MOM

Wendyburd1 said...

I loathed high school! I, have also felt like an outsider in the church.I LOVE old musicals and am very addictive, personality wise. I had NO idea you were related to Michelle!!! I too am afraid of all bugs esp. spiders....ickkkk. And I still see a fat girl in the mirror!!We were meant to be friends!!lol

Vic and Al said...

51. I want to move where my friend Al lives so bad! Especially since her city was just voted in the top 5 US cities to live in for jobs, pay, housing costs, and quality of life by Forbes Magazine. :) hee heee Yea, I just never give up! Love ya!

Mary said...

Al, like I gotta work on Eric! I would gladly move to Boise!

Mom2JJJ said...

I can't sleep with doors open either! I go into the kids rooms and close all their doors before I can go to bed.