Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring those who serve!

This is one of my favorite holidays b/c it honors Americans that make sacrifices to protect my way of life. I was blessed to be born with 2 Air Force Veterans as parents, and granddaughter & sister to Army Veterans.

Most little girls grow up with the dream of being a Princess, Model, Actress, Singer, Nurse, Lawyer, etc...but as far back as I can remember, the only dream I had was to be in the military.

With knee surgery at 16, and arthritis in my spine by age 18, I knew that this is something that would never be accomplished...but I have the privilege of being an Army wife.

I am thankful for every opportunity I have had over the past 7 years to serve our soldiers and their families. No matter how much effort I was able to put into a project, I am forever indebted to our men & women that protect my freedom everyday. I have been blessed with meeting amazing people, and with friendships that I know will out last any deployment or PCS/ETS!

Please take the time to thank our veterans for their sacrifice and duty.

And...to those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you!!!!


Jillene said...

Next time could you for-warn me that I will need Kleenex?

Thanks for the beautiful post. My dad is a Vietnam vet and my brother-in-law just got back from Iraq and will be going again we are told.

Kristina P. said...

Great post! I have today off, which is nice, but I think people forget the reason we have this holiday.

*MARY* said...

Such a great post, and much needed reminder.

Wendyburd1 said...

This IS the nicest Post I have seen today and about Veterans Day! Okay it features the National Guard not everyone but have you seen the video for Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down? It gives me goosebumps!!

Wells' Family said...

Amen to you too sister! Have I told you that I love reading your Army Wife stuff and knowing that I am not the only one who gets on her soapbox about Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, etc. etc. Thanks for being my Army Wife buddy! Love ya!

Mary said...

Thanks for the encouragement...the military is something I have always been passionate about, and will continue to even when Eric gets out...July 21, 2010!!!

And to all the military wives, Hooah!