Monday, November 10, 2008

Crack for Dogs

Maybe I am the only one...but my dog LOVES these things!

When I come home he is crying, jumping and whining....for attention. Then I make him sit and wait for his treat. Sometimes if I have been gone for the whole day, he will drop his treat and continue to want attention instead. But, not if I pull out a Greenie.

I gave him one today...b/c I had been gone most of the day...and as soon as I grabbed the bag he stopped moving and sat with eyes fixed. I put it down on the ground and he started at me waiting for me to say "go ahead" (his cue to take the treat) and he bolted out of the room.

I really wonder what they really put in these things. They say "crude protein, fat & fiber"...but really, I wouldn't be surprised if they used the ole' coke trick to get them hooked.

I could just imagine dogs jumping around wishing they could talk, thinking "I will do any trick you want, just give me a greenie!!!" Before my other dog passed, I would give them both a greenie...Tyler would run off with his, and Koa would leave his and follow Tyler...wait for Tyler to finish eating his, then run back to fetch his. Koa always tried to see if he could steal some scraps...and sometimes did.

They also brag that they "freshen breath," but the breath after the greenie still isn't that amazing.

Maybe they put the dog's version of catnip in them, who knows. I don't think it would matter with Koa. This is the dog that sticks his head out the doggy door @ night in the summer to catch June bugs....and digs up grubs, and eats carrots, lettuce...pretty much anything you will give him.


Wendyburd1 said...

They are just TOO green for me to give to MAX. If he needs better breath I give him a Yip Yap.